introduce Okayama's recommended sightseeing spots ♪

Speaking of Okayama, Momotaro's image is strong, do you know the charm as a sightseeing spot?

Okayama is a plentiful sightseeing spot including quaint streets, historic places, spots where you can feel magnificent nature ♪

This time, I will introduce the recommended sightseeing spot TOP 10 of Okayama prefecture which carefully selected playlife editorial department!

Please do reference it when you go to Okayama.

Preparation of belongings is OK?

Let's check in advance useful items on the road.

It's a domestic trip so that you don't say "I'm sorry if I brought it with you ..."convenient Have your belongings introduce To do. From the required items, summer ・ What I need for each winter season, and I personally recommended Things to do. Let's check it by all means so that you can prepare well in advance and feel relieved early!

1st place Kurashiki Aichi district

Taste the feeling of time slipping in the Edo period ♪

Good old cityscape remainsKurashiki Aichi district.

Once in the city of the Edo shogunate, it was a town that flourished as an accumulation of goods.

While walking in the city,Time slip in the Edo periodI feel like I did ♪

Also enjoy the Kurashiki landscape riding in Kawafune in Kurashiki River recommended .

I can soak in an elegant mood ♪

This is"Rurouni Kenshin"The bridge became the location of the place!

It is a way of enjoying something like locating around.

Kurashiki Aichi District
Place: Kurashiki city center, Okayama prefecture
Access: About 8 minutes on by walk from Kurashiki-shi station [exit]

2nd place Bicenten Matsuyama Castle

I want to see it once in my life, a castle floating in the sea of ​​clouds!

Bikan Matsuyama castle in Takahashi city, Okayama prefecture.

It is a castle in the upper part of the mountain, one of the 100 famous castles in Japan.

Bikan Matsuyama Castle is alsoCastle floating in the sea of ​​cloudsIt is also known as!

This superb view can be seen from Bikyo Matsuyama Castle Observation Deck about 15 minutes from Gayang IC of Okayama Expressway.

The sea of ​​clouds is seen from late September to early April, from sunrise to around 8 AM.

It is a valuable scenery that can only appear for a limited period of time!

The superb view I want to see once in my lifeIs not it

Bicense Matsuyama Castle
Location: Takahashi, Okayama Prefecture Uchiyama 1
Access: Approximately 56 minutes on by walk from Bitaka-Takahashi station [exit]
Business hours: April - September / 9: 00 - 17: 30, October - March / 9: 00-16: 30

# 3 Korakuen

One of the three biggest names in Japan.

One of Japan's three national parksKorakuen known as.

Okayama clan It is the garden that Ikeda Tsunagami established in 1687 for the lord 's lord' s lord.

There are beautiful ponds and streams, beautiful flowers are blooming, cultivation of rice and tea etc is also done.

It is a garden that is used for a wide variety of uses.

There are plenty of shops in Korakuen.

EspeciallyOkayama specialty's kiba dumplingBecause there are many sold, please do buy it and eat it!

Okayama Korakuen
Place: Okayama prefecture Okayama city Kita Ward Korakuen 1-5
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from the castle (Okayama prefecture) station [exit]
Business hours: March 20 - September 30/7: 30 - 18: 00, October 1 - March 19/8: 00 - 17: 00 (All entrance is closed until 15 minutes before closing)