Day use also OK! I want to go on a date for a special day Takadai resort "Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori"

I want to go to a special anniversary all the rooms on the hill, ocean view resort "Hayama Hotel Otowa no Mori". There is also a day trip plan that accommodates lodging and room use as a set, so you can feel free to enjoy the sea breeze and authentic French cuisine using local Shonan ingredients.

Go out of the path and there is the sea! Hayama Ichiro Coast extending to the back of the fancy residence

In Shonan there is a high transparency of water, a sanctuary beach, Hayama Ichimoku coast where people know who there are not so many people. It spreads to the back of the Hayama garrison, and not only the beach but also the lawn, so you can enjoy the atmosphere without entering the sea. It is around 25 minutes by bus from Zushi station .

Hayama hot spot delicious soup curry get in "Nanbatei"

A soup curry with plenty of fresh vegetables, mainly local items such as Miura and Kamakura, a shop that gives you a panoramic view of the sea, Minami-tei. Especially at the terrace seat at dusk, you can feel the sunset over the horizon and the wind of the quiet ocean, so you can spend the extraordinary pleasant time.
Opening Hours: 11 am - 10 pm (closed Thursday)

Get up early to the bills of the drive dating ♪ Shichirigahama in morning will go to the food!