4. Shimura Shimura [Mejiro]

Shaked ice of a Japanese-style old cafe in the city

"Shimamura" is a shiny ice shop in the Mejiro that it is a long-established Japanese sweet shop continuing from Showa era 21. Because it is a pretty famous store, I think that it is good to go immediately after OPEN ◎

What is the shaved ice! ! It looks like a snowy mountain. . It's a big question ~ ♪ This is "raw strawberry ice" 900 yen. Because it's raw strawberries, it contains strawberry stubs. Sweet and sour, like a taste of love ♡ Is it better to eat with a lover or someone you like? ! > <Because it seems quite famous even in the media world, I want to eat once! !


introduce ice you want to eat in winter ♡

5. Hanatsukado [Asakusa]

Jumbo melonpan is popular addition to shaved ice

Also entertainers vast popular of "Kagetsudo". It is a long-established store that seems to be in Asakusa ~ ^ ^ I can do a line too! ! I feel that it is really popular .

Mango shaved ice is 350 yen. Fluffy and fine ice is characteristic ♪ The vividness of yellow symbolizes summer ~ ☆

This is that famous "original jumbo melon" 200 yen. Jumbo too! ! It is more advantageous to buy quantities at 500 yen for 3. You can feel crispy in your mouth at the moment you eat ♡ Freshly made \ (^ o ^) /

【business hours】
Closed holiday
【eating log】

How about afternoon tea ?

6. Shimokita tea garden Oyama [Shimokitazawa]

THE sum of shaved ice is delicious!

Matcha Asuki 770 yen. Sweet green tea taste and taste of red beans in fluffy ice ♡ I do not collect for matcha tea! ! Collaboration of bitterness and sweetness of Matcha ♡ You can see the fluffiness with this picture, right? !

Black honey Kinnacle powder 670 yen. It is more sweet shaved ice than Matcha! Because it is not persistent taste, I can finish eating ~. It is shaved ice that was plus dust because it topped the white balls ♡

Shimokita tea garden Oyama
場所:東京都世田谷区北沢2-30-2 丸和センター 2F
アクセス:下北沢駅北口より徒歩2分(100m) 下北沢駅から133m
営業時間:[月〜日] 14:00〜18:00(L.O) 日曜営業

How about the girls' society at the hotel ...?

7. Musubi's GABA 【Akihabara】

Shaved ice nutrition perfectly!

It is a Muibushi shop that you can take out. But why do you think that it is shaki - ice, but it seems that it collaborated with Kawaku of Nagoya 's ice store and released a shaved ice ~ ^ ^

Matcha shaken ice. This white ball is a dusty white ball that uses GABA rice flour. Syrup of ice on fluffy ice Have five flavors Let 's eat shaved ice \ (^ o ^) /

Musubi's GABA Akihabara store
場所:東京都千代田区外神田4-7-2 サタケ東京本社ビル 1F
アクセス:銀座線末広町駅徒歩1分JR山手線秋葉原駅徒歩5分 末広町駅から47m
営業時間:店内 11:00-21:00(Lo/20:00) 売店 7:00-20:00(平日) 10:00-20:00(土日祝) ※お米が無くなり次第終了 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

The birthday your daytime ... trying to celebrate, even!