Start walking along Meguro River & Nakameguro Park

Cherry blossoms on the Meguro River

Start walking along the Meguro River which is recommended for the season when fresh green summer and fall autumn are deepened!

Nakameguro Park

A walk on a date like this pretty road, I guess a little kyunkun ♪

Nakameguro Park

It is a recommended spot for a couple who wants to spend slowly outside.

From Naka Meguro station take a walk slowly along the Meguro River and walk for about 12 minutes to see the Naka Meguro Park. This course makes you feel green and sunlight firmly in the city, it is perfect for refreshing a little time.

Nakameguro Park



Healthy nuts & smoothies to fill your hungry

Groovy Nuts

Grooby Nuts, a specialty store that sells high quality nuts rich in nutrients, is on the opposite side of Naka-Meguro Park, opposite Don Quijote along Yamate-dori.

Groovy Nuts
Groovy Nuts

You can choose the size from M · L · J. Roasted for each size (for those who want to enjoy the original taste of nuts), and flavor (for those who want to enjoy the original taste).

Groovy Nuts

Walk of the recommended is the M size nuts bag. Roast is 550 yen, flavor is 750 yen.

Groovy Nuts

summer is nuts smoothies, after a walk and warm nuts soup in the winter recommended is the menu of ♪

[Access] 708 m from Nakameguro station
[Opening Hours] Open from 11: 00-20: 00 Sunday
【Closed holiday】 7 days a week

I want to know the Nakameguro cafe that I can use for dating ...!

A fashionable cafe special that can be used for dates is here ♡

A relieved breath at the organic cafe


Meguro ward office near, able-friendly organic food on the body hot spot secret as a hideout cafe popular Hakusu the quca (Kuka).


Recommended for a walk for a walk. It is also good to drink Coffee in a quiet shop.


Why do not you order a cup of organic wine at night ?

場所:東京都目黒区上目黒2-17-16 ながたビル 2F
アクセス:東急東横線/東京メトロ日比谷線 中目黒駅下車 徒歩3分位目黒銀座商店街 郵便局手前路地を左に入ってすぐ、コーヒー屋さんの2階 中目黒駅から271m
営業時間:火〜金 18〜24時 土 17〜24時 日・祝 17〜23時 【ランチ】 *水・木のみ 11:30〜15時 【月定休】 祝日の際は火曜日 ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

【Access】 3 minutes by walk Naka-meguro station
【Opening Hours】 Tuesday - Friday: 18 - 24 h, Sat: 17 - 24 h, Sun · Holiday: 17 - 23 h
【Lunch】 * Water · Tree Only 11: 30 ~ 15
[Regular holiday] Monday (when a public holiday Tuesday), lunch business, night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, business Sunday

Many attractive goods stores in Nakameguro

BALS TOKYO Nakameguro store

There are many street shops of furniture, miscellaneous goods, and apparel. Naka Meguro, it seems that the shopping switch has turned on all the time when you are walking.

COW BOOKS Nakameguro

Please find a book of your favorite at a stylish bookstore.

SHOP DETAIL Nakameguro

There are many miscellaneous goods not in other stores ~.


Many old clothes shops, let's find a bargain ♪