Ueno Zoo

First is Ueno Zoo. Opening is March 20, 1882, it is the oldest zoo in Japan.
Why is it a zoo, why three? First of all, I can walk around in the garden and meet various animals, so conversations are progressing with the thought of animals without thinking about it from me. Secondly, because there are many break spots in the park, we can sit down and have a relaxing conversation anytime!

The third thing is that the Ueno Zoo at weekdays is very vacant! is. (Laugh) I do not want to get caught on a date, do you? Let's make a date successful in a quiet environment surely!

Speaking of Ueno Zoo, the impression of being panda is strong, but of course there are lots of animals besides pandas!

entrance fee is 600 yen, so it is very cheap for your wallet so it is cheap!

Also, it is also one of the attractions that Ueno station is soon so that access is also convenient.

Ueno Zoo
【Street address】
Ueno Park 9-83, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8711
【business hours】
9: 30 - 17: 00
【entrance fee】
(General) 600 yen
(65 years old and over) 300 yen
(Medium- student ) 200 yen

One day enjoyment day enjoying shopping at Tokyo Dome City - an urban amusement park ♡

"Tokyo Dome City" located right next to the Tokyo Dome is an amusement park with a coaster that screams screaming despite the downtown! Access is good + It is a spot where you can date easily without having to entrance fee .

People who are not good at screaming systems are also relieved. There are many shops and gourmet shops lined with LaQua, so you can enjoy shopping and dining slowly as well as rides. Since there is also a Ferris wheel, it is recommended that you try the challenge by seeing the atmosphere of the day ♡ If you can ride a Ferris wheel with two people clearly it is a possibility that confession will succeed anymore! (It is a personal opinion)

Light up will start when it gets dark. When the ride on Ferris wheel and roller coaster daytime because it is a different atmosphere and between, your daytime and night , try riding to come twice vehicle ♪
The amusement park here is not crowded on weekdays, there is almost no waiting time so there is no worry about stinking when you line up! In addition, if girls love shopping, she knows her preference and it's two birds with one stone ♡

Tokyo Dome City
【business hours】
10: 00-21: 00 (depending on the day)
Korakuen station to by walk About 2 minutes
One Day Passport 3,900 yen

Dating a cat's cafe "Cat Cafe Kyoriko Shinjuku store" to borrow the hands of a cat ♡

This shop is especially crowded around Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulations around 14: 00-18: 00, so we recommended you book the phone in advance!

In the shop cats are chasing, sleeping, sleeping, I am wondering. Carbonara can be at 500 yen, but the fact is that it is reasonable to recommended food menu in fact.
To cut the story to speak that it is two people relaxing , there is no difference in the bouncy also conversation turned to nature and smile if there are also cat turned to silence! Extra pictures of nature and opponent by taking pictures with cat! (Lol)

About 5 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku station East Exit
【business hours】
10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last order 21: 7 days a week)
【Contact Us】

【Shinjuku's recommended Book Cafe】 Let's know each other carefully in an atmosphere cafe like NY!

Brooklyn Parlor in the basement of Shinjuku Marui Annex is a book cafe that Blue Note Japan produces. There are about 2,500 books and it is a recommended cafe for book lovers. It is a shop that is unbearable for book lovers.

While reading each other, you will have a cup of tea for breaks, where you will get over with impressions of the book! If you are not good at saying impressions, you may want to talk about each other's favorite books. most talked concentrates on the story of the book and you can enjoy the conversation without worrying about the eyes around if you are in a shop with a moderate sense of distance and calm atmosphere.

It is a plate of pretzel's berry mix (800 yen). There is also a lunch menu (about 1000 yen). The flavor of cheese spreads out from the crispness of pretzels ♡ The taste doubles when attached to ice! Taste berries and more delicious! dessert favorite girls are sure to be glad you are!
Talks such as stories from past stories and stories from old days are easy to spread.

Shinjuku Sancho stationC1 Exit by walk 1 minute, A1 exit by walk 3 minutes.
【business hours】
Sunday and public holidays - 23: 00