recommended lunch ♪


No doubt the atmosphere No.1! Your daytime at the set, first open terrace lunch ♪

This time it is featured in television and magazines popular You can enjoy a day "Kamakura" spot all day plan introduce! You can be Kamakura Master! First off from daytime. Transfer to Yokosuka line at Kamakura station, to Zushi station! It's here "CABAN" arriving in about 12 minutes (about 3.2 km) by taxi from there!

The feature of this place is that the proximity of this sea! Also BGM flowing to the store extraordinary , sofa seat is also extraordinary , pet OK extraordinary , waves of sound extraordinary , scenery extraordinary . That's right. If it is expressed in a word, it is " extraordinary " here.

If you are working on a holiday here, you should not feel it at all "bitter"! It is recommended even for one person with "PC with going out"! Of course recommend it to a couple ♬

Place: 955 Horiuchi, Hayama cho, Miura gun, Kanagawa prefecture
アクセス:■車でのアクセス逗子I.C.から逗葉新道 葉山、鎌倉方面へ向かい約15分。 近隣コインパーキング有り。■電車でのアクセス品川からJR横須賀線で逗子まで50分 横浜からJR横須賀線、湘南新宿ラインでJR逗子駅まで30分。■バスでのアクセスJR逗子駅より京急バス3番乗り場 葉山行(海岸回り)元町下車 徒歩5分。■タクシーでのアクセスHOTEL SCAPESの電柱看板を曲がり、葉山日動美術館隣。JR逗子駅より2000円程度。 新逗子駅から2,256m
Business hours: Lunch business from 12:00 to 8:00, Sunday business


summer season exclusive of recommended cafe

To the person who felt it was a little far, here! "AMANDAN BLUE Kamakura" is! Kamakura station to by walk 16 minutes. I will walk towards the sea!

How far is it that you can see over Enoshima in Yuigahama front eyes! It usually "in the wedding hall summer season exclusive only August full from July"! I have to go to this ♪

It's really beautiful if you are seated in the sea! summer exclusive The restaurant is available so you really want to recommend it! ! It is delicious at stylish as well because cuisine is also a wedding hall.

The appetizer was fish and jelly with refreshing texture with summer vegetables ♬

And it's free of baked baked bread instead of freshly baked! It is a nice service!

The main dish is also a chef commitment one item! This summer I want to go to Kamakura to strike my mouth!

Main and dessert can be on a different floor! Let 's go through the stairwell and relax in the sofa seat!

Kamakura's fashionable date ...!

After filling your stomach, it's time to see Kamakura!

3. Cafe in the sky

♬ Elegant afternoon at "Cafe in the Sky" in the forest ♬

Well let's finally go out! First Kamakura station Kita Kamakura in Yokosuka back to the station will head to! Aiming is "Cafe in the sky" floating in the forest!

There is a temple called Amagoji nearby, so if you want to go around the station Chica spot, we also recommended this place!

By the way. From Kamakura station to Kita Kamakura station you can go even if you want to walk so much if you wish to explore more Kamakura! If you say that plan is also recommended! Kamakura From around station, you can go around Kitamachi and "Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine".

Place: Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura-shi Yukinojima 2-1-31
Access: Approximately 11 minutes on by walk from Kamakura station [east exit]

As I arrive at Kitakamakura station , I will go to the left at the station and I will aim at Jojiji Temple! Let's go to the hiking course from there, cafe in the sky Let's advance towards the great Buddha of Kamakura! !

In this plan , spots that you want to hold down on the hiking course are on it! Among them, it is Queen wash Bentenado Uga Fukushin Shrine! What a waste when you wash money here! Some guys are washing the Jib Jab a whole bill!

Uka Fukushin Shrine (Fuji Bessoi Tenten)
Place: Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura City Sasuke 2-25-16
Access: Approximately 17 minutes on by walk from Kamakura station [West Exit]

By the way, as you go further on the hiking course you will see the cafe you want! It's fine at this point; the scenery is also nice as it is at altitude!

Kuzuhara Oka Daibutsu hiking course
Place: Kanagawa kamakura city Yamanouchi
Access: 7 minutes on by walk from Kitakamakura station [exit]

It is arrival! It's really surrounded by forests so it's a feeling of floating! In addition to the deck seating, we also recommended inside and outside seats!

