"Meiji Jingu Gaien" where golden ginkgo bunches are lining up

Approximately 300 meters of yellow of the ginkgo spreads all over, so it will be enjoyable when you go by car!

The scenery from the car may be beautiful, but here is the extraordinary avenue to walk for! When turning upward, one side is stained yellow, and if it is sunny, sunbeam leaves are inserted

When walking on the sidewalk you can enjoy "golden road" where 146 ginkgo buds stand on both sides of the street. There is no doubt that it will be a walk dating experience that can taste fall! The ginkgo planted in order of highest tree height from Aoyama street mouth has a perspective feeling emphasized. It is also recommended to see Aoyama Street!

Meiji Jingu Gaien

Recommended for walking date "Inokashira Park"

At Inokashira Park you can see various autumn leaves such as Momiji and Ginkgo biloba.

Many people were shooting autumn leaves with single-lens reflex ♪ The best time to see is from mid-November to mid-December!

The trees moved to the pond was really beautiful. Inokashira Park is just right for a walk or a picnic. How is it to relaxing while watching autumn leaves? I think that it is the perfect spot in Tokyo for dating *

Inokashira Park boat ground
場所:東京 三鷹市 井の頭4

Lighting up at night is recommended "Rokugien"

Rokugien has a grand Japanese garden, it is romantic. It is a hot spot spot because it is unknown unexpectedly! Weekday night is vacant ☆

It is beautifully lighted up in autumn, and it is drawn to nature anyhow!

There are places where you can have a matcha in the garden so if you drink a bite after Kabuki you will calm down!

アクセス:駒込駅[2]から徒歩約6分 都営バス [茶51] 秋葉原駅前行で上富士前まで約1分。そこから徒歩2分

How about a drive leaves? "Okutama"

Leave for Okutama! From Tokyo direction, Central Expressway Hachioji JCT, Central Route Sunrise IC, via Route 411. From the direction of Saitama, it is via the central area Ome IC, Ome road.
※ Approximate time required from Tokyo direction is less than 1 hour 30 minutes (Takaido-sunrise)

You will see Okutama Lake. The surrounding area is 15 kilometers and it is perfect for driving along the lake. The journey time is around 30 minutes.

surrounding of Okutama Lake also has a promenade where you can take a walk in nature and you can enjoy autumn leaves to your heart's content. Let's cross over "Okutsu bridge" on Okutama Lake while watching autumn leaves. It is called a drum can bridge, but now, drum cans are not used, it is a remnant of the past.