With the smell of butterCrisp fluffy textureTo the croissant ofSticky rice cakeBaguette of ... ♡

Bread which has various tastes depending on the shop can not get out if it gets addicted. We carefully selected the recommended bakery in Tokyo that will satisfy the stomach and heart of women who like bread.
From the bakery open at morning early, to the bakery open at night late, we will be at introduce.
Autumn of appetite, How about visiting the bakery in search of your favorite bread?

How about a delicious baked bread in the morning?

1. crisscross

morning perfect bakery ♡ in the active

The first store is "crisscross" (Chris Cross) located in Omotesando.
This is also a recommended cafe for morning life. Full of lush natureOpen cafeso,morning dateYamorning Girls AssociationIt is perfect for ♪ It is an open cafe, so it is recommended to eat in the store in autumn and winter!

I bought bread at the bakery next door and ate it on the terrace.
Bread'sAbundant varietyI wondered which to use, but I made it a chocolate croissant with pistachios ♪

As it is 350 yen a little, it is a little expensive, but is satisfied because it is big and delicious ♪

crisscross OMOTESANDO (Chris Cross Omotesando)
Location: 5-7-28 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: 249 m from Omotesando station
Hours: 8: 00~21: 00 (LO ) morning food business, lunch business, operating Sunday

2. breadworks Tennozu (Breadworks)

While watching the Tennoz canal morning diet anyone?

Tennozu Canal"Breadworks" facing the.
WarehouseInside the renovated storeIs a space with a great atmosphere!

With delicious breaddeliYou can also enjoy.
There is also a cake shop "Lily cakes".

CommitmentHandmade breadIs lined with freshly baked from opening to closing.
From sweet to eating,Abundant varietyAm

From 8 am to 11 ammorning meal menuYou can eat it.
Other than plate, of all 300 yenIndividual soup and saladSo also there, along with the bread of their favorite morning you can enjoy the food ♪

We can enjoy meal while looking at Tennozu canalTerrace seatingIs recommended ! Of feeling the pleasant breeze of autumn morning How about food?

breadworks Tennozu
Place: -6 Shinagawa Ward 2-1-6, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo 140-0002
Access: 2 minutes by walk Tokyo Monorail Tennozu Air station
Opening hours: 8: 00-21: 00

3. パンとエスプレッソと

Warm delicious fluffy French toast Morning ♡

"Bread and Epresso" in Omotesando.

In the stylish store made in the image of the Italian bar,
Freshly baked breadWhenAuthentic espressoYou can enjoy together ♪

Eat-in spaceThere is a wide variety of freshly baked breads lined up in the shop where が 11 ♡ 12 o'clock seems to be the best.

stylish breadSouvenirSeems to be happy too!

Weekdays exclusive in,Bread for signboard productsLarge made with "mu" popular ofFrench toastCan eat in the morning ♡ (with drink 700 yen)
Warm fluffy French If you eat toast, morning is sure to become a happy mood from ♪

Bread and espresso
Location: 3-4-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:東京メトロ銀座線・半蔵門線・千代田線「表参道」駅A2出口より徒歩5分R山手線「原宿」駅より徒歩15分東京メトロ「外苑前」駅より徒歩10分【行き方】R246表参道交差点を背にして、表参道を原宿方面に向かって右側、東京メトロ「表参道」駅A2出口そばの「伊藤病院」の角を入り、ライフスタイル雑貨「フライング タイガー コペンハーゲン(Flying Tiger Copenhagen)」のある角を左折し、すぐ右折。左手にとんかつの「まい泉」、右手にカフェ「LOTUS」を見ながら進んでいくと、右手にお店の看板がみえます。 表参道駅から417m
営業時間:8:00〜20:00 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

recommended bread lovers! All you can eat bread

4. Sun Dog Inn Kobeya

The holy place for girls who like bread! Bread buffet that I want to eat side by side ♪

The “Sundog in Kobe-ya” is on the by walk of Tokyo station Yaesu underground central ticket gate.
every day11 o'clock to 14 o'clockUntilLunch buffetIs held.
Bread isfree refill! Furthermore, it is a popular store where you can go on a daily basis with a reasonable price of ¥ 1,000 with soup and drinks.

buffet standThere is a wide selection of breads ranging from side dish bread to sandwiches, pintxos and sweet dessert breads.
I do not want to like bread ♡
Bite sizeBecause it has become, you can enjoy various types of bread ♪

popular cutlet sandwichYaNew items of the seasonAlso
Worth lining up! It is a great satisfaction buffet !

