popular theme park that exceeds USJ! What? "Funabashi Andersen Park"

The windmill on the hill of the fairy tale is a powder windmill assembled by Danish craftworkers, and the fountain is said to be made by imagining the appearance of the hard duckling child of the Andersen fairy tale becoming a swan!
It is fine built to detail so you can taste the atmosphere of a foreign country. Boat is a holiday, so I have to wait for about an hour, so be careful 1

I came to the goods shop. There are goods of Funabashi specialty and Switzerland. Also, there was a big Andersen!

It is a jeumen tower and a one-pax castle in the lawn park.
The Andersen Park boasts the size of six Tokyo Dome, which is a fulfilling playing spot that can not be traced around in a day, such as extensive athletics and contacts with animals, so it is highly recommended for dates and girls' associations, family ! Colorful One Pac Ball is a space where children up to the age of 12 can play. Even adults will want to dive, do not they ?,,,. (Lol)
The fountain of Archimedes becomes a mini pool in summer , and there are plenty of children playing in bathing suit! It is good to have towels and other preparations so you can put your feet alone without swimsuits!
Next to the animal interaction plaza, you can hug a guinea pig at free, you can touch goats and sheep! Pony riding is 100 yen per time. Here also seems to be couple and family with children with popular.

Funabashi Andersen Park
entrance fee
Adults 900 yen, high school students 600 yen (presenting student ID)
Small and middle student 200 yen, infant (4 years of age or older) 100 yen
【Annual Passport】
Adult 3,000 yen, high school students 2,000 yen, small and middle- student 1000 yen, infant (4 years of age or older) 500 yen
HP: http://www.park-funabashi.or.jp/and/index.htm

Ultra superb view Hayama hot spot spot! "Shonan International Village & Hayama Park"

Arriving at Shonan Village in Ebisu for about 50 minutes at high speed!
It is a good time for a handy drive. Too much sightseeing because it does not Those who, insanely hot spot of the superb view I points.

Next to Hayama Park!
This is a park where you can see the sea of ​​a super- hot spot place! summer Some people are sparsely ,,, at rest. There is only local (haha)
Hayama Park has a very beautiful beach. Beautiful sandy beach continues, and you can also enjoy swimming in the summer .

Shonan Village
3-1-1 Shonan Village in Yokosuka
TEL (046) 855-0805

The masterpiece animation that everyone knows is the stage! "Heidi village"

In the park there are plenty of buildings that imaged Switzerland, the stage of Heidi. I fall into an illusion that I really came to a foreign country! The garden is divided into 2 blocks of hot springs, accommodation facilities, sunflower field, dog run place and theme park, and the garden can be enjoyed all day.
Parking lot is wide, so it is safe to go out on holidays.

Since there is voice guidance on "Heidi Train" turning around the park, we recommended going around the garden after riding first. Every 30 minutes, the boarding amount is 300 yen.
Even family with small children and those who are uneasy about physical fitness can enjoy enough in the garden if you ride this!

Seasonal flowers are planted in the park,
summer has lavender and sunflowers, autumn harvest festival according to Halloween events, so HP is a necessity check!
Because the atmosphere changes with every season, even if you visit many times, it seems that you can make new memories.

In addition! I can ride in the garden by riding the Segway which is now the most talked ! It is safe because there is a lecture firmly even by the first person.
【Segway Experience Fee】
・講習&ツアー 45分 お一人様 3,300円   
After getting a simple course such as getting on and off exercises, go to the garden with the instructor!
· Trial 15 minutes per person 1,100 yen (tax included)
For those who do not have time, there is also a trial course only for the class.
☆ Date and time held
Every day
Starting time 10: 00 ~ 16: 00

A lamb that appears in Heidi, "Yuki's room" as well.
You can actually raise a snack to a sheep here! !
There is no doubt that it will be healed by the sheep seen in the near future.

There are shops selling Heidi's goods and a little drink food on the way when turning around a large garden by half.
There is also a break room for weak children, weaning room so it is safe for those with small children.

I went to the summer and this time I could see lavender fields and sunflower fields.
Because it is in the mountains, the sky is very high.
Athletic too, so children should not get tired of being really in the day!

Heidi Village
【entrance fee】
High school student and above 510 yen
Medium student and small student 230 yen
【Open time】
9 o'clock - 18 o'clock (April 1 - July 17 / September 1 - November 21)
7 o'clock - 21: 30 (July 25 - August 23)
9 o'clock to 21:30 (July 18 - July 24 / August 24 - August 31 / November 22 - January 3 of the following year)
9 o'clock - 17 o'clock (January 4 - March 31)
Closing time is also required at HP
JR中央線韮崎駅から茅ヶ岳・みずがき田園バスで30分 (季節運転4月第一土曜日~11/23までの毎日運行) みずがき田園バス時刻表
Approximately 20 minutes by taxi from JR Chuo Line Azusaki station
Approximately 15 minutes by car from Central Expressway Nakasaki IC
About 10 minutes by car from Suda IC on Chuo Expressway

Perfect for driving from downtown Tokyo! "Tokyo German Village"

There are animals in Tokyo village where you can feed, and dogs.
Confirmation of time is essential for animal contact!

Although it is wide in the garden, recommended is not just contact with animals.
While watching a beautiful flower, a relaxing walking date is wonderful is not it?

There are also extraordinarily wide lawns. The biggest recommended point in Tokyo German village is that you can bring in food and drink. So playing on the lawn and picknick is also recommended ! Since there is also a place where BBQ can be large student also to recommended it is.

Tokyo Germany Village
【Business Period】
【entrance fee】
Adult: 1200 yen
Children: 800 yen
About 30 minutes by car from Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu