Reasons for popular ① Singapore is safe country!

From Japan to Singapore
It is 7 hours and 40 minutes by plane.

Singapore is very safe and safe country. According to the British newspaper "Economist" in a national ranking which is good for security, it was a country following Japan's Tokyo.

You can get a taxi with confidence in transportation. Because the law is so strict, buses and trains are safe and secure.

However, let's avoid acting alone in the night ! Let the girls act in groups!

Are my items safe?

Former airport staff teaches ♡ Area-specific mast overseas travel belongings for women
I am a former airport employee who uses flights more than 30 times a year, this time it is useful. I will tell you about overseas travel belongings for women like convenient ♡ What you need by area such as America, Europe, Asia etc. Please change to reference as it will change.

popular reason ② Singapore is a country where people from all over the world gather!

Singapore is a multinational country such as Chinese food , Indian, Malay.
I feel like I am in various countries even in one country.
I will introduce 5 popular spots among them.

The first spot is the Chinese food "Chinatown". There is a scent that can not be said anything.

It will be a red town for Chinese New Year in February.

You can also enjoy authentic Chinese food gourmet. This is Togo famous for egg tarts.

The famous egg tarts are modest in sweetness, and the inside is moist and soft touch. It is tasty enough to lose a couple of pieces.

■ Chinatown
【Access】 Chinatown station
: Downtown Line (Downtown Line)
: North East Line (Northeast Line)

The second spot is Indian "Little India". A scent like curry drifts.

You can enjoy Indian mood in a place where souvenir shops gather. Please be careful as it may be bought!

You can also write a pattern on your hand. It depends on negotiations with local people, but you can do it for less than $ 10 (700 yen)!

■ Little India
【Access】 Little India station
: North East Line (Northeast Line)

The third spot is a spot where you can enjoy European mood. Singapore is a British colony, and it is said that such atmosphere is left. The prestigious "Raffles Hotel" can just feel European feeling.

The inside of the hotel is a wonderful space. It is recommended to visit once.

■ Raffles Hotel
【Access】 City Hall station
: North and South Line (Namboku Line)
: East · West Line (Tozai Line)

The fourth spot is "Marina Bay Sands Hotel" which was most talked in SMAP's commercial. You can also enjoy European mood here as well.

It is a good idea to enjoy a day trip. There are foreign countries feeling because there are many European people around.

You can enter the air garden other than guests. ( entrance fee will take Friday) night is OK even.

■ Marina Bay Sands Hotel
【Access】 Bay Front station
: Circle Line (circular line)
: Downtown Line (Downtown Line)

The last 5th spot is "Clark Key" I would like to recommended in the night . You can also board a ship.

There are many foreigners in Europe and the United States, and there are many stylish bars. night wind is pleasant and it is the extraordinary to take a walk.

■ Clarke Quay
【Access】 Clarke Quay station
: Circle Line (circular line)

popular reason ③ Singapore is a delicious gourmet country!

Singapore is a multinational country so you can enjoy gourmet around the world.
Hawkers (stalls) that local people love are also recommended.
We introduce five recommended gourmet.

The first one is "Chilean club". In a shop named Jumbo you can eat 70 dollars (5000 yen) (September 2014) per kilometer. If it says to a clerk, the part which is very big and hard to eat will break the shell and bring it.

The second one is "chicken rice". The shop called Tianchi Hainan chicken rice is quite famous and can be eaten at about 5 dollars (350 yen). Cheap, but the chicken moisturizing is the extraordinary .

The third one is "Yon Tau Fu". You can eat with Hawker (stalls). The price is also cheap at about 5 dollars (350 yen). Choose about 6 kinds of your favorite vegetables and meat by yourself (some vegetables and meat etc are different depending on shops) If you give to the dish for dish, boil it. It is delicious to eat with noodles.

The fourth one is "Kaya Toast" of dessert . For those who like coconuts there are dirty stores anywhere.
Bread has plenty of kaya jam and butter. It is common to get along with coffee, milk tea and eggs.

The fifth one is a drink "KOI Cafe". Tapioca is quite delicious shop. recommended milk tea can be chosen sweetness and can be drunk in M ​​size at around 3.5 dollars (250 yen).

How was the special event in Singapore ^^?
Three reasons popular girls
① Singapore is safe country!
② Singapore is a country where people from all over the world gather!
③ Delicious gourmet country in Singapore!
This summer I decided overseas trip to Singapore ☆