Excellent access from Tokyo! Featuring lake "Sagami Lake" attached in one hour

It is Lake Sagami. It is the best in terms of accessibility! It takes less than an hour by car from Tokyo, even if you take a train from Shinjuku, it will arrive in a little over an hour!

There are plenty of spots to play around Sagami Lake! It is recommended that you go out with friends because you can row out with boats, and the surabay facilities are enriched!

There are hot-spring facilities nearby, so even if you play a lot, it's a mess! Let's get tired and heal here! !

Lake Sagami
Place: 340 Sagami Lake Town, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from Sagamiko station[Exit]

Enjoy nature! Let's make the extraordinary memories with Okutama Lake x play!

Okutama Lake surrounding has a promenade where you can walk in nature and you can enjoy nature till you go!

"Ukihashi" that takes over the lake is the spot you want to visit with in the mast! It seems that it was floating in drums once.

There is a spot where you can grab fish in addition to BBQ and river play where we moved a bit with the car so we recommended that too! If you are coming by car, please also visit us as we also introduce nearby recommended spots! !

When you come to Okutama, here is also a cafe at recommended! You can taste the lobus atmosphere, you can watch the river flowing in Okutama from the window so you can enjoy scenery with great power! !

In addition This plan Lake Okutama in surrounding "of the unexplored place spot featured over the" We are together!

It is also good to visit once, as it is summarized spots that you do not usually see like limestone caves and the ropeway sites!

And come back to Okutama Let's go home by healing the tiredness of the day by this "mochi no yu"! Adults are 780 yen in 2 hours!

Moemin no yu
Location: Moeginoyu, 2nd floor, 119-1 Hikawa, Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
アクセス:奥多摩徒歩??15分以上 奥多摩駅から756m
営業時間:〜19:30まで ランチ営業、日曜営業

Featuring skillfully using "Fuji Goku" to see the world famous mountain "Mt. Fuji"

Fuji is said to be only "mountain climbing", but spots that you can enjoy the superb view of Mt. Fuji and spots that you can play are enriched in the surrounding even if you do not climb actually! First of all, it is the biggest "Lake Yamanaka" in Fuji Goko, a hover board experience! !

I can do it only abroad. . I thought you could do it in such a familiar place! Riding comfort is unexpected even if you are a beginners . You can book from the site below!

This plan in Mt. Fuji surrounding one day enjoy the plan is! Fuji superb view spot from Oshino Hakkai It is ①.

Here it is recommended because various tours such as a tour exploring "bats" are available for 500 yen ~! Details can be confirmed from the following site!

Fuji Kawaguchiko Town Certified Nature Guided Tour

And it is finally a lake! Diamond Fuji is famous for "Lonelyzako"! Until around June it is the heyday of Shiba cherry blossoms and so is the spot you'd like to visit!

It is a lake exploration riding "Morose" at Motosu Lake. Because it is a "submarine type ship", we can not dive. It will take you to the place where the fish is in the fish finder! Adults can travel around 930 yen and take the required time as 25 minutes in just right time.

This plan is plan which is supposed to be around the Fuji Goku surrounding and it is very much convenient. In addition to the main lake, we also hold gourmet firmly plan So this will be a full day with this!

It is Lake Shoin. It is the smallest lake in Fuji Goko. morning offer also clean upside down Fuji if you go to people!

Shimodo Lake
Place: Yamanashi prefecture Minamitsuru gun Fujikawaguchiko cho

It is West Lake. The "bolt hole" of the past is near here!

The end is a hot spring! If it is surrounding Yamanakako, "Red Mt. Fuji no Yu" Let's finish the day with Mt. Fuji here!

And also recommended here. It is a hot spring "Yurari" that can see Fuji. There are 16 kinds of hot springs. Bathing fee Adult 1200 yen (Rental bath towel / Rental towel included)!

Yamanaka Onsen Red Mt. Fuji
Place: Yamanashi prefecture Minamitsuru gun Yamanakako village Yamanaka 865-776
営業時間:午前10時から午後9時まで(最終受付は午後8時30分) 冬季限定 12月〜3月(土・日・祝日のみ) 午前6時から午後9時まで(最終受付は午後8時30分)

More than 3 in the Kanto area "Recommended Lake"! Please do enjoy the cool summer in Japan! !