1. All-you-can-eat ice cream "Factory tour at Yamanashi / Hakushu chater"

First of all it is a food factory. It is a tour of the famous Chateraise factory with ice. The location is in Hakushu, Yamanashi Prefecture, about two hours by car from Tokyo. Factory tour is free . It is recommended for Yamanashi drive.

As soon as you enter the factory you can drink Hakushu's famous water! It is said that making candy with this delicious water is a secret to make delicious sweets.

I can also understand the explanation of the difference of kind of azuki beans. I make sweets, it is deep inside. In addition, the attention and explanation concerning sweet making are stated! I can do my study daughter.

And here is ice cream! All you can eat for free! I will be free to eat as much as I like because it is a free tour! About 10 types of ice cream was placed at this time.

You can eat lots of ice from unlimited ice to rich sherbet. It is recommended for dates and family .

On this day I will eat 5 ice cream. I will go out for a serving.

Châteleze Hakushu factory
営業時間:10:00〜11:30 13:00〜15:30 (※11月〜3月の平日は15:00まで) ランチ営業

2. Let's eat authentic Shumai "Factory tour of Sakayo in Yokohama"

Subsequently it is popular in Shumai, "Sakyoya Yokohama Factory". The tour is free .

While listening to the history of Sakayo and descriptive explanations of Shumai's manufacturing process, we will take a look at the exhibits and Shumai production plants in about 90 minutes.

Put soy sauce into the Shumai box of Sakyoya, do you know "Hyu-chan"? There are 48 kinds, including laughing face and angry face. This time, we got "Hyu-chan" soy sauce in the souvenir of the factory tour ♪, I took it home ♪

Finally, there is a wait-and-see Shumai tasting time. In addition to the freshly made Shumai, we had delicious Yokohama specialties and moon cake as well!

At the "Petit Museum Shop" in Yokohama factory, you can buy souvenirs at a lower price than usual. Again, you can eat the factory-fresh menu such as Shumai 3 pieces \ 100, meat and aman each ¥ 150, etc. ♪

Sakyoya Yokohama Factory
アクセス:小机駅[北口]から徒歩約17分、新横浜駅JR北口駅前バス5番のりば 300系統「仲町台駅」行/「港北インター」下車

3. Kanagawa Food Battle Gold Award factory 'Sagamihara · Aogino Pan factory tour'

It is a factory of famous ogino pans with fried bread and Tanzawa peppers who won the gold medal in Kanagawa food battle.

You can also visit the factory at a bakery which is also adopted for school meals in Kanagawa and Tokyo.

You can buy excellent Tamba peppers who took the gold medal. In addition to this you can also buy curry buns. Every bread is delicious!

アクセス:クルマでのアクセス 「長竹カントリークラブ」より国道412号を厚木方面へ車で2分
営業時間:9:30〜18:30 日曜営業

4. Visit the back side of the plane "Factory tour at Haneda JAL (Japan Airlines)"

From here, let's take a tour of that back side. First of all, it is a factory tour of Japan Airlines that lets you learn about the work of the sky and the history of JAL. The tour is free for about 3 minutes on by walk from the Tokyo Monorail 'New Shinkansen station '. When you go up to the exhibition area, 777 and Kitty will meet you.

It is spectacular here that the uniforms of successive CAs are lined up side by side. Also, since the facility has just been renewed on July 22, 2013, it is very beautiful.

Cockpit is also serious. You can sit down and touch the control stick, and you can wear uniforms of pilots and CAs for commemorative photography as well!

You can simulate a task called marshaller to guide aircraft. Although the whole tour is 90 minutes, this exhibition area is about 20 minutes ahead of time.

The last is maintenance center. Because the models under maintenance are also various according to the day, I think that you can enjoy it no matter how many times it comes.

You can wear a helmet and see the back side of the plane. This is going to be extraordinary date ♪

JAL factory tour ~ SKY MUSEUM ~