A luxurious lunch "Annivelle Minato Mirai Yokohama" that you can eat at the wedding hall, "Grand Oriental Minato Mirai"

It is a wedding ceremony at the "Anniversa" ceremony in Minato Mirai station 10-minute by walk but a cafe is also available and anyone can use it.
The sea is visible in front of you, terrace seating is recommended !

Lunch starts from 1200 yen and drinks and bread or millet rice will be on!
This is Salmon's Muniel. You can eat dishes you can not eat at normal lunch.

It is the most popular dessert, panperdu.
Others include roll cake, cheesecake, and desserts are also substantial.

You can also eat lunch at "Grand Oriental Minato Mirai" which is about 3 minutes walk from Anniversa cell.
This ceremonial hall is an Asian chic fair like a foreign country.

Lunch set and afternoon tea set can be eaten at 2500 yen per person. This is a little expensive but you can eat luxurious lunch!
You can overlook the ocean from this wedding reception site.

■ Anniversa Cafe (ANNIVERSAIRECAFE) - Minato Mirai ( French )
【Opening Hours】 12: 00-15: 00 (Weekday) 11: 00-15: 00 (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)
[Access] Tokyu Toyoko Line, Minato Mirai Line, "Minatomirai station ", 7 minutes on by walk
【Average budget】 ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥ 1,999
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140103/14053139/

■ Grand Oriental Minato Mirai - Minatomirai (Continental cuisine)
[Opening Hours] Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays (plus irregular holidays additionally) from 11: 30 to 16: 00 (LO 15: 00) 18: 00-22: 00 (LO 21: 30)
【Access】 Minato Mirai Line Minato Mirai 8 minutes Carriage road 7 minutes
【Average budget】 ¥ 2,000 ~ ¥ 2,999
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140103/14054129/

An open-air "Afternoon Tea LIVING ReMIX" on a half terrace

"Afternoon Tea LIVING ReMIX" in Makotozaimi is a half-terrace shop and has a feeling of openness and a calm atmosphere.

Chi tea is recommended , not only delicious but 3 cups with 700 yen and cost performance is also good.

Favorite pasta and sandwiches are accompanied by baguettes and drinks from 1500 yen.
It is a recommended spot for those who want to have lunch slowly! After lunch you can also shop with marks ^ ^ It is a shop that can be used at girls' associations as well!

■ afternoon tea Room MARKIS Minatomirai Store (AfternoonTeaTEAROOM) - Minato Mirai (Cafe)
[Opening Hours] [Monday - Thursday] 10: 00-20: 00 [Friday, Sunday, Sunday, Holiday, Holiday before celebration] 10: 00 ~ 21: 00
【Access】 71m from Minato Mirai station
【Average budget】 ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥ 1,999
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140103/14051241/

"Taste beef Tan Kiyosuke" which can eat exquisite beef tongue for lunch

This is "Taste beef Tan Kiyosuke" in Yokohama Landmark.
This shop spreads Sendai specialty beef tongue throughout the country, you can taste real beef tongue!

The price is from 1300 yen and it is very satisfying contents. popular shop, I often have queues, so I think that you should go early.

Soup and rice are coming! By the way, rice has wheat and it is healthy. Even women are easy to go shopping, there are not many customers who come alone!

■ Taste beef tanger Kiyosu Yokohama landmark store
【Opening Hours】 [Lunch] 11: 00 ~ 14: 00
【Access】 Yokohama High-speed Railway Minatomirai Line "Minato Mirai" station 3 Minutes by walk
【Average budget】 ¥ 1,000 ~ ¥ 1,999
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140103/14037510/dtlmenu/lunch/

"Casa de Fujimori" where you can have lunch in a calm space in Kannai

"Casa de Fujimori" located about 10 minutes on foot from Kannai station is a popular place for lunch.


Crab cream croquette lunch set is popular ! With less than 1000 yen, tea and salad are attached, it is very reasonable. station has a short distance away from, but very hot spot is The store!

■ Casa de Fimori - Kannai (Spanish)
[Opening hours] Monday - Saturday 11: 00-23: 00 [Sundays and public holidays] 12: 00 ~ 22: 00
【Access】 4 minutes on by walk from Exit 1 on the subway blue line "Kannai" station
5 minutes on by walk from JR Negishi line "Kannai" station south exit
【Average budget】 [ daytime ] ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140104/14002131/