Exquisite gelato can be eaten all year round!

Gelato, which girls also love, is eaten with pelor if gelato is not appetite.

This time we will introduce shops in Omotesando, Daikanyama, Ginza, Sangenjaya, Yokohama, Kamakura.

1. Gracelle Omotesando branch (GLACIEL)

There is also pretty ice cake ♡

There is gelato in the Glassel Omotesando where you can eat cute ice cake.

There is a cute ice cake in the shop!

There is a cake and sweets on the right side of the shop and a gelato selling space on the left side.
You can also eat it on the bench outside by buying ice here!

GLACIEL 表参道店 (グラッシェル)
アクセス:東京メトロ「表参道駅」A1出口より徒歩3分、「明治神宮前駅」A7出口より徒歩5分 表参道駅から310m

How about most talked ice?

2. Gelateria Marghera Azabu-juban (Gelateria Marghera)

It is colorful and looks fun too!

It is Mertuera of gelato of Italy of Azabu Juban!

All kinds are abundant and it seems to be delicious, ♪ colors are rich ♡

It is pistachio and chocolate (¥ 630).
Pistachios are fragrant, chocolate is rich and delicious. Season exclusive There is also a flavor.

Gelateria Marghera Azabujuban Shop
場所:東京都港区麻布十番2-5-1 1F
アクセス:東京メトロ南北線・麻布十番駅(4番出口)より、六本木方面へ徒歩5分交差点「鳥居坂下」から約50m 麻布十番駅から240m
営業時間:[月〜日] 11:00〜22:00 日曜営業

Where is the popular dessert ?

3. GELA C (Jealousy)

Plenty of places to have fun with gelato!

Recommended shop in COREDO Muromachi 2 【GELA C (Jealousy)】 Gelato is superb ♪

After a meal a walk around the city of Nipponbashi with COREDO Muromachi ♪
Because there are many unusual shops, it is fun!

Now an art aquarium is also underway!
Art of goldfish that combines light and sound with everything ☆ The venue is narrower than I thought it could be around 40 minutes or so.

Kolding Muromachi
営業時間:●物販10:00〜20:00●飲食11:00〜23:00 ※店舗により異なります。※日本橋案内所受付:11:00〜20:00

Let's make a dessert girls party!