Where are the recommended sightseeing spots in Iga City, Mie Prefecture?

Iga City, Mie Prefecture is a city in the northwestern part of Mie Prefecture.
There may be many people who understand “Iga” from “Iga Ninja”.

In Iga City, there are actually recommended sightseeing spots besides ninja!
This time, adults and children recommended you a model course introduce you to!







★ One day ninja practice at Akame Shitakiraki "Ninja no Mori", a nature full plan !

Let's experience ninja training in the ninja no mori first!

Red-Eyes Advance FallsHe freely manipulated Iga and played death fight with Nobunaga OdaIga NinjaIt is said that the place where Mr. Tanba of the 100-year-old Hakodate was trained.

It is near red eyes Shintori FallsEco TourI experienced it. Reservation is mandatory!
Change into ninja clothes that can be rented and start training!

Beyond the high fence.

Doing the technique that the ninja used when crossing the castle.

I played shuriken, a weapon of the ninja.

Borrow the river with red eyes Shintori Falls, with the power of boss!
I do not want to fall absolutely ...!

... while thinking, it fell down cleanly.
It is difficult enough for nine out of ten participants to fall.

When all the training is over, from the deep parentsNinja certificationYou can have it!
I would like you to experience people who want to experience extraordinary experiences, those who want to do exercise, and those who want to touch the history of Japan.

■ Experience fee
Children (medium student following Ninja with costumes) 2,700 yen
Infant (small student less than Ninja with costumes) 2,200 yen
Adult (with ninja costume) 3,000 yen
Ninja costume rental 1,000 yen

Red-Eyes Advance Falls
Location: Akami-cho Nagasaka, Nabari City Mie Prefecture
Access: Approximately 59 minutes on by walk from Akemesu station [exit]
Business hours: April - November 8: 30-17: 00, December - March 9: 00-16: 30

Next let's heal tired body at red-hot onsen!

In the entrance fee of the eco tour150 yen discount on hot springsSince it contains, it will be added in profit.

Akame OnsenBecause it is an alkaline simple hot springSkin beauty effectYou can also expect.
There is a public bath, "Shinobu no yu" equipped with a bubble bath, "Kunoichi no yu" equipped with hit hot water.

Akame Onsen Hidden Yu vs. Izumikaku
Place: Akami-cho Nagasaka Nabari City Mie Prefecture 682
アクセス:近鉄赤目口駅より送迎車で約10分 赤目口駅から3,830m
Opening Hours: Check In 15:00 Check Out Next 10: 00

Let's take a minus ion at Red-eye Shotsu 8 Falls which was also chosen for 100 waterfalls in Japan!

Red-Eyes Advance FallsIs also selected as one hundred Japanese waterfalls, and the valley is about 4 km.
recommended for those who want to hike.

You can feel natural negative ions throughout the body.
Forest bathing daterecommended !

When walking for about 10 minutes the mainImmovable FallsThere is power, power is amazing.
You can also appreciate from high places!

Red-Eyes Advance Falls
Location: Akami-cho Nagasaka, Nabari City Mie Prefecture
Access: Approximately 59 minutes on by walk from Akemesu station [exit]
Business hours: April - November 8: 30-17: 00, December - March 9: 00-16: 30

Let's eating while walking specialty gourmet on the way home!

Tamaki near the valley.
It was made of gourmet sweet potatoesHeck vermicellithere is!

There are 7 kinds of flavors: dough only, mashan, koshian, sweet potato, sweet tea, apple, cream cheese & cranberry!
It's as easy as 230 yen, so you can choose how you feel at that time ♪

Location: 720-1, Nagasaka, Akamecho, Nabari City, Mie Prefecture
Access: Take the Mie Kotsu Bus from Akameguchi station Kintetsu Osaka Line. 3 minutes on by walk after getting off at “Akame Waterfall” * In front of “Japan Salamander Center”
営業時間:10:00〜16:00 ※天候などにより時間変更あり、予約注文を優先 ランチ営業、日曜営業

★ "Iga Ueno" in Iga cow lunch and museums, the hometown of Basho Matsuo go around one day plan !

Iga beef lunch "Yakiniku potato"

When I come to Iga, I want to eat absolutely one itemIga beefLet's get it.

thisFieldIt is recommended to drive because there is parking lot.

Iga beef'sChisha lunchYou can eat Iga beef cheaply.

It is 4 cha cha and all Iga cow. To three types of carefully selected high-grade salt, two kinds of sauce.
All-you-can-eat rice!
Everything will be thick and luxurious lunch ♪

Cook meat piece carefully, we will receive it!

