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Season exclusive of illumination charm doubled in! 4 spots you want to go to in the night ☆

17. illumination strongest theory !? [Tokyo Midtown]

"Tokyo Midtown" in Roppongi isThe most talked is that illumination is too beautiful every year!
Access from station ◎

illumination using over 2,000 square meters are overwhelming!
A spot without doubt that will be memories when you go.

Tokyo Midtown
Location: Akasaka 9-7-1, Minato-ku, Tokyo Other
アクセス:六本木駅[7]から徒歩約2分 都営バス 都01「六本木駅前」下車徒歩約2分 ちぃばす「六本木七丁目」、「檜町公園」下車徒歩約1分
Opening hours: Depends on facilities

18. Tokyo's top class flower spot [Meguro River]

Absolutely Meguro River if you see cherry blossoms in spring !
Cherry blossoms bloom enough to overwhelm you.
Your daytime is also beautiful to go to, but the night very beautiful ... ♡ also of cherry blossoms

In the winterI am doing illumination called "blue cave" for a exclusive time.
The decoration of 400,000 balls is very fantastic!

Meguro River (cherry blossom trees)
Location: Nakameguro 2-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (Meguro River road)
Access: About 4 minutes on by walk from Naka-Meguro station [Front exit]

19. Entrance to Tokyo [Tokyo station]

Newly renewed the "red brick station building" is perfect for a date spot!

Christmas seems to be exciting without conversationluxurious illumination is given.
Every year it is decorated with a different theme. What kind of illumination is this year? It is pleasure.

illumination will be done in nearby Marunouchi!
Spot that I want to go on in winter ^ ^

Tokyo station
Location: 9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 1 minute on by walk from Tokyo station [Yaesu Central Gate]

20. Three-dimensional illumination is great ♪ You can skate in winter [Akasaka Sacus]

Akasaka Sacas has the extraordinary illumination that will be held in winter ☆
illumination which used 360 ° enjoyable LED "Vertical tube" is fantastic!

In winter you can skate and you can enjoy skating!
There is no doubt that it will be exciting if you go with a couple ♪

Akasaka Sacas
Location: 5-3 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 1 minute on by walk from Akasaka (Tokyo) station [4]

Weather day is a park date ♪ introduce six popular parks in Tokyo!

21. Really Shinjuku here? It is too quiet [Shinjuku Gyoen]

The first one is "Shinjuku Gyoen".
Despite being located in the middle of the city, there are lakes and parks with lots of greenery.

Shinjuku Imperial Garden
Location: Naito-cho 11 Shinjuku Gyoen in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:【新宿門へ】 電車 JR・京王・小田急線 新宿駅南口より 徒歩10分 西武新宿線 西武新宿駅より 徒歩15分 東京メトロ丸ノ内線 新宿御苑前駅出口1より 徒歩5分 東京メトロ副都心線 新宿三丁目駅E5出口より 徒歩5分 都営新宿線 新宿三丁目駅C1・C5出口より 徒歩5分 バス 品97(品川車庫-新宿駅西口) 新宿二丁目下車 池86(東池袋四丁目-渋谷駅東口) 新宿四丁目下車 早77(早稲田-新宿駅西口) 新宿三丁目下車 新宿WEバス(新宿駅西口-新宿駅東口) 新宿御苑下車

22. Enjoy as much as the next dream world! ? 【Kasai Rinkai Park】

Next is "Kasai Rinkai Park."
When going on a sunny day, the contrast between sky blue and natural green is very beautiful.
A must-see building called "Crystal View"!

Kasai Rinkai Park
Location: Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 6
Access: About 1 minute on by walk from Kasai Rinkai Park station

23. Perfect for a date [Inokashirakoen]

"Inokashira Park" where boats can be arranged. The distance between the two will also shrink a lot ^ ^
There are also rumors that when you ride a duckboard it will break up. be careful…!

Inokashira Park
Place: Shiretaki 1-chome, Mitaka, Tokyo
Access: Mitaka station From [South Exit]by walk About 14 minutes

24. A healing space in the middle of the office area [Hibiya Park]

"Hibiya Park" to be held, such as the Oktoberfest.
It is the impression that nature in the office town is just an oasis ^ ^
By the way ... My aunt is there in the vicinity of the Hibiya performances Mano organization is an alternative Takarazuka fan.

Hibiya Park
Place: Hibiya Park, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Access: Kasumigaseki (Tokyo) station [B2] to by walk About 0 minutes
Opening Hours: Free Admission

25. Anyway, you can relax and relax [Showa Memorial Park]

"Showa memorial park" which is ideal for picnics with a wide field.
There is pool, so we recommended you to go to summer !

