Enjoy delicious Japanese sake casually in a stylish city "Sangenjaya"!

At the end, we also have introduce Sapporo Bar at Sangenjaya within 10 minutes by train from Shibuya! From station in about 5 minutes, it will come to you as you go along the back alleys like "three tea"!

We are going to make a seasonal flower!

We have such a sake as well! The charm of this place is kind of kind of that kind and the place where the clerk is friendly. Please do not hesitate to ask people who do not know what to enjoy from the start. From around 500 yen a day, "Nami Nami" can be found next! Ginjyu provides you with another!

Sake Baru Fukuei Akihiro
【business hours】
Monday - Saturday 18: 00 - Next 5: 00
(LO 4: 00)
Day 18: 00-24: 00
(LO 23: 00)
【Average budget】 2,800 yen (normal average)
[Seat] 30 seats
[Tobacco] smoking permitted
【HP】eating log

Also published in the magazine "Adult Weekend"! Shop 3 election sake fit plan

In this plan I introduce three shops in Tokyo that are recommended for sake! Let's go see it! First of all, it is "Takamaru fresh fish store" in Shinjuku.

It is about 10 minutes on foot from Shinjuku West Exit. There are two main features of this shop. Fresh fish is served to Boryumi as one of the shop names as well. It is so famous as to be taken up in magazines too! And the second one is the abundance of kinds of sake. We have a large selection of Japanese sake, including beer and shochu, and "Fourteenth" can also be offered! It is a shop definitely holding down.

Takamaru fresh fish store
【business hours】
( night ) 16: 00 ~ 23: 30 (23:00 last order)
【Access】 5 minutes from each west exit "Shinjuku station " West Exit
【Average budget】 3000 ~ 3999 yen
HP:eating log
I'm also doing lunch.

This is "American heart (Mysin)" opened in Shibuya in 2013. It is a shop in the middle of Dogen Saka. Speaking of Shibuya × Sake, "Tanboshi Taka" may be famous, but this is also recommended is easy to enter in a casual atmosphere.

exclusive liquor that it reached the store opening memorial. It seems that at least 200 different kinds of alcohol are prepared at all times, so I think I will get drunk pleasantly without getting tired! Of course the sashimi is also good!

American heart (Makishin)
【business hours】
[Monday - Friday] 17: 00 ~ 23: 30 [Saturday] 16: 30 ~ 23: 00 [Sundays and public holidays] 16: 30 ~ 22: 30
【Access】 3 minutes from Shibuya · Dogen Saka go up
【Average budget】 4000 ~ 4999 yen
HP:eating log
※ Card OK, Shibuya charge and no service charge! !

If you would like to spend such a luxurious night with excellent Oden and the extraordinary sake, click here. It is "a case (crush)" which is that it is 2 minutes on by walk from "Gakugei University station " on Tokyu Toyoko Line.

This is a specialty of "Oden". Even though you can order one item at a time, we recommended placing 5 items (950 yen) for you.

Together with special pure rice husk of Ishige! Besides, I was somewhat big okono Morimori was a quick guy!

Matter (Yun)
【Opening Hours】 * Monday Closed
[Tue - Sat] 17: 00 ~ 24: 00
[Sundays and public holidays] 17: 00 ~ 23: 00
【Access】 Tokyu Toyoko Line / "Gakugei University" station 2 minutes on by walk
【Average budget】 4000 ~ 4999 yen
HP:eating log
※ You can reserve! Terrace seats are available, so why not try to tilt one hot in the night .

【Eating log 3.5 or more】 Style to be offered in a wine glass. Enjoy sake reasonably in Nakano "Blue Man"

By the way, I think that there are many people who have the image "Sake is expensive .." but actually it is not such a thing!

It is just right for you to drop by by yourself. You can taste sake slowly at your own pace so you can eat and drink around 1 coin one!

The features of this shop are all you can offer in this wine glass. The wine glass enjoys the scent, and it also has a strong characteristic of temperature change, so you can enjoy its flavor and scent as it is! Moreover! ! You can offer it at a reasonably priced price of "370 yen ~"!

Nakano Aoi
【Opening Hours】 17: 00 ~ 1: 00 (irregular holiday)
【Access】 2 minutes on by walk from Chuo Main Line / "Nakano station " South Exit
【Average budget】 3000 ~ 3999 yen
HP:eating log
※ You can reserve! It is also a place you can recommended those who are new!

【Eating log 3.5 or more】 Also recommended for foreign friends! Get drunk with sake at the fish bank head office in Shimbashi

If you have foreign friends around, let's go drink sake! Now sake has also received attention in the world to win gold medal and excellent prize even at famous overseas commodities ♪

For plan here, it is plan which dared to remove standard in order to entertain friends from overseas! It is "fish bank head office" in Shimbashi. As expected it is a lot of fish dishes! Sake also progresses with this.

That's right! You can experience "Pouring spill" at this shop. Since overseas wineglasses are mainstream, it is recommended that we also have a Japanese downtown culture that can not be experienced quite easily! We got stocks that can not be tasted a bit else, such as "Ogase's Giunkado" "Protocol G Black"!

Fish bank head office
【business hours】
Monday - Friday 17: 00 ~ 23: 30
Sat: 16: 30 ~ 23: 30
Sun · Holiday: 16: 30 ~ 23: 00
【Access】 About 5 minutes from each line "Shimbashi station "
【Average budget】 ( night ) 3000 ~ 3999 yen
HPeating log
※ Because it is a popular shop, it is necessary reservation to enter reliably.