Iga cow is mellow in oil because it is juicy. It was delicious too much and I was impressed.
With less than 2000 yen thiscost performance extraordinaryis!

Yakiniku Masuda
Location: 772-1 Midorigaoka Higashimachi, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Hours: 11: 00-14: 30 (LO14: 00) / 16: 30-22: 30 (LO21: 30)

Let's walk in Ueno Park where you feel history!

Iga CityNinjaWhenMatsuo BashoIt is a famous sightseeing as the hometown of.

HakureiThere is a shrine where the torii lined up as you go to the back of the shrine.

Above the long stairs, it is a splendidIga Ueno Castlehad!
Todo built by Taka Todo, now there are Uchibori and Ishigaki at that time, the castle tower built in the Showa 10 years.
Regional materials are displayed in the castle.

scenery is the extraordinaryis!
You can overlook Iga Ueno.

■ Iga Ueno Castle
[Access] About 5 minutes on by walk from Ueno-shi station
【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission until 16: 45
[Price] Adults 500 yen (400 yen), Children 200 yen (150 yen)

Also in Ueno ParkNinja Museumthere is.
In a mansion, a female ninja will show us.
Explanation of Don Deng return, entrance door, things hidden etc will be done with demonstration so it will be amazing!

The Iga Style Ninja Museum
Place: Ueno Marunouchi 117 in Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Access: Ueno City station From [Exit]by walk About 8 minutes
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (the receptionist closes at 16:30)

It is a popular museum visit at Iga Michigasu Museum!

It is not just a museum to recommended it.
thisPorto KawabataThere are many American style collections.

The first floor is an ordinary goods store, but the second floor is exhibiting like a museum.
American feeling♪ You can fully enjoy ♪

Porto Kawabata
Venue: 1016-4 Mita, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Access: 0 minute by walk from Iga Ueno station[Exit (Iga Railway)]

Reservation required! Tin Ocha Museum

After thatTin toy museum​ ​
Here, various items are exhibited, mainly tin toys, stationery, minicars, key holders, unusual cola bottles!

To observeAdvance reservation required​ ​
Mr. Hamada, the shop owner, says, "It is fun to talk with people who share the same hobby", and you may be able to hear even more interesting stories when you go!

Street Tin Tin Toy Museum TINs Café
Location: 11135-19 Yono, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
営業時間: 9:00~16:00

★ One day plan to play with delicious gourmet and animals at Iga no Sato "Mokumoku Handmade Farm"!

Let's eating while walking delicious gourmet in free area!

Iga no Sato Mokumoku Handmade FarmThere are cafes in Tokyo and Aichi, but it is the place to be the head office! Because parking lot is wide, car is recommended.

First of allFree areaLet's turn around.
here we haveHarvested vegetablesYou can buy.
There are unusual vegetables and big vegetables, too and you can enjoy it!

I used plenty of farmers' vegetablesTomato CafeI entered!

The main tomatoesBig burger(1500 yen) I ordered!
Even though it is Boryumi, it is too delicious and goes into a stomach ♡

What a set,All you can eat tomato · drink all you can drinkWill arrive
There are lots of tomatoes seen for the first time and the tension rises!
Marinated tomatoes, minestrone and 100% juice in tomato are also delicious!

Jersey Milk StudioBut it is too tastyMilk softYou can eat ♪
Even though I'm full of stomach, I feel refreshed and cheap to eat!

Paid areaWe can entrance fee 500 yen!

The inside of the site is surprisingly wider than I imagined.
Children and couple are relaxing , very spatio ^ ^

In the farmPig free-rangedoing.
I am walking normally.
You can touch it too! Surprisingly the hair is hard.
You can appreciate cute miniature butterfly ♡

smallEasy learning ranchYou can touch animals such as horses, cows, sheep, goats, etc. ♡
All you can touch!
There are plenty of places to go horse-riding by day and can feed.

■ Small relaxing learning ranch

Also,Homemade cooking experienceYou can to be! Reservation is required.
In the wiener classroom, you can make it using the same pork that is used for making honey and wiener in the material.

■ Mokumoku handmade experience classroom
【Reservation Details】http://yoyaku.mokumoku.com/yoyaku/html/taiken1.html

You can enjoy a day with both children and adults.Mokumoku Handmade FarmIt is very recommended ♡

Iga no Sato Mokumoku Handmade Farm
Place: Nishioka, Iga City, Mie Prefecture 3609
アクセス:電車:JR伊賀上野駅から車・バス (路線バス・シャトルバスの運行はありません)
Business hours: At HP (varies according to area)