A Japanese style pancake popular among the girls in Sydney ① ♪

Central station Town hall station Japanese-style pancake large pan cake shop located on the first floor of the Capitol square in the middle of the [PASSION FLOWER] green tea ice and Shiratama rode popular ☆

■ PassionflowerDessertCulture
【Street address】
VIC Melbourne Shop 2,
168 Bourke St.



Sydney fashionable girls popular fluffy thin flat pancakes ② ♪

World famous [Pancakes On The Rocks] pancake (¥ 1200) riding a lot of strawberries popular ☆ Asanzuya strawberry, vanilla ice cream, fluffy fabric extraordinary ♪

To one banana whole, caramel sauce and vanilla ice! Because it is a perfect volume, we recommend you share it and eat it, or recommend it as a lunch ◎

■ Pancakes On The Rocks
4 Hickson Rd,
The Rocks, Sydney

What a pandemic among young people in Sydney 【Ice of experimental science】 What! What?

Making ice using tools used in experiments 【N2 Extreme Gelato】 Clerk wears a uniform like a white coat ☆

popular ice 【CHESHIRE KAT ($ 8)】 Chocolate ice is filled with chocolate ☆ chocolate filled syringe! ! !

■ N2ExtremeGelato
【Street address】
Shop 43, 1 Dixon Street,
CBD, Sydney, NSW
# Luxury chocolate from Australia is a souvenir for myself ♪

Delicious chocolate from South Australia 【Queen Victoria Building Haigh's Chocolates】 It is in the entrance of QUEEN VICTORA BUILDING as soon as I left Town Hall station Sydney!

Sydney's chocolate ☆ pleased as a souvenir ☆ In particular recommend a stuffed animal ☆

■ QueenVictoriaBuildingHaigh'sChocolates
【Street address】
455 George St,
Sydney NSW 2000

【Super excellent】 Buy Australian souvenir chocolate ☆

Scooby - Doo! Cookie ☆ ¥ 300 with 10 bags! convenient when you have to buy souvenirs for all your friends!

Chocolate with koalas and frog characters printed ☆ Chocolate popular in Australia ☆