Surrounded by 2500 books! A cafe that makes me feel like I'm in the library

Speaking of Shinjuku's book cafe is "Brooklyn Parlor". The books in the store are rich in assortment, it is good to buy, even if you read in the shop, it is a good multi type.

Calm colors are used inside the shop. It is also nice to be able to use it in various scenes such as a couple, girls' association or even one person.

The meal menu is also fashionable and delicious. Pretzel's berry mix plate (800 yen) .. Bucket sands of raw ham and Parmesan (1000 yen)

【Opening hours】 Monday - Saturday 11: 30 ~ 23: 30, Sundays and public holidays 11: 30 ~ 23: 00
【Access】 Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, Marunouchi Line, Toei Subway Shinjuku Line Shinjuku Sanchome station 1 minute by walk from Exit C1, 3 minutes by walk from Exit A1
【Average budget】 night ¥ 3,000 ~ ¥ 3,999 daytime \ 1,000 ~ ¥ 1,999
【eating log】

You can read a book with beer! What?

It is a good access cafe located on the 2nd floor where you enter the alley just off the south exit of Shimokitazawa station . The store name, B & B, stands for book & beer.

The book seems to be arranged with story properties based on meanings and context rather than being arranged by author or genre division.

Of course it is also possible to read books while drinking beer.

【Business Hours】 12: 00 ~ 24: 00 ※ Orders for DRINK are 23:30 Last Order
【Access】 2-12-4 Kitazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
【Average budget】 500 yen

Super discount cafe of 100 yen ~ Kamakura

Is it an ordinary bookstore? I think that cafe is on site. It is located in the life shipbuilding shop (Yamada Denki under B1F) just in front of Oboe station .

The secret of the cheap was self-service type. After ordering drinks at the cash register and paying the cup, we will push the machine button and wait. For example, you can drink ice cocoa 100 yen ice coffee 100 yen.

Surprisingly? There are plenty of kinds. For example, you can drink ice cocoa 100 yen ice coffee 100 yen.

【Opening Hours】 10: 00 ~ 21: 00 Lunch Opening, Sundays Opening
【Access】 Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama-shi Sakae Ward Kasama 2-2-1 Life Oboe B1F
【Average budget】 100 yen
【eating log】

Shibuya's "Forest library" recommended for night dating

The forest library is located a bit from the police box on Dogenzaka. The entrance is a bit suspicious but I do not need to worry (lol)

When entering, I am amazed by lots of books such as literary novels, design lines, business books and so on. There is power supply and Wi - Fi, too, it is attractive that you can enjoy food and drink with music feeling good even though library is anything.

The place to drink alcohol is also the charm here. Also, you can be a member at ¥ 10,800 a year (¥ 5,400 for student ). When you become a member, each charge charge 500 yen is free!

【Business Hours】 Weekdays · Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays around 05:00 -25: 00
Contact daytime 13:00 around - 17:00
Fixed holiday irregular holiday
【Access】 5-3 Maruyama Town Shibuya-ku Hagiwara Building 3F