Please enjoy as much bread as you like and enjoy delicious bread ♪

Sun Dog Inn Kobe Yaesu Shop
Place: 2-1 Yaesu Chuo-ku, Tokyo Yaesu Underground Street Yaesu Underground 1st Street
アクセス:JR八重洲地下中央口改札を出て直進、八重洲地下街を直進し、つきあたり右手。 東京駅から199m
営業時間:[月〜金] 7:00〜22:00 [土・日・祝] 7:00〜21:00 [ランチブッフェ]...土日祝も実施。予約不可。 11:00〜14:00 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

5. Maison Kaiser Cafe Coredo Nihonbashi

All-you-can-eat bread from the Paris head office direct transmission!

"Maison Kaiser" is a brie lingerie created by Eric Kaiser.

In hard bread and figaro such as baguettesCroissant that shines on NO.1Etc, using original flour and high quality butterTaste of the Paris main storeIt is a bakery where you can enjoy

In the attached cafe, there is a bread from Maison Kaiser at lunch lime.all-you-can-eat

Counter seatsBecause there is also, you can enjoy lunch slowly even by yourself.
When ordering the main, you will first receive the bread on the plate.
You can enjoy a variety of flavors, such as tomato-flavored bread, fig bread, and white chocolate bread.

The staff will bring in bread, so let's change!

Here is a grilled beef thigh plate with salad and soup (¥ 1,500).

The grilled meat is soft and tastes great! There are also a lot of freshly fried crispy fried potatoes.

Sticky delicious breadWhen,Luxury plateIt is sure to be able to enjoy the extraordinary lunch time ♪

Maison Kaiser · Cafe COREDO Nihonbashi Store
Location: 1-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Coredo Nihonbashi B1F
アクセス:東京メトロ銀座線・東西線・都営地下鉄浅草線「日本橋(B12.C1.C2出口)駅」直結東京メトロ半蔵門線・銀座線「三越前駅」徒歩3分JR各線「東京駅」徒歩6分メトロリンク日本橋(無料巡回バス)八重洲北口〜地下鉄日本橋駅、日本橋南詰〜八重洲北口 日本橋駅から62m
営業時間:月〜金/7:00〜22:00 (ベーカリー20:30) 土日祝/10:00〜21:00(ベーカリー20:00) 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

6. Pointe Eligne (POINT ET LIGNE)

Lunch which can enjoy all-you-can-eat bread with 6 kinds of dips ♪

A stylish bakery "Pointe Eligne" in the Shinmaru Building, which is directly connected from Tokyo station .
In the showcase35 to 40 types at all timesThe bread is carefully lined and has a nice smell.

At the back of the corner at takeout, you can eat Poin Eligne bread with a delicious lunch at the eat-in space "BAR A PAIN".

Lunch is Maine and bread isall-you-can-eatis!
In addition, soup and drinks are also included on weekdays ♪

Bread becomes more delicious6 types of dipsIt also comes with, so you can eat as much ♡
Hokkaido Tokachi ProducedGood quality wheatThe baguettes made with 100% are moist and sticky. Simply served with olive oil.

All-you-can-eat bread is attached to the delicious main menu, and it is a heart-full score!
Please enjoy carefully the homemade bread ♪

Powan et Ligne
Location: Shin Marunouchi Building B1F, 1-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:JR・丸の内線「東京駅」から徒歩すぐ東京駅、大手町駅、二重橋駅より地下直結【新丸ビルB1】成城石井さんの並び、2軒先の角です。入口はパン屋さんですので、奥にお進みください。 大手町駅から283m
営業時間:ベーカリー 平日 11:00〜21:00 土日祝 10:30〜21:00 バール ・ランチタイム 平日 11:00〜14:00、土日祝 10:30〜15:00 ・カフェタイム 平日 14:00〜17:00(L.O)、土日祝 15:00〜20:30(L.O) ・ディナータイム 平日 18:00〜22:30(L.O.22:00) ※ディナーのみ予約可 ランチ営業、日曜営業

7. Maison Ich Daikanyama

All-you-can-eat bread made with spelled wheat ♪

A 3-minute by walk from Daikanyama stationGood accessBakery "maison ichi" in place of.

It is a popular bakery restaurant where you can eat delicious breads with a nutty texture made of nutritious "spelled wheat".
Of course you can takeout and eat good bread with eat-in spaceFrench DelidessertYou can eat it.

The shop isundergroundThere is, but very bright interior is stylish ! comfortablehot spot cafe​ ​

morning 8 amAs we are open, we can enjoy morning, but after all we recommended lunch!

Main can be selected from nine types. I wonder which one to use,
Volume full pointChoice of ground beef and cheese chowson pie (1,200 yen).
As expected of bakeryPuff pastryIt is crispy
The compatibility between minced meat and cheese with plenty of meat juice is outstanding.
Drinks can be added for +200 yen.

