① Showa Kinen Park

The first recommended is Showa Memorial Park ^ ^ Up to this point you can enter for free !

When you go to the back you will get to the entrance fee of 400 yen park! Here you can rent a bicycle at 500 yen per day ^ ^ There are two-seater bicycles popular couple ♪

Showa memorial park is quite large, so I think that a bicycle is absolutely necessary! Cycling while enjoying beautiful scenery is very good feeling ♪

There is no way to get lost because there is a guide on the road for cycling ^ ^

As if through a way reminiscent of Kyoto, a wonderful Japanese garden will appear! You may take a break here if you get tired a little!

Showa Memorial Park full of charm Please try going ^ ^

Showa Kinen Park
【business hours】
【entrance fee】
An individual
(General) 410 yen
(Dwarf) 80 yen
(Senior) ¥ 210

② Departure from Yamashita Park

Yamashita Park, a 5-minute walk from Motomachi- Chinese food station Minato Mirai Line! Let's borrow a bicycle here! It is opposite the marine tower ^ ^ (http://docomo-cycle.jp/yokohama/)

About 40 minutes to cycling! While coming along while taking a break, I will arrive at "Honmokyo Public Park"! There is a cycling road in the park, so you can cycle while enjoying nature. Nature is rich.
Because there are plenty of seasonal plants, you can do cycling any seasons you can do ♡

Leave the bicycle as it is, to the adjoining "Sankeien Garden"! ^ ^ It will be a break and very wonderful scenery !

You can satisfy your stomach at Sankei soba shop in Sankeien Garden! (800 yen) There is also a hump tea, you can enjoy Japanese air!

night Depending such as in the hills parks and marine tower with a view of the harbor night view Let 's go to or return to I think that I also enjoy ^^ bicycle Yamashita Park *

Bicycle rental at Yamashita Park

③ Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park which is popular regardless of age and sex!

Did you know that there is a cycling center on the north side of the park ^ ^ ♪ Cycling course is about 2 km of the northern park! One unit can be borrowed easily at 210 yen / h! *

Tandem with two people is 210 yen (the first lap, after that, 100 yen per lap), there is no doubt that you can enjoy it with couple , family and friends! !

When it is a holiday, Yoyogi Park is full of musicians, artists and performers. Why do not you touch the art while cycling?

④ Komazawa Olympic Park

Komazawa University station to by walk 15 minutes, bus is Komazawa Park about 4 minutes! ^ ^

There is a 2.1 km cycling course in Komazawa Olympic Comprehensive Playground in Komazawa Park! Of course, there is a cycling center and we are renting bicycles ♪

For example, plum rain is also seen something hydrangea ♡
You can also enjoy autumn leaves in autumn!

This is a picture of the beetle's eyes. There are also things to take a camera ^ ^ ♪

Komazawa Olympic Park