Fuji Goko boasts the largest area "Lake Yamanaka"

Lake Yamanakako, which is the closest to Mt. Fuji in Fuji Gokohama, boasts the largest area, enjoying many outdoor activities such as cycling and fishing, which is popular as a sightseeing destination where about 4 million people visit each year. I definitely want to go to the lake.

Speaking of Yamanakako's specialties, fly. It is popular as a beauty food because it can take many kinds of vegetables including pumpkin and root crops at once.

In Koshu Hoto "Shosaku", there are many menus suitable for hungry travelers, such as Hoto, including shrimp and heaven cutlets. In addition to Lake Yamanaka, Kawaguchiko and Kofu are popular shops with 10 stores in Koshu.

Excellent access! "Kawaguchi lake" best suited for sightseeing base

About a half hour by car from Shinjuku, the most accessible lake Kawaguchi in Fuji Goko. recommended for drive. In addition, there are five sources, "Reihin no yu", "Tensui no yu", "Shuizu no yu", "Furyo no yu", "Shurei no yu", and five sources of hot springs are on the lake. It's romantic to spend your time in a room with a lover and lake view, is not it?

This is Kappakachi mountain ropeway of Kawaguchiko Tenjozan Park. As well as Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji, we can see the Southern Alps with good weather.

Holy land of screaming machine fans · Fuji-Q Highland is about 10 minutes by car from Kawaguchiko. As a place to heal playfully tired body, Kawaguchiko is recommended .

Transparency No. 1! Watercraft sports are crowded "Lake Motosu"

At Mt. Lake, the deepest and most transparent of Fuji Five Lakes, water sports such as windsurfing and kayaking can fully enjoy clean water quality. Lake that I want to go as a cool spot in hot summer .

surrounding is a masterpiece of masterpieces · Aokigahara Seaweed spreads "West Lake"

It is a lake that is slightly less impressive than Lake Yamanaka and Kawaguchi Lake, but it is a treasure trove of great nature spreading the famous Aokigahara jikai in the surrounding .

In the largest lava cave / bats in Mt. Fuji, over 350 m, you can observe 5 kinds of rare bats, and in recent years it is popular not only for children but also for adults who want to regain playfulness. It is recommended for a family drive.