For such a luxurious lunch,All you can eat breadAlso comes with!

I'm too happy that the delicious bread that is particular to Maison ichi is free
It is recommended when you want to eat a lot of bread in Daikanyama.

Maison Ichi Daikanyama
Location: 28-10 Sarugaku-cho Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Mode Cosmos B1 B
アクセス:代官山2分、中目黒6分、恵比寿10分 代官山駅から181m
営業時間:8:00〜22:00 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

I want to eat delicious bread at night !

8. Wari Jiyugaoka Studio & WARA CAFE

recommended who like rice flour bread with a sticky texture

The bakery "Jiyugaoka Kobo & WARA CAFE" located about a 2-minute by walk from Jiyugaoka station has a sticky texture,Rice flour bread shop​ ​

Such as rich bread and croissant full of fresh cream,Always more than 30 kindsRice flour bread is lined.

Although rice flour bread is more angry than flour bread,Low calorie and healthy
I love bread, but it's a nice shop for girls who care about calories.

The cafe on the second floor is on October 6Renewal openIt became eat-in space. If you purchase bread for more than 500 yen, you will be served coffee or soup.
You can eat delicious rice flour bread in eat-in space until night, so please stop by!

Waka Jiyugaoka Studio & WARA CAFE
Place: 1-26-9 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:東急東横線/大井町線自由が丘駅 正面口より徒歩2分 自由が丘駅から157m
営業時間:1Fベーカリー 10:00〜20:00(20:00以降は2Fカフェで販売) 2Fカフェ&ダイニング 11:00〜22:00 (ランチ 平日11:00〜16:30 L.O16:00 土日祝 11:00〜15:30 LO.15:00) (カフェ14:30〜22:00 L.O21:00) (ディナー18:00〜22:00 L.O21:00) ランチ営業、日曜営業

9. My Bakery & Cafe Matsuya Ginza Back

Here's the extraordinary bread I've pulled.

I'm stuckextraordinary breadA bakery cafe that offers
Matsuya Ginza Back, which is the second store following Ebisu, is just a minute's by walk from Ginza station , as the name suggests, just behind Matsuya Ginza.

Ginza exclusiveofRaw breadAnd extra rich rich bread (2,000 yen) with plenty of truffles, Iberico chorizo and cheese (900 yen), etc.7 kinds of breadIt is on sale.

It is recommended to eat as it is without burning, "My raw bread-incense-(1,000 yen)" with a fluffy texture.
Please try to eat by all means!
ReservationI can do it too, so I can buy a freshly baked after work ♪

In the second floor cafeGinza exclusiveOther than "Oh, my raw bread-incense-(680 yen)",
Sandwiches and using the pride of bread, French toast is eaten.

It is also used for bakingJungdong Ranch MilkYou can also eat soft cream and pudding made from

Beef cutlet sandwich is a photogenic rare cutlet of beef, which makes your appetite go wilder
The heart is perfect and it is perfect for dinner!

My Bakery & Cafe Matsuya Ginza back
Place: Ginza 3-7-16, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza NS Building 1F · 2F
Access: 2 minutes by walk from Ginza station (Exit A13)
Opening Hours: 09: 00-21: 00 (Cafe LO 20: 00)

10. THE CITY BAKERY (The City Bakery)

Bakery cafe which can enjoy taste of NY ♪

Have also appeared in famous overseas dramas,New YorkLoved for over 20 yearsLong-established bakery"THE CITY BAKERY" (The City Bakery).

There is a cafe space at the back.
Nakameguro station underpassThere is, so it can go wet from the station even if it is rain , so it is also perfect for meet-up ♪

It is a bakery originated in New York, so all bread isLarger
No. 1 at the New York head officePretzel Croissant(310 yen), the crispy croissant dough is well-preserved with the pretzel's salty taste, and it is excellent.
You can enjoy deli, cookies and cakes together ♪

InstagrammableColorful sandwichAlso recommended !
A lot of vegetables, it is a masterpiece of heart satisfaction and great satisfaction.
The deli is also plentiful, so it's perfect for dinner!

There is an outlet in the stylish store where you can taste the atmosphere of New York, so it's a friendly store for people who are having trouble charging or want to work!

Outstanding with morning lunch bar timeEasy-to-use cafeI understand. ♪

Location: 3-4-15 Ue Meeguro Meguro-ku, Tokyo Nakameguro Elevated Under
Access: Naka-Meguro station · In front of the ticket gate on the south side
Hours: 7:30 to 23:00 morning food business, lunch business, night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, business Sunday