Peony is famous "Shiobara Myojiunji" and heals tiredness "Sato no yori"

In Nasushiobara, Nasu Highland rich in nature can enjoy healing and superb view that can not be obtained simply by living in the city. Shiobara Myōjoji is one of them.
Peony is famous, and peony is in full bloom in the season!

There are hundred consecutive notes lined up in the land of Deng Cloud.

It is perfect as a hiking course, and you can overlook Nasushiobara at the end you climbed. couple Good luck and climb and see scenery is extraordinary ^^

If you are tired of walking, go to "Village of Yuugo walk" nearby. It is an unusual corridor type footbath facility. And it is able to heal the foot of tired of walking extraordinary you! It is OK just to wait for the couple relaxing time to pass (^ ^)

Yuugo no Sato
Place: 602-1 Shiobara Nasushiobara city, Tochigi prefecture

Take a break at a stylish cafe that will make a good atmosphere on a date!

3 stylish café most talked in Nasu

Nasu is also most talked about having tasty dessert and stylish cafes! Many shops are sure to please women too!
First of all, this is "SHOZO Cafe".
Scones are famous and there are scones of chocolate and fruit.

Homemade coffee not only scone but also delicious. popular shop, the season of summer to autumn is often full. . .
recommended to go in the morning!

Nas · Shozo Cafe
Place: Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-gun Nasu-machi Takakuji 2730-25
Access: 9,188 m from Takasu station
営業時間:12月〜2月 10:00〜17:30 (L.O 17:00) 3月〜11月 10:00〜18:30 (L.O 18:00) 日曜営業

This is "SUDA COFFEE" which was made several years ago. Coffee and homemade dessert are also recommended here.
This store is a little away from the place that is crowded not not too crowded hot spot is ♪

Suda Coffee
Place: Tochigi Prefecture Nasu-gun Nasu-machi Takuzu Bio 593-402
Access: 4 km from Nasu IC (along the Nasu Highway)
営業時間:8:00〜18:00 朝食営業、ランチ営業

This is a cafe managed by "Cheese Garden Nasu Garden Outlet Store" cheese garden.

Eating cheese fondue and cheesecake in full swing It is an irresistible cafe to love cheese which can compare!
Access is also in a good location.

Cheese Garden Nasu Garden Outlet Store
Location: Shionogasaki, Nasushiobara, Tochigi prefecture 184-7
Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00

Besides the cafe

There is also such a summary.

It is a hot spring that became the location of "Thermae Romaa", and it is relaxing with a couple ♪

Northern Hot Spring Inn, which is 30 minutes from Nasu IC, is a famous hot spring even when it became the location of Thermae Romaa!
You can take a day bath and you can take a bath for 700 yen and time from 8:30 to 15:00. Since it is a mixed bath, it is possible to enter together with a couple!

This hot spring pool is also a mixed bath, swimwear is also OK!
summer is romantic if put leisurely while looking at the starry sky with two people at the end of the (^ ^)

Kita Onsen Kita Onsen Ryokan - unexplored place Spring Spa Mysterious Hot
【Opening Hours】 [Day Bathing] Tohoku Expressway Get off at Nasu IC, take the prefectural road No. 17 towards Nasu Yumoto in about 30 minutes
【Access】 Tohoku Expressway Get off at Nasu IC, take the prefectural road No. 17 towards Nasu Yumoto about 30 minutes

"Nasu Animal Crossing Kingdom" that can be enjoyed by touching lots of animals

"Nasu Animal Kingdom" is known as the highest altitude zoo in Nasu. Capybara and alpaca can also be met and you can touch many animals!
It is insanely widespread in size of 10 Tokyo Dome! We can also take a walk by going for rental dog services etc!

There are many kinds of owls, earthworms and flight shows of birds of prey, etc. IronPort zoo date is sure to be exciting ♪
Since business hours change according to the time, it is better to check HP when going!

Nasu Animal Kingdom
【Normal business hours】 Weekdays: 10: 00 ~ 16: 30 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 9: 00-17: 00
【Access】 15 minutes from Nasu Highlands SA, 30 minutes from Nasu IC
[Average budget] Adult 2000 yen [after 14 o'clock] 1,500 yen