New Enoshima Aquarium

Night aquarium is recommended ! Excellent atmosphere of the aquarium!

Night aquarium which you can enjoy in the night is recommended in Shonan's "New Enoshima Aquarium".
It is nice to plan to drive after Shonan or Enoshima drive! night is daytime because it is a different atmosphere and, you daytime we will enjoy of course, from any location.

The lighting in the hall is dark and you can see the sea turtle's sleeping face and other aspects you can not see normally. I will be pulled into the world of "blue" in mind unlike daytime .

In front of the largest Sagami Bay tank in the hall, you can see the show of the project mapping! It is also wonderful to see fish swimming behind. There is no doubt that it can be a romantic atmosphere! is.

【New Enoshima Aquarium】
【Opening Hours】 <March to November> 9: 00-17: 00
【Price】 <Adult> 2,100 yen

Kamogawa Sea World

The killer whale show is great force! There are plenty of shows such as Beluga!

"Kamogawa Sea World" in Kamogawa, Chiba Prefecture is about two and a half hours away from Tokyo by car, but it is worth the drive trying to go! Because animals that are not other aquariums are showing up!

Beluga, also called white dolphin, is friendly and cute anyway. Dancing with a big body, singing. Especially the obstacle from going through the eye cap and making it invisible is a must-see! It is truly cute ♪

Especially it is a killer whale show. The body is bigger than the dolphin, so its power is amazing. Since in some cases splash flies from the front until about the sixth column, I do not want to wet it is to sit in the back than the middle is recommended is.

【Kamogawa Seaworld】
【Opening Hours】 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
【Price】 2,800 yen

Cool date for ♪

Please enjoy the cool dating at the cool aquarium!

I also recommended this special feature!