1. I do not think that it is Tokyo! When you want to be surrounded by nature, "Ejirushi Valley Park"

Coco is an iso power Gorge valley park which is 5 minutes on by walk from the Higashi power station ! The only valley park in the prefecture.

You can enjoy a bit of trekking in the wilderness like a lie that you are in Tokyo ♪ You can do a good exercise if you walk up the stairs and repeat the stairs and climb ^ ^

Signs are somewhat signs when walking in the Nanjing Valley! Let's go up the stairs ^ ^

Italian shop! It can be used as a cafe as well as for lunch and dinner ^^ Lunch is from 1250 yen. We can also use it as a cafe as well as lunch and dinner ♪

There are other tombs too ^ ^ There is a Tamagawa Nogei-cho park where you climbed the stairs, and there is a scallop-type keyhole-shaped keyhole-shaped tumuli "Noge Otsuka Kofun" in the first half of the 5th century *

If you climb another staircase, you will also have equal strength immovable fellows! ♪ There is it at the far end walking in the valley from the station ^ ^
Surrounded by nature, it will be enough exercise if you walk around the day, etc. Yu Zhiya Valley Park Please go ahead ^ ^ *

Equal force immovable fist
Place: Setagaya ku Tokyo district 1-22-47
Access: Approximately 7 minutes on by walk from Yeomasa station [Exit 1]


2. If you want to feel the openness by looking at the sea "Kasai Rinkai Park"

When you want to be enclosed in a spacious space, the place recommended from the inside of Tokyo is "Kasai Rinkai Park"! The nearest station also by also Kasai Seaside Park ^^ ♪ barbecue field there but it is well-known *

This is a building called "Crystal View". There is this building when walking straight from Kasai Rinkai Park station JR ^ ^ Transparent building is very beautiful!

When walking towards the beach, it is very refreshing surrounded by lawn! It is perfectly open feeling ♪ ^^ It is recommended to take a rest in the shade with a leisure seat *

"Kasai Nagisabashi" A bridge connecting Kasai Rinkai Park and Kasai Ocean Park. The sea gets closer and closer ^ ^

It is fun to go to the sea as it is after playing in the park! Although it is urban ocean, after all it feels good feeling ^ ^ *

When you came on a date, it is also recommended to ride a Ferris wheel at the end! It is the big Ferris wheel boasting the height of Japan's highest "Ferris wheel of diamonds and flowers" ^ ^

Ferris wheel of diamond and flowers
Access: About 8 minutes on by walk from Kasai Rinkai Park station[Exit]
営業時間:[平日]10:00〜20:00 [土・日・祝、GW、春・夏・冬休み]10:00〜21:00 [大晦日]10:00〜元旦朝8:00


3. Barely access ◎ If you play a picnic "Yoyogi Park"

Harajuku, "Yoyogi Park" which is immediately from Meiji Shrine station ! It is also recommended to take a picnic or hiking after shopping ^ ^

Bringing a boxed lunch is also one of the tricks to enjoy picnics!

Lots of groups laying leisure seats! Because it is an open park, there are many people who play badminton, catch ball, etc. ♪

On the way back, it is one of the recommended course to visit Meiji Shrine ^

Yoyogi park
Location: 2-1 Yoyogisamisono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 6 minutes on by walk from Yoyogi Park station [3]
Opening Hours: 【Opening Hours】 October 16 - April 30 (5 am - 5 pm) May 1 - October 15 (5 am - 8 pm)

5 minutes on by walk from Kichijoji station ! It is famous Inokashira Park even if the autumn leaves are beautiful ^ ^ There are spots that you can enjoy with a couple such as a zoo that you can enjoy with an entrance fee 400 yen or a boat in the lake. * recommended to go to autumn!

It is a park centered around Inokashira pond known as Musashino three major spring ponds ♪

Speaking of Inokashira Park, this is a boat It's a standard ride when you come in with a couple ! When a boy invites you to date, let 's tell her to have you come with a skirt NG & easy to walk something ^ ^

Inokashira Park boat ground
Location: Initou 4, Tokyo Mitaka-shi
Access: 1 minute on by walk from Inokashira Park station


4. Actually I can do basketball which is not well known! Urban "Nakameguro Park"

Nakameguro station to by walk 10 minutes! No doubt there is a park like this in the middle of the city like wonderful ^ ^ I do not know so much hot spot It is a spot, so people are not many people recommended points!

There is also a ground available for free at Nakameguro Park ^ ^ If you came with your child, you can make a catch ball as well ♪ ♪

I also have basketball goals, so I want to move a little bit after becoming an adult! It is also recommended for those who say ^ ^

Nakameguro Park
Place: 2-3-14 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Access: Approximately 11 minutes on by walk from Nakameguro station [Front exit]