If you have a different leisure time ...

Get courage and dive in the air!
Such an experience you can not usually do, in factCan be done in KantoIt is.

This timerecommended activities in KantoI will introduce ♪
You can go on a day trip and there are lots of places for children and adults to enjoy.

Fun activities for children ♪ standard activities

We want young children to play in nature!
Of Essential reading to such parents who, recommended your activities introduce you.

family can enjoy adventure that can not be experienced in the neighborhood park that I always go.

1. Athletic

Peace Forest Park / Tokyo

If you do athletic in the city easily here!
40 pointsYes, it can go around in about 2 hours.

Train: About 10 minutes on by walk Keihin Express Peace Island station
Car: When using the car navigation system, please enter the parking lot address (Oda Ward Heiwanomori Park No. 2).

High school students and above: 360 yen
Elementary and junior high student : 100 yen
(You can not use infants)

The onshore course is fun for children and adults, but the overwater course is followed by a series of adults who go to the world.
Please be careful not to lose your foot after chasing your child.

Peace Walks Field Field Athletic
Location: 2-1 Peace Park Park, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0005
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk Keihin Express Peace Island station
Business hours: 9: 30-15: 00 (exit time is 16: 30)

Nasunogahara Park / Tochigi

campIn this park where you can also30 pointsThere is also a field athletic.
A great spot to enjoy the outdoors with your family !
The children who want to play for both of the two days of staying out one after another.

Access / Charge

Train: 13 minutes by bus to Shiobara Onsen from JR Utsunomiya Line Nishinasuno station "Senhonmatsu" get off / 20 minutes on by walk
Car: About 3 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Nishi Nasuno Shiobara IC

Price(Field athletic)
Adult: 300 yen
Elementary and junior high student : 150 yen
(You can not use infants)

In addition, there are many play equipments that you can play for free .
Please try to experience the big rope jungle gym by which you feel comfortable when you climb it.

Nasunagahara Park
Place: Senbonmatsu, Nasu-Shiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture 801-3

Let's play more athletic!

2. Line down

Nagamine Line Noodles / Saitama Prefecture

You can experience the line down at the Nagasu in Saitama Prefecture, which is easy to access from central Tokyo.

The reception of the line down is near Nagasu stationNagashima Line Happiness Information CenterI'm going to

Access / Charge

By train: about 80 minutes from Ikebukuro to Tobu Tojo line
Transfer to Chichibu Railway and take about 20 minutes
Car: From downtown Tokyo via Route 17 to Kumagaya
About 45 minutes from Kumagaya via Route 140

Adults: ¥ 1,600
Dwarf: 800 yen

It will take about 3 kilometers in about 20 minutes.
Although it is a basic gradual flow, it is also possible to harass some torrents ...! ?

Let's leave it to the flow of nature and let's spend leisurely time ♪

Nagao line trim
Place: Nagami Town, Nagami-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture 489-2
Access: About 4 minutes on by walk from Nagaoka station [Exit 1]

3. Zipline

Forest Adventure Odawara / Kanagawa Prefecture

A zipline that runs through the woods using a rope like Tarzan.

Experience the adventure courseTarzan swingIt is attractive that you can also feel the floating feeling like bungee jumping!

Access / Charge

By train: From the 3rd roundabout at Odawara station West Exit, get on the Hakone Tozan Bus for 15 minutes and get off at the end of "Ikoi no Mori".
Car: Transfer to Odawara Atsugi Road at Tomei Expressway Down Line "Atsugi IC" and change from "Ogikubo IC" to "Odawara Children's Forest Park Wanpa Kurando No. 2 Parking Lot".

Child (first grader to 17 years old): 2,600 yen
Adults (18 years and older): 3,600 yen

In the wilderness, climb up the ladder of ropes, cross ropes of ugly height.
There is a lot of fun besides zip line ♪

Please enjoy the exhilarating activities.

Forest Adventure Odawara
Place: Kuno Odawara City Kanagawa Prefecture 4391
Access: About 35 minutes on by walk from the Festival station [North Exit]

Stimulate adults! Thrilling Activities

Large student in and working people recommended of, your experience that can make friends and noisily memories introduce .
It is a thrilling activity that can not be tasted very much, and the distance between the hearts is likely to shrink.

1. Rafting

Big Smile Okutama Rafting / Tokyo

From the line I introduce earlierThrill on the riverRafting to taste.
If Okutama is convenient to access in Tokyo, it is easy to go and the meeting is easy.

The experience time is fixed and will be implemented 2 to 4 times a day.
Official websiteDon't forget to reserve from

Access / Charge

Train: 5 minutes on by walk JR Ome Line Mitake station
By Car: Metropolitan Area Central Expressway Sunrise IC Approximately 35 minutes

From 3,980 yen (to the reservation table in detail)

As well as going down the river on the eight-seater board, you can jump from the rocky place and jump into the riverVarious river playYou can ♪

Those who are interested in rafting have more than canyoning to explore the mountain streamWater adventurePlease try to experience too.

Detailed plan is here.
It is more exciting than canyoning! Let's go to a real adventure to Okutama with parents and children and children!

