All-you-can-eat dessert pub! What? "Pecori"

A stylish lamp is in front of you when you enter inside! All-you-can-eat at dessert with 3 items All-you-can-drink+9 items, we made it to the girls' association premium plan. This plan is 3500 yen. There is also plan from cheap and from 1500 yen.

1 item Bagna cauda. I am happy for girls because they are healthy with plenty of vegetables!

Roast pork is also very stylish !

This is the dessert day. All you can eat! ! Every time I eat, a different ice cream and cake will come out.

新宿っ子ダイニング ペコリ
場所:東京都新宿区歌舞伎町1-25-3 西武新宿駅前ビル7F
アクセス:新宿西口駅から95m 電車:新宿駅東口徒歩2分、西武新宿駅徒歩0分♪西武新宿駅前ビル7F バス:歌舞伎町下車

【PR】Go To Eatキャンペーンでお得に!

対象のレストランを予約して来店すると、最大10,000円分のGo To Eat ポイントがもらえるGo To Eatキャンペーン開催中!
より詳しいキャンペーン内容は一休.com レストランのGo To Eatキャンペーンページでご確認ください。

recommended single room Lots of "hidden tassels"

The inside of the store was wide, it was quite crowded on Friday, but I was able to pass it in a few minutes.

single room are quite recommended , there are also round tables and Kamakura single room , single room where you can see the night view up to 50 people for banquets! You can use it in various scenes.

It is an impression that there were many Japanese food that changed a bit because it was New Japanese food Dining. Talk and drinks were the main items this time, but dishes are excellent, so it is also recommended for dinner and lunch.

隠れ房 町田店は下の赤いボタンから予約できます。
Hidden Tortoise Machida Store
場所:東京都町田市原町田6-9-7 東急町田ビル 2F
アクセス:小田急線・JR線「町田駅」下車徒歩4分。 町田駅から200m
営業時間:【日〜木】 17:00 〜 0:00 【金・土・祝前】 17:00 〜翌01:00 ※朝8時〜15時は03-4577-9746で予約受付 1/11完全移転致します。 詳細は⇒ 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

Cheese fondue is recommended "Kyocho Sakura Shizuku"

The menu is very rich. Because there are food of various genres, you surely will find what you want to eat. Everything looks delicious!
Attention to this cheese fondue this time!

First of all vegetables and buckets will arrive.

And then there are four taste cheese to choose from ..
This time, I ordered classic, ripe tomato, curry, black truffle!

Personally my favorite was black truffle cheese fondue. Eating hot cheese fondue is really delicious. There were lots of other dishes, all of which was delicious so please ask.

And this shop will play music when you surprise you. It is a pleasure to show you a cooperation firmly in the production. Fireworks were on the cake! (Bouquet prepared separately by themselves)

Sakura Kyomachi drop Shinjuku East Exit station before shop
場所:東京都新宿区新宿3-18-1 しんじゅく一色ビル 5F
アクセス:JR 新宿駅 徒歩1分
営業時間:17:00~24:00 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

stylish modern Japanese food pub "KICHIRI"

This shop when you want to date in a stylish pub.

There are also terrace seats that are perfect for this period. There is also a single room so it is perfect for dating.

Food is modern and stylish . The price is not so expensive so student are OK!

I also stick to the details of the dish. Heart is cute.

KICHIRI 新宿店は下の赤いボタンから予約できます。
KICHIRI Shinjuku branch
場所:東京都新宿区新宿3-36-10 ミラザ新宿 4F
アクセス:新宿駅から137m 電車:JR新宿駅 徒歩1分 バス:新宿東口下車