<20,000 yen ~> I want to hang out once in my life! Skydiving where student discounts work!

First of all I'd like to introduce skydiving! ^ ^ It is the place called "Skydive Fujioka" to introduce this time, it will be the closest descent place from Tokyo! It is about an hour from Tokyo station to Tohoku Route *

I run a few dozen minutes by bus from station! Then you will arrive at nothing plains nearby! After accepting reception, when preparing, I will ride a helicopter!

"Redy .. !!!!!"

"Set .. !!!!!"

"Goooooo .. !!!!!!!!!!"
Take this shout to the sky! !

I will fall asleep for 1 minute! Where thousands of feet are dropped, we will open a parachute! I say dandem jumping by two people, so it's safe because the instructor is around ^ ^ If it is fine sunny, you can see the sky tree and Mt. Fuji ♪

It will rise to 3700 m in the helicopter in about seven minutes and will fly and return to the ground in about 7 minutes! It's about an hour and a half from Tokyo, so it's recommended as a extraordinary spot that you can easily go to! ♪

It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely a memorable experience for the rest of your life! Let's go while school discount is effective! ♪

Fujioka Sky Diving Club
Place: Tochigi Prefecture Tochigi-shi Fujioka cho Fujioka 1837

Now under the influence of <~ 10,000 yen> TV large popular of fly boat and hover boat! !

I would like to introduce hover board this time with "Hakutaka marine" in Yamanakako, one of Fuji Goko in Yamanashi Prefecture! About two hours by bus from the city center. It's a 1-minute by walk from the bus stop and it's just accessing ^ ^!

You can enjoy various water play such as banana boat, marine jet and rental board on wake board! Of course it is OK even for beginners and people from groups ♪

This is a hover boat! New product hover board (HOVERBOARD) of ZAPATA RACING which is sent to the world from 2014 debuts in Japan this summer ! ♪

A valuable experience that can only be experienced in several places in Japan! ! Reservation is mandatory! Let's challenge while the body is still young! ♪

HAKUTAKA MARINE (Hakutaka marine)
Location: 865-108 in the middle of Yamanakako village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

<8500 yen ~> The nearest motor paraglider in Tokyo! Feeling the wind and exhilarating ♪

We are going by car to Sky Angels who can do motor paraglider and kite surfing! Drive is comfortable and comfortable! I will arrive by car from Tokyo in about 90 minutes ^ ^

This is Sky Angel ^^ Sky Angel opened as Chiba Prefecture 's first Hang Glider School in 1982! Paraglider in 1987, now also supports paragliders with engine ♪ Also in 2001 the kite surf school opened!

After finishing the reception we will move by car to the seaside of Futtsu Park! ♪ I will fly towards the sky from here! The sea breeze feels comfortable and comfortable ^ ^ The instructor Mr. Hagiwara and the staff of the staff are also friendly and gentle ^ ^ ♪

I will get the equipment immediately! It ends in about 5 minutes (ha ha) It is take off as soon as I see the condition of the wind! ! ^ ^

It's a dandem flight that fly with the instructor so you can fly with confidence! I will definitely run towards the sea, fly high in the sky with the wind! ♪

Another world after flying! ! Space that can forget everyday life is spreading, and day-to-day thinking seems to be a small thing. The flight time is 15 minutes. You can spend your time like a dream!

I felt as though I had become a bird. You can also shoot photos and videos on your mobile! Prepare to be put on your neck so as not to drop ^ ^ If you have hope, you can also manipulate a bit. I can not rarely do such an experience! It is really recommended , so come on! ♪

Futtsu Park
Place: Futtsu 2280, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture

<5250 yen ~> most talked leisure that can feel nature! Excellent coolness by touching water ◎

First we will head to Japan's largest surf shop "Oasis & Arasoan Chiba Higashiroyomi store"! It is in the direction towards Chosei IC! I will arrive by car from Tokyo in about an hour and a half ^ ^http://www.arasoan.com/torami/

Various kinds of surfboards are lining up with the placement in the shop! Let's go straight down to the right! It is along the Kujukuri Beach Line! There was a cafe in a large parking lot and it was fashionable ^ ^

After receiving an explanation and signing your own responsibility etc, change to the wet suit of rental! I will change the clothes in the facility as you choose the size! It looks like you can wear a bathing suits under the wet suit ^ ^

I will arrive at a river on the staff's car. The scenery mountains is beautiful! ♪ You will receive a simple lecture on the ground!

First off we will start from sitting right! !

最初はドキドキでも、見ずに出ればすぐに『楽しー!』の一言に変わります! すぐに慣れるので、立ち上がったり、三点倒立なんかもできちゃいます!笑 

It seems fun to fall into the water on purpose as soon as I get used to it! A person who can not swim is safe because it will lend a life jacket ^ ^

If you enjoy about 2 hours, go up from the water and enjoy the sunset! You can enjoy nature like Indy Jones in an hour and a half from the city! It is a cool outdoor perfect for summer ! ! ♪

Oasis & Arasoan Chiba Higashi Watanabe store
Place: Chiba prefecture Chosei-gun Ichinomiya cho Higumiyami 7515
Access: Tonami station From [Exit]by walk About 20 minutes