What do you think? There is something like Ghibli's "castle in the sky"! Something similar to Machu Picchu Brick making reminiscent of the ancient style of a foreign country attracts visitors!

The menu is surprisingly reasonable! Bringing in is also possible if you ask for drinks! You can also eat lunch box. Furthermore, alcohol is prepared in the shop, so how about such "3 o'clock cocktail" in such a wonderful place for holidays? What?

Reserve a restaurant with terrace seating ♡

Tree garden
Place: Kanagawa kamakura city Joban 917
アクセス:鎌倉駅西口より徒歩15分 鎌倉駅(東口)から約9分バスに乗り大仏坂下車後徒歩約4分
Business hours: AM 10:30-P.M 17:00 (L.O 16:30) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays am 10:00 am-lunch business, Sunday business

Kamakura hot spot spot ...!

Take a walk at the cafe and take a walk around the sea ♪

4. Yuigahama

The sea breeze is very pleasant

Well let's go to Yuigahama, about 1 km from the "Tree Garden" before!
It is close to Kamakura station and there are many stylish spots surrounding and so let's also go with the mast! !

Yuigahama coast
Place: Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura-shi Yuigahama 4-chome 4 Yuigahigahama Beach

Moreover, at Yuigahama beach there are ocean houses where many companies will exhibit! While walking around it is also fun to find your favorite shop! Avex and Ameba s something is opening something ♪

5. Cafe Downhill

It was also used in drama!

And here's the shop I would like to recommend at Yuigahama! Those who came to Yuigahama beach regardless of Mr. Tree Garden, I recommended this shop! The cafe "Sakanoue" who was also used in the drama "second love from the end" is!

There is a big Buddha in that Kamakura near, so access is also very easy! Here and pancakes of Fuwa Fu Wah is, Shirasu is the main pizza is recommended is! popular shop, I will put it in as soon as I shift the time a bit.

Cafe Downhill
Place: 21-15 Sakanoshita, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: 310 m from Hase station
営業時間:[平日] 10:00〜17:00(L.O.16:00) [土日祝日] 10:00〜18:00(L.O.17:00) ランチ営業

summer Kamakura date is a rule!

June is the hydrangea season! In Kamakura it is a temple like ancient capital Kyoto and it is worth seeing hydrangea and a temple! ! 【4 Selection】

Those who enjoyed the sea, the mountain and the gourmet as it is recommended to visit the temple. In particular, these plum rain season of hydrangea, summer sea a little too hot and close. . For those who are interested in spotlight.

6. Jogoku-ji

It's cool in the sooty bamboo garden ♪

When saying "bamboo" in Kamakura it is "Republic Temple" here! It costs an admission fee (200 yen) to enter the bamboo garden, but it is worth going even then!

Terauchi is also available from the popular spot Hachimangu Shrine, and thanks to bamboo again, it does not matter much hot sunshine! Here you can have 500 yen for green tea + lanterns! ! It is a bit far from Kamakura station .

Rikokuji (Takesakeji)
Place: 2-7-4 Kamikyoji Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa ken
Access: Approximately 28 minutes on by walk from Kamakura station [east exit]

7. Cycle temple

A tremendous temple!

This is "Amagi-ji" which is close to Kitamakamura station introduce earlier. It will take about 50 minutes to observe the whole!

Round Temple
Location: 409 Yamanouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: About 3 minutes on by walk from Kitakamakura station [exit]


The hydrangea is very beautiful!

Next is "Hasedera Temple". It is just right to walk around the premises widely!

And here it is recommended to enter the "Benten Caves" Otsusume is overwhelmed by the power of Mr. Nagatani Kannon!

And do not forget here too! Hydrangea field is a masterpiece!

Since this time is just around the corner, why do not you touch the flowers of the season by using the holiday? What?

Place: 11-2 Nagatani 3 - chome Kamakura city Kanagawa prefecture
Access: About 3 minutes on by walk from Hase (Kanagawa Prefecture) station [Exit]

9. Meigetsuin

With Hase Temple ♪

And finally I'd like to recommend "Meigetsuin" which is located in the immediate vicinity of the scenic temple. It's like Kyoto! What? It is very wonderful with a splendid round window that seems to be attached to!

I put in an admission fee of 300 yen! Please enjoy this wonderful space on a sunny day.

surrounding Gourmet This pat ...!