【Back Shibuya】 Avocado Power supporting women working at a wine tavern!

This is avocado specialty store "Avocado Bar Sesomat" which has been taken up also by the king's branch and Hirnandes etc! The signboard is in the form of avocado, it is very cute! ^ ^ It is a shop made for avocado fans!

Avocado carbonara (1300 yen)

Avocado sushi

Hot spring egg and avocado raw spring winding (600 yen)
I am surprised by the various unusual avocado dishes! ^^ audience of women a lot, I want love everyone avocado cuisine * By the way, the "raw hot spring egg and avocado last spring wound" is NO.1 popular is! ♪

This shop in Reiko Genesaka. Large working women popular is! Avocado is a fruit filled with a lot of nutrients to be beautiful from the body so that it can be said "eating essence"! Let's put our strength on avocado cuisine ♪

Avocado bal Sesso mat
【Street address】
1-13-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2F
From Shibuya station go up the hill side of Mark City and go shopping
【business hours】
(Lunch) 11: 30 ~ 14: 00 (dinner) [Sun - Thu] 18: 00 ~ 2: 00 [before the Golden Wall] 18: 00 ~ 4: 00
【Average budget】
( daytime ) 1,000 to 1,999 yen ( night ) 2,000 to 3,999 yen
【phone number】

【Shinjuku】 Mexican restaurant using the extraordinary quality avocado

The shop which introduce first is Mexican food shop called "AVOCADO" (shop name) also! It is about 2 minutes on by walk from Shinjuku Sanchome, but you can get there from Shinjuku station about 15 minutes on by walk ^ ^

The inside of the shop has become easy to use atmosphere for fashionable dates etc! Because there are many healthy dishes, it is also popular with girls. There are 2nd floor and 4th floor, and there are a lot of alcohol in Mexico especially on the 4th floor ^ ^

Many standard Mexican dishes such as tortilla chips and quesadilla! The tortilla chips especially sauce was delicious ^ ^ ♡

And here is an avocado salad with one full avocado! It is becoming a dish as popular as any table has been ordered ♪

Based on Mexican cuisine of world intangible cultural heritage based on Mexican cuisine, everyone can eat easily and deliciously made healthy ^ ^ Drinks are indispensable at night ! In Mexico, in addition to the ingredients, delicious sake is also a treasure trove ♪

Not only night but also lunch is recommended! ♪ Lunch is all less than 1000 yen, and mini fresh juice and today's souce
It is packed so full of gifts ^ ^ ♡ You know that girls are popular *

AVOCADO (avocado)
【Street address】
3-9-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Building Building 2, 4F
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Fukutoshin Line, Toei Subway Shinjuku Line "Shinjuku Sanchome" 2 minutes on by walk
【business hours】
[Monday - Friday] (Lunch) 12: 00 ~ 17: 00 (Dinner) 17: 00 ~ 23: 00
[Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday] (Lunch) 11: 30 ~ 16: 00 (Dinner) 16: 00 ~ 23: 00
【Average budget】
( daytime ) 1,000 to 1,999 yen ( night ) 2,000 to 3,999 yen
【phone number】

【Harajuku】 Casual café & wine tavern which the chef of the 2nd largest avocado festival makes

A shop that produces gluttonous chef 'Shunsuke Sato', who is second in avocado festival in California and always thinks about new ways to eat avocado ♡
This "Avocado Smoothie" you can taste only at this shop is recommended ! With a cup of tea, you can enjoy avocado with high nutritional value and good beauty ♪

Avocado chips here are recommended for snacks! I can not stop stopping by by one hand! It is perfect for night dinner so it is very compatible with alcohol such as wine ^ ^

Avocado cheese taco rice (1000 yen) and Tsukiji Negitro Avoca bowl (1000 yen). The avocado exquisitely complements the taste, it is rice! Main is also within 1000 yen is fond of being warm with your wallet ^ ^ It's plenty of volume so it is OK even if you share with friends ^ ^ ♪
Please try and visit a stylish avocado specialty shop *

Madhesh! Cafe (madosh! Cafe)
【Street address】
5-28-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
From the Chiyoda subway line "Meiji Jingumae station", by walk 7 minutes. From JR Yamanote line "Harajuku station", by walk 10 minutes.
【business hours】
[Lunch] 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 last order 15: 30 close [Dinner] 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 Sunday until 22:00
【Average budget】
( daytime ) 1,000 to 1,999 yen ( night ) 2,000 to 2,999 yen
【phone number】

Health food as much as avocado!

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