Yokohama superb view sunset can watch hot spot you the location and time zone introduce !

みなとみらいで一番サンセットが綺麗に見える秘密の場所は、ワールドポーターズの正面の海側の公園。 ここは人も少なく穴場! カップルにはかなりおすすめ!いちゃつけます。 みなとみらい駅より徒歩7分

見てください、この幻想的なサンセット!! 夏は19時頃がベストタイム! レストランに入らなくたって、ここで十分夜景を堪能できます!

Shinko Park
【Street address】
Kanagawa ken Yokohama shi Nijo Ward New Port 2
8 minutes on by walk from Minatomirai station Minatomirai line
【Parking Lot】

In Shichirigahama you can see a collaboration of Mt. Fuji × Enoshima × sunset?

If the weather is good, Mt. Fuji × Enoshima × sunset can be hoped for!
Fuji was not reflected in the photograph, but it is somewhere passionate sunset with atmosphere.

There are many temples and fashionable cafés in Kamakura so why do not you try spending your time on time all day?


Just outside the Izu hot-spring street, the superb view sunset spot, the soil frestaining beach!

Because Toei Beach is very close to hot-spring town, you should be able to walk from your inn stay!

Time to sunset, some walking on the coast will indulge himself. It may be years. Lol

The time to sunset perfectly sinks in a blink of an eye. Let's keep it firmly in mind!

Sunset from the Sky Tree, have you seen it?

The way the city where we live becomes darker and darker is fresh, some even mysterious.

Although it is easy to get interested in night view , the sunset from the sky tree is also a superb view !
The point is the cityscape illuminated by the sunset which can not be seen absolutely from the coast.
Calm down when watching it.

Tokyo Solamachi (Sky Tree Town)
営業時間:全館10:00〜21:00 6F、7F、30F、31Fレストランフロア/11:00〜23:00 ※一部店舗により異なる