Big Smile Okutama Rafting
Location: 〒 198-0174 1-chome 178-1 Otake, Tokyo
Access: 5 minutes by walk from Otaki station

2. Sky diving

Fujioka Sky Diving Club / Tochigi

I want to fly in the sky ... Let's fulfill such a wish ♪
Here you can experience skydiving about an hour and a half from downtown.

The helicopter will rise to the same height as the summit of Mt. Fuji and fly out in the sky with a signal!

Access / Charge

Train: Bus, taxi from Tobu Nippon Ray Fujioka station
By car: From Tohoku Dokan IC, contact the area from the front of the parking lot for "Fureai Farm"

From 31,000 yen
(There is a discount at 8:30. For details,Official websiteWhat

To landing60 seconds of air travel
Because the instructor is attached to the back, you can enjoy the feeling of floating without much anxiety.

Please enjoy the scenery which can not be seen except from the sky.

Fujioka Sky Diving Club
Place: Tochigi Prefecture Tochigi-shi Fujioka cho Fujioka 1837

3. Motor paraglider

Sky Angel / Chiba Prefecture

Unlike skydiving, the motor paraglider lets you fly freely while controlling the motor attached to your back.

It's easy enough to be ready to fly in about 5 minutes,Official websiteThere is a discount on the price and the price is reasonable ♪

Access / Charge

Train: About 7.5 kilometers from the Tareyama Expressway Kisarazu South Exit
Car: Approximately 7 minutes by car from JR Uchibo Line Aomori station . There is a transfer. (Reservation required)

1 day experience course: 10,000 yen (HP discount 8,000 yen) + insurance fee 500 yen

An empty walk for about 15 minutesYou can enjoy the scenery slowly from a different point of view.
Because it flies along the sea, the wind and sight are refreshing.

I would like to fly in the sky, but I am not good at places that are too high.

Sky Angel
Place: 1387-2 Shimoino, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture
Access: about 20 minutes on by walk from Aomori station [Exit]

Enjoyable in the rain or winter! Indoor activity

Though it pains of going out, suddenly rain to become relaxing , not help out of a long period of time in cold than expected ....

When that happens, also at recommended,Activities you can experience indoorsWe will introduce you!
It is perfect for rain days and winter dates.

1. Indoor Athletic

SPACE ATHLETIC TONDEMI (Space Athletic Tondemi) / Chiba Prefecture

Athletic is only in the park ... there is no such thing.
Children and adults can enjoy indoorsNext-generation athletic facilityLet's play at heart!

Large popular because of the facility, the day tickets also likely to sell out.
It is recommended to make a reservation from the web.

Access / Charge

Train: Rapid bus from JR Keiyo Line "Tokyo station " 32 minutes, "Kihama Makuhari station " route bus

Free pass (90 minutes): 2,400 yen
Kids area (90 minutes): 800 yen

You can play sweatyly when you go home, such as rope crossing 3 meters high and climbing 11 types.

As it is in Aeon Mall, it is convenient to be able to shop before and after the activity.

SPACE ATHLETIC TONDEMI Makuhari Shintoshin store (space athletic london)
Location: 1-5 Toyosan Mihama Ward, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-8535 Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshin Family Mall 3rd Floor
Access: JR Keiyo Line Line Kai Makuhari station 3rd Station Ion Bus Terminal About 8 minutes
Opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00

2. Bouldering

BOULCOM Shinjuku (Volcom) / Tokyo

Because bouldering has several facilities in the city, it is actuallyEasy-to-experience activitiesWhat is it?
This is OK just bring in the change of clothes! No reservation is required.

Access / Charge

Train: JR Shinjuku station New South Exit, Takashimaya 4 minutes by walk

Weekday exclusive experience course (45 minutes): 1,500 yen
OtherOfficial websiteWhat

Bouldering with various rules, such as using only stones of the same color or number.
Of course,I use my head quite…!

There is not enough experience course in one hour! If you want to use it, you can also recommended an all-you-can-eat course for one day ♪

BOULCOM Shinjuku (Volcom)
Place: 5-29 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, Tokyo 5-29-7 Dormi Gyoen Daiichi Building 1st Floor
Access: JR Shinjuku station New Minamiguchi / Takashimaya 4 min by walk
Opening hours: 7: 00-23: 00

3. VR


There have been a lot of facilities where you can experience VR in the past few years, but here's to introduceJapan's first landing walking type VRWhat is it!

Because you can only experience walking type here in the whole country, you may often wait 2 hours on a holiday afternoon.
Official websiteWe recommended booking from.

Access / Charge

Train: 3 minutes by walk from JR Akihabara station electric street exit

¥ 1,000

The mood is the main character of the action movie.
Keep in mind the courage to keep shooting guns at the enemies you are attacking!

It is best to go with two or four people, as it is a four-man, two-to-two team game.

Location: 1-11-11 KOKODAKA, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo External Kinka 1-chome Building Club Sega Akihabara New building 6F
Access: JR Akihabara station Electric Town outlet than by walk 3 minutes along Chuo-dori
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 23: 30

There is still more! VR experience spot