National Showa Memorial Park
Place: Midoricho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 3173
Access: North Tachikawa station from the north exit] by walk about 11 minutes
Business hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 00, November ~ February / 9: 30 ~ 16: 30 ※ There is a change depending on the time

26. Tokyo's popular park [Yoyogi Park]

"Yoyogi Park" near Harajuku is a street performer,
There are many people who are playing with family on holidays!
Large in Tokyo popular is the park ♪

If you make a box lunch and have a picnic, you can enjoy the park date more ^ ^

Yoyogi park
Location: 2-1 Yoyogisamisono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 6 minutes on by walk from Yoyogi Park station [3]
Opening Hours: 【Opening Hours】 October 16 - April 30 (5 am - 5 pm) May 1 - October 15 (5 am - 8 pm)

There is no doubt that it will be exciting! Leisure facilities 4 selection

27. Enjoy thrilling attractions in central Tokyo [Tokyo Dome City]

"Tokyo Dome City LaQua" with thrilling roller coasters Thunder Dolphin, splashes such as the extraordinary pleasant waterslide in the summer , with plenty of attractions.

Because one-day passport can be bought for 3,900 yen,
If you want to enjoy a whole day, purchase it is recommended !

Tokyo Dome City Attractions
Location: 1-3-61 Bunraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 4 minutes on by walk from Korakuen station [2]
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00 * Seasons vary depending on the event

LaQua also has a spa facility "Spa Laqua"relaxing relaxing while watching the night view ^ ^
night is nice is also doing in!

Spa Laqua (Spa Laqua)
Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo spring day 1-1-1 LaQua building 6F
Access: Approximately 1 minute on by walk from Korakuen station [2]
Hours: 11: 00 ~ next morning 9:00

28. Japan's oldest amusement park [Asakusa Hanayashiki]

Japan's oldest amusement park in Asakusa "Asakusa Hanayashiki".
Treasure hunting and roller coasters,
Fun projects and attractions such as haunted houses are fulfilling!

It is a roller coaster.It is Japan's oldest since 1953.
I do not have much thrill, but I feel refreshed ^ ^

Asakusa Hanayashiki
Place: 28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately three minutes on by walk from Asakusa (TX) station [A1-1]
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Hours vary depending on the season and the weather)

29. There is a swimming pool with a world heritage site!

"Toshimaen amusement park" in front of Toshimaen station .
"Toshimaen" is a strong image of going with family ,
Also at student and couple it is also pretty much recommended!I can enjoy it very much ♪

Toshiman is a very fulfilling amusement park
summer the pool is recommended ♪
There are 6 large and small various poolsAtmosphere • The fulfillment of facilities is the best in Tokyo!

Toshimamen (Pool)
Location: 3-25-1 Mukaiyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 5 minutes on by walk from Toshima-en Garden (Seibu Line) station [exit]

30. There is a screaming attraction indoors! Odaiba's indoor amusement park [Tokyo Joypolis]

"Tokyo Joypolis" in Odaiba.
There are lots of fun attractions that can be done because it is interior .
Since there is also a night passport, after going around others to Joypolis ... any plan also ◎

interior , it is recommended for rain days, hot summer , cold winter.

Fierce attractions are also fulfilling! You can enjoy it all day long.

Tokyo Joypolis
Location: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo DECKS Tokyo Beach 3-5F
アクセス:電車:お台場海浜公園駅[北口]から徒歩約3分 バス:都営バス(台場二丁目下車)・kmバス(台場二丁目下車)・京急バス(フジテレビ前下車)
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last entry 21: 15) * Different according to the time

Is not it well known? hot spot wonderful date spot ♪

31. Can you stop seeing it soon? 【Tsukiji market】

If you enjoy delicious gourmet, go to "Tsukiji Market"!
You can eat fresh ingredients.
Since it seems to move to the aircraft by the Tokyo Olympic Games now if you go!

Speaking of Tsukiji after all seafood bowl! There are many shops where you can eat seafood bowl,
Because the price does not change so much,
It may be better to decide on the atmosphere of the shop or the character of your husband

In the place just a short walk from TsukijiThere is the Tsukiji temple temple where history is felt,
Here are the spots you would like us to visit by all means

There are plenty of chairs so even a break ♪

Tsukiji Market
Location: 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 3 minutes on by walk from Tsukiji Market station [A1]

32. The longest shopping street in Tokyo [Togoshi Ginza shopping district]

"Togoshi Ginza shopping area" which is said to be the longest in Tokyo.
Really long! ! There are lots of food shops.
It is best to go hungry and go!
I think that it is better to take water if you go to eating while walking ♪

standard A little off the date spot
eating while walking Dating is also a nice thing in a stylish shopping area ◎

Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street Promotion Association
Location: 1-15-16 Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1 minute by walk from Togoshi station[A3]

33. A great nature that does not seem like Tokyo! hot spot Spots [Todoriki Valley]

"Ejirushi Valley" at about 5 minutes on foot from Yeosumi station .
It is the only valley park in the prefecture.
You can enjoy a bit of trekking in nature like lies that you are in Tokyo.

