Speaking of pasture is here! Mother Farm

You can touch many animals at the contact ranch. Even small children, animals are comfortable because they are used to people. I am accustomed to people as they come from the animal!

You can also experience milking of cows at Mother Farm! Even if you are a first-time person, firmly engaged person will lecture and it is safe. We can purchase very tasty soft cream and milk for the kiosk so we recommended surrounded by greenery in hot summer and eat soft cream. If it is a date, let's share it and give it a love love degree ♡ (haha)

Nature rich and daily fatigue will also blow away! Why do not you take time at the mother farm?

Mother Farm
【business hours】
· February - November
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
9: 30 ~ 16: 30 on weekdays
· December - January
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 9: 30 ~ 16: 00
10: 00-16: 00 on weekdays
* Closed date
December 7 th (Monday) - 11 th (Fri) in 2015
Tuesday, January 12 th - 20 th 16 th - 15 th (Fri), 18 th (Monday) - 19 th (Tue)
【entrance fee】
Adult (medium student or more) 1,500 yen
Dwarf (4 years old ~ 6th grade students) 800 yen
· FREE shuttle bus, full year operation schedule (reservation required)
From Kimitsu station South Exit (10:40) to Mother Ranch (11:20)
Departing Mother Farm (15: 30) ~ Kimitsu station South Exit (16: 10)
· About 10 minutes from Tateyama Expressway "Kimitsu PA Smart IC (ETC only)"
HP: http://www.motherfarm.co.jp/

An unexpected hot spot spot! Hattori Ranch

The road to the pasture is a bit tough, so it is recommended to use Google Maps.

In addition, how much entry is free at this ranch! We can also experience milking and riding, so we need to check with HP.

There are lots of animals in Hattori Ranch like cattle, goats, sheep, horses and pigs. Food is sold for 100 yen at the shop, so we will give you a food so please try trying to feed it! (It is worth noting because some animals are not good)

As soon as you find a bait, you came and cute!
Animals wanting to feed, looking out from the net are a shutter opportunity!

Gelato of "Ice Cream Studio Kasa Ringa" is exquisite! The taste of gelato of popular No. 1 is "rich milk". Please drop by, by all means ♡
eating loghttp://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1407/A140704/14009152/

Hattori Ranch
【business hours】
10 o'clock - 17 o'clock (from November to February only from 10 o'clock to 16 o'clock)
entrance fee
6087 Aikawa Town Hikarihara, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture 243-0307
Official HP:http://kanagawa-hattoribokujou.com/index


Within a ranch you can interact with many animals such as dogs and goats. Tables and benches placed on the ranch are devised as cattle patterns, they are very cute ♡

You can see the cow in the cow house soon!

This cow is near! !

There were half calves in birth! Because calves can not be seen depending on the time, please check with HP.

酪農王国オラッチェにあるカフェには牧場ならではのフードメニュー、ドリンクメニューが揃っています。 人気メニューのソフトクリームと飲むヨーグルトは絶品です。酪農王国オラッチェで摂れた牛乳を使用して、濃厚な味わいです!

popular menu 【Margherita made with Mozzarella cheese made in the dairy Kingdom Oratche】! The price is 1,800 yen.

Dairy Kingdom Oratche
【business hours】
9:00 am - 5:30 pm ( summer time)
October - March 9 am - 5 pm (winter time)
Closed: Open all year round
entrance fee
Official HP:http://www.oratche.com

Ranch where you can experience horseback riding! Tsurui Donko ranch

ヘルメット、長靴、手袋、ジャンパーなどはレンタルすることが出来るので手ぶらでも心配ありません! ガイドの方からレクチャーをしてもらい、1人ずつ馬に乗ります。 馬舎で曲がり方や止まり方、たずなの持ち方、1列に並ぶ走り方について、レッスンを受けます。初めてでも、馬が合わせてくれるのですぐ乗れることが出来ます。

牧場のそばを通り、森林の中を走っていきます。 乗馬はかなり揺れますが、馬のたてがみライン上に姿勢を保てば、全然大丈夫です!釧路湿原の湧水やヤチボウズも見れちゃいます。 途中開けた場所で休憩タイムです。

今回は常連の方のアレンジで、ランチはテラスでいただきました。 ダッチオーブンで調理したラムの香草焼きと、お豆のスープ。おいしくて満腹~.。o○ 1日コースの場合、お昼はおにぎり(330円)、お弁当(700円)を予約でき、キラコタン岬で食べれるそうです。

Accommodation is also possible, but it seems to be full of reservations even from 2 months ago from July to August, so it is necessary to check before early!

Tsurui Donko ranch
【business hours】
Horse riding 4500 yen ~
Hokkaido Akan-gun Tsurui Mura Hisashi Waku 71 1
TEL: 0154-64-2931