popular sightseeing attractions of LA City that celebrities love 【Beverly Hills】 girls' trip to enjoy the celebrity feeling ☆

LA ◎ popular girls and children on an American trip Luxury residential area where many famous celebrities and Hollywood stars live [Beverly Hills] is recommended as a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy all fashion and gourmets!

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introduce gourmet of LA Beverly Hills ☆ Oshare Cafe and authentic Hamburger, excellent dishes until Japanese food!

If you go south of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, there is a fountain near the shop of the sightseeing spot Tiffany ♪ Worth visiting as a stylish spot! There is a terrace cafe "208" ♪ If you get tired, it might be good to take a rest here

■ 208 Rodeo
208 Via Rodeo Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Beverly Hills
【business hours】
[Monday - Thursday]
[Fri · Sat]
【Average budget】

America in the Berger home! Once you have to eat a hamburger ♪ LA recommended downtown retro cafe 【LA Café】 This shop, 24 hours 365 days OPEN!

■ LACafé
639 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
【business hours】
Open 24 hours 365 days
【Average budget】

If girls' lunch after shopping is decided by Coco [IVY] ☆ There are lots of colorful rose flowers in the shop! Boy of the shop also pink or white shirt ♪ floral tie ♪ Girls feel full in a cute restaurant ☆

113 N. Robertson Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA
【business hours】
【Average budget】

Shops that can eat shabu-shabu of Japan in Los Angeles, USA 【Eat Shabu】
Recommended seafood shrimp in California sea ☆ Salmon and shrimp shabu-shab are new ideas!

■ EatShabu
930 Broadway
Ste B
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Santa Monica
【business hours】
[Saturday and Sunday]
【Average budget】

LA · When you come to Santa Monica, go to the beautiful sea beach after all ♪

A beautiful beach in Santa Monica! Let 's lie on a sandy beach and enjoy the seas of LA ♪ There is a cool boy' s surfer ♡

Sunset is also very beautiful! Luxury Los Angeles travel of the girl only extraordinary ☆ summer or vacation, Let's go to the sea of LA in the long vacation ♪

Let's watch the world baseball at LA Angel Stadium! Even girls can enjoy Major League ☆

Recommended ☆ experiences major powerful major league at big baseball stadium 【LA Angel Stadium】

You can also watch baseball players up close ☆

A lot of events at the LA Angel Stadium where girls like ♪ "Dance Cam" is dancing on the monitor ☆ "Kiss Cam" is reflected on a couple kiss ♡

Also great attention to goods ☆ The shop is up to parfait in Angel's helmet shaped instrument! Also cute baseball to cute goods ♪