Hotel barbecue celebrity mood, grill & wine taronga (Odaiba)

We gather at Hotel Nikko Tokyo! ! Of course only at girls, at empty-handed.

Because it is a seaside view where you can see the Rainbow Bridge, you can enjoy BBQ in front of the sea luxuriously.
Because there is a roof, sunlight can be covered, it will not burn, no problems with rain .

Material is also a superb article! ! Chef's carefully selected ingredients are no longer beyond the quality of BBQ.
Meat is very soft and very juicy. Service that chef comes to bake on the way.

All-you-can-drink, alcoholic drinks as well as full of soft drinks are also a pleasing point for girls

At the refreshing rooftop vegetable garden "Urban farm", vegetable full barbecue (Odaiba)

BBQ at Odaiba which can be reached by train at once! The farm is spreading on the roof of the building and is a hot spot spot ♪

It is attractive that you can go on and off for work as you can go with empty-handed well as OK as you bring in! !
Collaboration of Barbecue × Wonderful Furniture at theCanteen (Odaiba)

Café the canteen located in the world's largest the SOOH in Odaiba is a spot where guests can enjoy barbecue by empty-handed .

The inside of the store feels like this. It is stylish with a refreshing feeling.

You can check the menu of BBQ from here. There is also unlimited drinks!

Because the staff will do preparation and cleanup of ingredients and cooking stove, you can enjoy BBQ easily with a mess.

Speaking of the girls' society here! stylish barbecue at the cafe house (Toyosu)

Cafe house behind LaLaport Toyosu! It is a concept with furniture ♪

BBQ! It is recommended because preparation is not needed! It is high, about 5000 yen, but it's comfortable so ok!

Urban type outdoor exceeding imagination, wild magic (Toyosu)

The wild magic of the most talked now.

Toyosu's wild magic, at night it is Moody! night view is a fun time.
You can also lend the light, and there are services as well.

Camping in the city center is also possible!