There is a sidewalk along the side of the river in the valley and you can walk around ♪
Because it is muddy, heels etc are severe.
Let's go with shoes that are dirty ♪

The date to explore these places is also fresh!
♪ Initialize at Futako Tamagawa before walking date

Yeosimpia Valley Park
Place: Setagaya ku Tokyo district 1 st. 1 chome 22
Access: Approximately 7 minutes on by walk from Yeomasa station [Exit 1]

34. Speaking of mountain climbing in Tokyo [Takao Mountain]

"Takao mountain" recommended for climbing beginners and not far from the city center.
If you say Mt. Takao it is attractive that beginners can climb safely ^ ^!
It is not necessarily easy to say ... haha

Yes, climbing Mt. Takao is surprisingly hard ...!
Avoid heel shoes.

Even so, because it is not so expensive, I recommended it to those who would like to try climbing for a moment!
It took me about 3 hours to relax before climbing.
From the summit scenery is superb view is!
By the way, night is also the strong man that start to climb from during Takao ... ↓↓
Climb from the last train! A romantic and scary date [Mt. Takao]

Takao Mountain
Place: Takao-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo
Access: About 5 minutes by walk from Takao Yamaguchi station to Kiyotaki station cable car platform
Opening Hours: Cable Car Hours / 8: 00 ~ 17: 15 ※ The closing time will be changed by the month.

35. A little stylish dating spot [Daikanyama Ashiya bookstore]

"Daikanyama Tsuya bookstore" is located at access of 5 minutes on by walk from Daikanyama station !
You can take your favorite books and watch them freely.

daytime than during night vacant far better ofBecause
When you want to enjoy books slowly, we recommended going at night !
late at night is also attractive point I do ^ ^

Daikanyama Tsuya bookstore
Place: 17-5 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 4 minutes on by walk from Daikanyama station [front entrance]
Opening hours: morning 09: 00 - late at night 02: 00 (rental) morning 07: 00 - late at night 02: 00 (cell) morning 10: 00 - night 08: 00 (TONE)

36. If it is an art museum, go here! 【Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum】

"Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Art Museum" in Kichijoji Mitaka.
Tickets can be purchase at Lawson by reservation system!

It is an art museum where you can taste the world of the ghibli.
Shooting prohibited inside the buildingBecause it becomes only the picture of the exterior for the purpose,
It is scattered all over the ghibli element everywhere.

On the roof of this Ghibli museum there are goddess soldiers familiar with that "Laputa in the sky"
You can take a commemorative photo together.

Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Museum (Mitaka City Animation Art Museum)
Location: Shimonoseki, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 1-1-83
アクセス:三鷹駅[南口]から徒歩約16分 JR三鷹駅南口からコミュニティバス、「三鷹の森ジブリ美術館」下車
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00, Cafe / 11: 00 ~

37. Big Buddha in Tokyo! ? 【Tokyo Daibutsu Joriken Temple】

A bit of a small netting spot "Jirenji Temple".
What is the Great Buddha in Tokyo ...?That is the third biggest Buddha in Japan!

That's great! It might be just right size in Tokyo.

Tokyo Great Buddha
Location: Akatsuka 5-chome 28-3, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 16 minutes on by walk from Narita station [North Exit]

38. Planetarium Date in Ikebukuro [Konica Minolta Planetarium "Manten"]

Access is convenient because it is in Ikebukuro Sunshine in the city center!
From Ikebukuro station to by walk about 10 minutes.
Between 10 o'clock and 21 o'clock, since we are screening, we will drop in easily.

This isexclusive 8 seating cloud seat​ ​
Because you can make online reservations, please do it on the date beforehand!

Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten” in Sunshine City
Location: 3-1-3, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Sunshine City World Import Mart Building Rooftop
アクセス:電車: 池袋駅東口より徒歩20分 東京メトロ有楽町線 東池袋駅 6,7番出口より徒歩10分 バス: 池袋サンシャインシティ下車 サンシャインシティ南下車 サンシャインシティプリンスホテル下車
Opening hours: 11: 00-20: 00 * Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 12 / 24,25 will be screened at 21:00

39. [Sakura Terrace] in Iidabashi where there are many delicious shops at stylish

This is "Sakura Terrace" of Iidabashi!
A variety of shops are in a relatively new facility that was made last year ^ ^
Yasukuni Shrine etc are nearby and Iidabashi is recommended for date!

After going over the shrine, you can have rice here ◎
There are stores of various genres and there is no trouble in choosing a shop!

Iidabashi Sakura Terrace
Location: Fujimi 2 - chome, Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo Iidabashi Sakura Terrace

40. Town No. 1 where I want to live is perfect for dating ♪ [Kichijoji]

“Kichijoji” is the top city to live in.
The photo shows the location of KichijojiDeep Spot "Harmonica Yokocho"​ ​
Just walking with the atmosphere is fun.
By all means, please find your favorite shop ♪

There are also many stylish cafés.
It is the charm of Kichijoji that the atmosphere of the town is good ^ ^

Harmonica alley
Location: 1-1-4 Kichijojimoto-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Access: 1 minute by walk from Kichijoji station [North Exit]