Just drink it, Izakaya can make table tennis!

There is a space where you can play table tennis in the shop at "Table Tennis Sakaba Ponkura" in Shibuya. Punishment game for student drinking party Do not hand out drinks, so it's okay to have serious fight with parents and children after a long interval. I will grow beyond my parents.


There is Super Nintendo in this shop and it is all you can do. Because there is a masterpiece game of the former year too, father may be nostalgic and regaining the boy 's mind and may be getting involved ^ ω ^

Table tennis bar area Ponkura
【Location】 12-7 Udagawa-machi, Shibuya-ku, 6th floor of Emerald Building (It is a building of St. Mark Cafe)
【Opening Hours】 OPEN 11: 00 · CLOSE 0: 00, 17: 00 ~ Dinner Time
【Phone Number】 03-6416-9256

A sister store of a famous store of cost performance ◯! Atmosphere pizza with a stylish atmosphere!

Roppongi soup 's sister shop "Sakuragaoka Buddha". There is a shop behind the alley of Sakuragaoka.
From the appearance like a high-end shop to the inside of the store.

It is surprisingly gentle price that it is more than looking at the exterior. But anyway, any dish is tasty anyway .... The picture is Ahyejo.

There are also single room besides the counter seat and you can make a reservation from 2 people! parents and children It is also wonderful that you talk about various things firmly ☆

Sakagaoka Hinchobudo
【Location】 15-3 Sakuragaoka cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1 Hori Building 1F
【Opening hours】 Monday to Sunday 18: 00 ~ 24: 30 (LO 23: 00)
【Phone Number】 050-5798-6634

One cup full of memories of my childhood. Small student remember tavern of the times!

Nostalgic classroom atmosphere .... Is this a school? No, this place is in Ibaraya "Shibuya Dai 1st Second School in 6 Years" located in Shibuya! Anyway "everyone - sit down"!

Small not only the atmosphere of the classroom student item studded. It is all you can take a picture. Of everyone to dad, and small dad student Chaimashou asked to younger to emotionally and asked to recall the era!

The teacher may unexpectedly test it! ! "You do not remember things decades ago"? If you take full marks you will receive a reward.
There are interesting cuisines such as fried buns for lunch and "sashimo teacher sashimi assortment" and interesting drinks such as "First love's thought out" ☆

6 years 4 pairs Shibuya Dai 1 second school
【Location】 32-12 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5th Floor, Azoriti Shibuya
【Opening hours】 Monday to Sunday 17: 00 ~ 23: 30 (LO 23: 00)
【Phone Number】 050-5789-6481

I am dying for movie lovers Dad! A bar where cocktails of movie names can be drunk!

It is not a pub but it is ok to talk with adults' bars, right? And what is great about this shop is that the name of the cocktail is all the title of the movie! Since I'm asking and "Is this movie related to the sky so blue?" And so there is no need to worry about the story of the story, so it is recommended for parents and children who do not speak normally!

Even if you do not have it on the menu you can make it if you ask! This is "Ghost in the Shell" outside the menu. I am amazed at the extent of the defense range. Please try ordering your favorite movie by all means.

Whale in August
【Location】 28-13 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Gate B1 B
【Opening hours】 PM 6: 00 ~ AM 6: 00
【Phone number】 03-3476-7238