[3900 yen on weekdays] of Roppongi extraordinary -class hotels of The Ritz-Carlton ♡

First of all, it is "The Ritz-Carlton Hotel" in Roppongi. The Towers Grill (Towers Grill) on the 45th floor offers a great buffet girls' party. You can get a buffet of appetizers, salads and desserts with a great superb view , you can choose from 7 main types. You can also choose a drink.

The main made it a wine source grill of pig shoulder loin! Besides, chicken, Angus cow, shrimp prawns, grill of fish is there and it gets lost. It is recommended to share at the girls' association. The drink is red wine and excellent with your meat!

The end is dessert. There were about 5 kinds of chocolate with unusual flavors such as Yuzu and Matcha! The chocolate with the Ritz-Carlton's mark is also pretty. You can also have a drink ♡

I am full. It is such a luxurious surprise "3900 yen". Please note that it is only weekdays. By the way, The Ritz Carlton Hotel is the extraordinary class hotel in Tokyo with more than 50,000 yen for 2 people per night ♪ There is no choice but to go on this occasion!

■ TowersGrill (Towers Grill)
【Opening Hours】 Lunch 11: 30 ~ 14: 30
【Access】 3 minutes on by walk from Roppongi station
【Price for lunch】 3900 yen (weekdays only)
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1307/A130701/13117090/

【3950 yen on weekdays】 Grand Hyatt in Roppongi's extraordinary hotel ♡

Next is also "Grand Hyatt Hotel" in Roppongi. There are many wonderful cafes here, but "China Room (Chinaroom) is highly recommended .

This Chinese food buffet is a system that asks for as much as you like, come to pick up orders at the seats. You can enjoy lunch slowly.

Chinese food foods also have many of the finest menus in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan. It is dumpling, noodles, dessert etc.
It is perfect for cold weather in autumn and winter with warm drinking tea!

Everything is really delicious, and even if it gets filled with stomach, I'll eat it all the way!

The price is "3950 yen (weekdays)" although it is called the ultimate Chinese food buffet . Weekday is advantageous because the holiday is 5000 yen. By the way, the Grand Hyatt Hotel is a celebrity luxury hotel with over 45,000 yen per person per night.

■ Chinaroom (China Room)
【Opening Hours】 Weekday Lunch 11: 30 ~ 14: 30
Holiday Lunch 11: 30 ~ 15: 30
【Access】 10 minutes on by walk from Roppongi station
【Price of lunch】 3950 yen (weekdays), 5000 yen (holiday)
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1307/A130701/13017089/

【3200 yen on weekdays】 ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tameike Sanno ♡

It is "Cascade Cafe (Cascade Cafe)" of "ANA Intercontinental Hotel" in Tameike Sanno. In the 90-minute buffet , there are about 20 kinds of dishes including roast dishes to be cut by the chef, grilled dishes to cook in front of you, pizza grilled pizza, boiled pasta and others. The appetizer is abundant anyway and the quality of the taste is very high.

Here is a recommended for the hotel buffet girls' party, the type of dessert and the high quality. There are eleven different desserts, chocolate fountains, fruits and so on. It is super luxurious . There are even glass desserts, too rich cookies, even soft ice creams ♡

The delicious food and dessert is "3200 yen (weekday)". If it is a holiday it is 3700 yen. By the way, Grand Haiyatt Hotel is a luxury hotel of celebrity level that will cost more than 30,000 yen per person per night.

■ Cascade Cafe (Cascade Cafe)
【Opening Hours】 Lunch 11: 30 ~ 14: 15.LO
* Use for 90 minutes from 11: 30, 13: 15 (two-part system)
【Access】 3 minutes on by walk from Roppongi station
【Price】 3200 yen (weekdays), 3700 yen (holiday)
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1308/A130802/13002176/

【3780 yen】 Royal Park Hotel in Yokohama ♡

From here it is in Yokohama. First of all, it is the "Royal Park Hotel" in the landmark tower which is the symbol of Yokohama. It is "Sirius" on the 70th floor.

This buffet can enjoy a variety of local dishes depending on the period.

It is "3200 yen (weekdays)" with delicious food and dessert in a two-hour system. If it is a holiday it is 3700 yen. The Hotel buffet Women's Association is highly recommended while enjoying the scenery from the 70th floor and 277m.

[Opening Hours] Lunch from 11: 30 to 14: 30 (last entry)
【Access】 3 minutes on by walk from Yokohama station
【Price】 3200 yen (weekdays), 3700 yen (holiday)
【eating log】http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1308/A130802/13002176/