If you say amusement park, I want to enjoy screaming system!

The amusement park is a standard sightseeing spot that can also be used for sightseeing and dating.

When saying such an amusement park,As a matter of course the eyeballs are screaming attractions

This time, the playlife editorial department will introduce recommended amusement park where you can enjoy screaming attractions near Kanto which are easy to go from Tokyo!

We introduce it in ranking format, so it's ok if we even see it

# 1 in Tokyo Joypolis

An indoor amusement park with OK even in the rain !

Teppan Date Dating Spot Tokyo Joypolis in Odaiba,Indoor facilitySo we can plan on rain day with confidence!

Nearby is also a wonderful dinner and night view , so we recommended it for dating as well ♪

Is not it a scream system because it is an indoor amusement park? , I misunderstood what I thought!

Screaming attractions that make use of imagesThere are many, it is a next generation type of amusement park where you can experience thrilling experience!

Cool down while watching the wonderful night view ... after enjoying it quite well.

When choosing here for the date before dating, "Suspension Bridge Effect" + Confession success rate may be up with a beautiful night view ! What?

Tokyo Joypolis
Location: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo DECKS Tokyo Beach 3-5F
アクセス:電車:お台場海浜公園駅[北口]から徒歩約3分 バス:都営バス(台場二丁目下車)・kmバス(台場二丁目下車)・京急バス(フジテレビ前下車)
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Last entry 21: 15) * Different according to the time

This is a perfect sightseeing spot in Odaiba!

2nd place Tokyo Dome City

People who are screaming and weak at the city center can also enjoy.

Tokyo Dome City, right next to the Tokyo Dome is an amusement park with a coaster that screams screaming despite the city center!

Access is good, entrance fee is not chargedIt will also be active as a secret night view spot ♪

A coaster that runs through a group of buildings is worth a single ride!

Tokyo Dome City

People who are not good at screaming system are also relieved.
There are also many shops and gourmet shops lined with LaQua so you can relax and have fun!

There are other interesting attractions such as Ferris wheel and adventure experience, so you can enjoy it enough!

Lighting will begin when the sun goes down and the area becomes dark.
Christmas etc. I want to go see the illumination too ♡

When the ride on Ferris wheel and roller coaster daytime because with a different atmosphere between, to see by all means recommended you!

Tokyo Dome City
Location: 1-3-61 Bunraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:電車:後楽園駅[2]から徒歩約4分 バス:都バス02乙・東京ドームシティバス停からすぐ
Opening hours: Depends on facilities

Tokyo Dome surrounding the sightseeing spot is here!

3rd place Fujikyu Highland

Speaking of screaming system here!

Amusement park where Fukushiku Highland is famous as one of the best screaming machines in Japan.

About two hours by car and train from TokyoIt takes, but I want to cry anyway! I want a thrill! I want to taste extraordinary ! recommended people.

Inside the park,Full of scream machines that are one of the best in JapanAm

extraordinary reaching point 47 meters, and extraordinary is the steel gang leader at a speed of 51 kilometers of the swing ride!

I can not imagine the fear that my legs will be swayed in the state of a hula ....

illumination is beautiful at night , and it is a recommended atmosphere for dating!

If you are not good at screaming system, let's keep on trying until you see this illumination by avoiding screaming machines somehow.

Fuji-Q Highland
Location: 5-6-1 Shintanishi, Fujiyoshida City Yamanashi Prefecture
アクセス:富士急ハイランド駅[出口]から徒歩約8分 各都市からシャトルバスあり。詳しくはHPで。 路線バス 富士急行線富士急ハイランド駅すぐ、富士急ハイランド第二入園口近くの第二駐車場近くのバス停の発着となります。
Business hours: ● Weekdays: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 ● Saturdays and holidays: 9: 00 ~ 20: 00 ※ Variation according to season