One side hydrangea! What? Why do not you go to "a hydrangea" surrounded by hydrangea?

This facility where 200 species and 10,000 shares of hydrangea bloom all over on a vast site. Because it is planted on the mountain slope, you can see the colorful hydrangea from any position! There are also foods and goods named after seedlings and hydrangeas.

When passing through a building like an old private house with atmosphere, there is one side hydrangea!

一面紫陽花で埋め尽くされた中に一軒の家があり、そこに主が住んでいるようです。 珍しい品種の紫陽花もあるので自分の好きな紫陽花を見つけるのも楽しいかもしれませんね!

Colored hydrangeas have more taste when wet with rain . Also plum be able to enjoy even without a clear sky rain but it is perfect point in the season.

Hattori Farm Hydrangea Hydrangea
【Business Period】
Open from noon to mid-July
【business hours】
8: 00 ~ 17: 30 (closed at 18:00)
From JR Sobo Line Mobara station 22 minutes by Kominato Railway Mobara Circulation Line bus, get off at Mikigaya, by walk 10 minutes parking lot available (free)
【entrance fee】
Adult 400 yen, dwarf 100 yen (300 yen if group is 10 or more)
【Street address】
Miyagaya, Mobara-shi, Chiba Prefecture 7190475-24-8511

Why do not you enjoy hydrangeas of summer the prefectural Sagamihara park, hydrangea?

In this park, flowers blooming every season are planted, so you can enjoy the flowers of nature and the four seasons whenever you go.

Spacious lawn open space, French style garden surrounded by trees of Metasequoia, iris garden,
Greenhouse Green House, Miscellaneous Forest etc are in the garden, there is no doubt that it will be healed in an extraordinary and extraordinary space.

There is also a fairytec observatory as in the picture book, you can enjoy the athletic as well as the loop slide as well as the view from the top.

Prefectural Sagamihara Park
【Street address】
【phone number】

Why do not you enjoy relaxing hydrangeas with the hospitality of Asakusa in a tasteful town?

Hanasaki is the oldest amusement park in Japan, opened in Asakusa in a downtown, opened in 1853. Even inside the garden is relatively vacant even on holidays, so the entrance fee is also cheap so it may be just right for a walk ♪

All because there is also a tavern's is around Hanayashiki daytime Nante lightly liquor from extraordinary but it is! (Lol)
It is perfect for dating.

Asakusa is called Asakusa Temple! recommended is going to flower while doing eating while walking in the middle shop.

Asakusa Hanayashiki
【business hours】
10 to 17.18 hrs (subject to change according to the period)
Adult: 1000 yen
Child: 500 yen

Why do not you enjoy the extraordinary space surrounded by hydrangea at Hase Temple in Kamakura?

If you say hydrangea in Kamakura, here is Hase Temple. Especially in the best season in June, access from Tokyo is convenient , so why do not you come and take a break on your holiday?

A short hiking course that you can touch naturally in the precincts? There is also, you can enjoy hydrangea on the whole slope.

Kamakura Hasekoji
【Opening time】
March - September 8: 00-17: 00
10 - February 8: 00-16: 30
【Admission fee】
Adult 300 yen
Children 100 yen