【Start】 meet-up ~ To the airport

The beginning of a date! Using the monorail will make you feel better!

羽田空港 国内線第2旅客ターミナル



[You daytime until about at around ~ 3] Domestic Terminal 2

First off from the domestic terminal! I do not go but I feel like traveling! Tension will come up ♪

羽田空港 国内線第2旅客ターミナル

< daytime in immersive of food> runway next to the terrace

"Scenic Cafe" is near the runway, you can taste the realism of takeoff and landing! Let's enjoy listening to sound ^ ^

Scenic cafe
場所:東京都大田区羽田空港3-4-2 羽田空港第2旅客ターミナル 5F
アクセス:・首都高速湾岸線「空港中央」インターチェンジから車で約3分・東京モノレール「羽田空港第2ビル」駅改札から徒歩約3分・京急空港線「羽田空港国内線ターミナル」駅改札から徒歩約3分・羽田空港第2ターミナル5階(屋上) 羽田空港第2ビル駅から158m
営業時間:[月〜金] 9:00〜18:00 (L.O 17:30) [土・日・祝] 9:00 - 19:00 (L.O 18:30) 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

<Observation Deck> If you are lucky you can see the latest machine! (ANA series)

All daytime Let's look at the plane as it is the observation deck from rice. It is beautiful enough that you miss a moment when you forget to forget the time ....