Matsuko Deluxe is also acclaimed! The most talked TV "Ganglo Cafe"

As the name suggests, nowadays unusual ganglo gals are doing cafe!
You can also take a commemorative photo with Ganglo Girl!

The leopard pattern on the table is also like a girl. Lol

There is also an experience type service called "Gal Makeup Pack" (7000 yen per person / drink, food, souvenir) that allows girls to girl make up girls makeup together, so those who are interested are sure to come!

【Opening Hours】 Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12: 00-20: 00
【Access】 7 minutes on by walk from JR Shibuya station Closed holiday Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
【Average budget】 ¥ 4,000 ~ ¥ 5,000
【eating log】

most talked shops! The largest cat cafe in Tokyo, "Kyoriko" in Shinjuku

Cat cat cafe "Kyoriko" which is about 5 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku station
One hour 1,000 yen on weekdays The drink is an extra charge with a time system of 1200 yen for holidays. This cat cafe is the largest scale in Tokyo!

It is also recommended to drop in when you play with friends, ask for healing on your way back from work ^ ^

Cat Cafe Kyoriko
【Opening Hours】 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last Order 21: Open all year round)
【Access】 3 minutes on by walk from JR Shinjuku station East Exit
【Average budget】 ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥ 1,999
【eating log】

stylish cafe ♪ surrounded by book "Brooklyn Parlor"

The cafe "Brooklyn Parlor" under Balt 9 in Shinjuku
The space surrounded by a bookshelf is very stylish with a little dark lighting!
If you go here on a date it is a standard spot without mistakes! popular shop and reservation is essential.

You can read the side by side books!
Even if you read a book while eating a rice, you can enjoy it very much ^ ^

recommended menu is avocado & cheddar cheeseburger.
French fries are also very voluminous!

【Opening Hours】 11: 30 ~ 23: 30
【Access】 Approximately 7 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku station New South Exit
【Average budget】 ¥ 3,000 ~ ¥ 3,999
【eating log】


Reptile cafe in Yokohama · Kannai!
Of course we do not recommended those who are not good at reptiles, but those who love it certainly do. Lol

There are also places where you can actually play with reptiles!
Let's not touch the hygiene side to touch. . .

This is a craft tea.
The price is 1000 yen and it is somewhat expensive, but it is worth drinking!

Yokohama subtropical tea house
[Opening Hours] 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 (LO 20: 00)
【Access】 JR Negishi line / Yokohama municipal subway line Kannai station 10 minutes on by walk
【Average budget】 ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥ 1,999
【eating log】