Your daytime set! Your daytime on the terrace is wonderful BBQ with everyone at the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba!

Although I came to Odaiba so much, there are too many good shops and I always get lost where I should go. . Let's dare to do BBQ at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba! ! I have a pick-up! As expected.

Access to Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
Shimbashi ~ Daiba station (15 minutes)
Toyosu - Daiba station (16 minutes)
It is in front of Daiba station ! !
【Rinkai Line】
Osaki - Tokyo Teleport station (11 minutes)
Shinkiba - Tokyo Teleport station (7 minutes)
※ It is a 10 minute by walk from Tokyo Teleport station , and a free shuttle bus leaves at 15 minutes intervals from 11 o'clock!

This time we are going to recommend Hilton Tokyo Odaiba this year summer is the mast spot "Grill & Wine Taronga".

Sea breeze is very pleasant also because it is close to the sea! Of course we can see Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower as we look at Tokyo Bay! !

Grill and wine "Taronga" Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
Place: 1-9-1, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Hilton Tokyo Odaiba 2F
アクセス:ゆりかもめ台場駅 直結/りんかい線東京テレポート駅 徒歩10分ヒルトン東京お台場内 台場駅から93m
営業時間:[月〜金] 10:30〜14:30 17:30〜22:00 [土・日・祝] 10:30〜22:00 ※ブレックファスト営業日のランチは11:30〜 (16:00〜17:30はアラカルトメニューのみ) 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

Of course there is nothing in the material as well! There is no doubt that it will be exciting as all the chef's selected carefully selected ingredients! !

Taronga Details
[Business hours (your daytime )]
10: 30 ~ 14: 30 (Of course there is also a dinner plan !)
See above
Weekday lunch BBQ plan (with All-you-can-drink ), 4500 yen! ! (500 yen will be higher on holidays)
※ In case of using, please be sure to check by phone once you are booked
【Hotel Nikko Tokyo Restaurant Introduction Number】 03-5500-5580

Hotel Nikko Tokyo
Location: 1-9-1 Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: Daiba connected to the station

After BBQ window shopping at Odaiba "Venus Fort" ♪

Well, the place where I've filled my stomach is next window shopping! From Nikko Tokyo, cross the West Park Bridge, diversity
I will head to "Venus Fort" which will arrive in Tokyo in about 15 minutes walking along Tokyo Plaza!
Because Venus Fort is almost interior , the air conditioning is regulated and you can spend warm in winter!
Shopping can also be played regardless of rain or snow!

It is famous for this big fountain! With more than 190 shops There is a pet allowed on this first floor in Venus Fort! The 2nd and 3rd floor imagines the townscape of medieval Europe, and it is a well-known structure and it is very wide!

It looks like you are in a movie or drama! It is also recommended to go by couple! There is no doubt that it will be an atmosphere of extraordinary ♪

There's another press! Who is this person? What? "Pet's First Odaiba store" on the first floor of Venus Fort!

There are only cute dogs and cats ♪ This is a popular dog shot of good friends!

Here is your daytime shop Nechu seems ♪ I here is night open until 8 o'clock! Please join the date course!

Venus Fort
Location: 1-3-15 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Access: Qinghai (Tokyo) station [North Exit] to by walk About 1 minute
Opening Hours: 11 am - 23 pm (Sales outlets 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 CL, Every Saturday 22: 00 CL · Eating and drinking store last order 22: 00, 23: 00 CL, please see the official website for details.)

Still more enjoyable! I will go to "future" at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation -?

Would you like to visit the future after enjoying medieval Europe? What? Arrive from Venus Fort in about 13 minutes on by walk !
What kind? I think that there are also people who think! It is a place to grasp the science and technology that supports our daily life as a culture and to talk about its role and future possibilities to society. . In short it's a fun place for specials that you can experience by touching interesting things to make the future! ! The director is Mori of the former astronaut.

A mystery area that you can taste like a cosmic sense!

Japan boasts not yet out into the world extraordinary is a valuable spot to be touched in the state-of-the-art! In the near future these technologies may overflow throughout the city and it may be a more wonderful city ​​than now ♪

I do not know what is going on any longer, but I can see it anyway. It is mysterious and wonderful ♪

Well, there is such a thing unusual as well. The color of the ball will change in the spot that fades with the child ♬

From here I will introduce Dong Dong "Future" spot! ! This is strange to move the building blocks! The track is reflected on the screen, and the train runs on it! ♪ absolutely fun when going with children

Of course it is not only children, to enjoy it! ! It seems like "future type goldfish scooping", I will scoop out things in the screen!

Perhaps the most famous in the Miraikan Miraikan! The picture which I wrote is projected on huge screen! Moreover, it will move! What?

Let's arrange illustrations like this to your own original things! This can be enjoyed regardless of whether adults or children ♪

It is colorful box in a sense, but it's too stylish yet we do not have it. Let's combine glowing boxes freely!

I do not know if the current kid is doing this but I really liked the bike. I do not even think about that day when it comes to being able to enjoy digitizing and enjoying again. Kensechu!

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Location: Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo 2-41
Access: About 4 minutes on by walk from Telecom Center station [North Exit]
Opening hours: 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Admission is until 30 minutes before closing)

After having had lots of places to eat, night view dinner at a wonderful shop ♪

It is about time for sunset and I think that the face of night in Odaiba, about night view is wonderful time zone! night is a delicious cost performance extraordinary restaurant where night view is wonderful and dinner at a shop. It takes by walk 20 minutes from the Japanese Future Science Museum in the past! Depending on the Rinkai Line go to the ship from the ship science hall to the Daiba, or in some cases it may be good to be moved by a taxi!

Even though the shops in this place are to say anything, the night view is very beautiful! It is a wonderful spot where you can see Odaiba and see the Rainbow Bridge!

Not only the night view , but also the taste of dishes is exceptionally delicious! The girls' association and those who came by date also want to keep this spot ♪

CafeLaBoheme Details
【business hours】
1-7-1 Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Medium 4F
【Average budget】
2000 yen ~
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