Ueno Zoo

First is Ueno Zoo. Opening is the 20th of March, 1882, the oldest zoo in Japan ^ ^ There is a gate in the place 5 minutes on by walk from Ueno station (park entrance) ♪

Speaking of Ueno Zoo is a panda! ♡ For the first time in Japan the panda was raised in the upper zoo, so maybe some people have the image "Ueno Zoological Gardens = Panda" ^^ Temporarily became a social phenomenon too.

Of course there are lots of animals besides pandas! ^ ^ It's cute. ♪

entrance fee is 600 yen, it is very cheap so we can easily enter!
It is also a pleasing point for those with kinky couples and children!

There are few zoos in a good accessible place in the city, so please try going people who have never been to ^ ^
In Ueno there are recommended sightseeing spots such as Ameyoko etc so please try going after the closing ♡

Ueno Zoo
【Street address】
Ueno Park 9-83, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8711
【business hours】
9: 30 - 17: 00
【entrance fee】
An individual
(General) 600 yen
(65 years old and over) 300 yen
(Medium- student ) 200 yen

Yokohama Zoo Zoorasia

Next is to introduce "Zurasia"!
Indian elephant will welcome you! ♪ During the summer and autumn, July to September, "Splash Time" was held from 11:00 on the opening day, and while the commentary explaining the state of the bathing, three elephants headed for water I can do a hands-on experience ^ ^
There are plenty of recommended events for winter as well!

There are also penguins that everyone loves ^ ^ I'm fine without summer 's loss of heat!
The girls are happy! She will be glad if you go on a date? ♪

And there are many restaurants in the park! ♪
It is also recommended for temporary evacuation from cold in autumn winter (lol)

You can also take a break slowly while eating lunch here ^ ^
Hot summer is cool Chinese food , cold autumn and winter will help you warm the body with warm menu.

And this zoorasia specialty is the world's three biggest animal Okapi! ! ♪ It has a strange figure like a giraffe like a zebra! The zoo here is the first place in Okapi to be released in Japan! ^ ^

【Street address】
1175-1 Kochonno-machi, Asahi-ku Yokohama-shi 241-0001
★ "Tsurugamine" station north exit, "Mitsuzakai" station north exit, "Nakayama" station south exit and get off, each station from, about a 15-minute bus ride of Yokohama Zoo bound.
★ Get off at "Yokohama" station , about 1 hour by bus to Yokohama Zoo
★ From "Tsurugamine" station to Nakayama station "Hikariga-machi" at Hikarigaoka Complex and get off about 10 minutes on by walk
★ From "South Zone" station south exit to Tsurugamine, get off at "Uehara-machi", about 10 minutes on by walk
entrance fee
Adult (18 years old and over) ¥ 600
中人(高校生) 300円
Children (small and medium student ) 200 yen
Small student less than free
【business hours】
Opening hours 9: 30 ~ 16: 30 (Entrance until 16:00)
【Closed date】
Every Tuesday

Yokohama City Nogeyama zoo

Next is to introduce "Nogeyama zoo" that you can walk from Sakuragicho ^ ^ It is also soon from Hinodecho station !

Even though this zoo, good animals such as tigers and giraffes are ordinary, it is free ! ! entrance fee free! ♪
This is also a nice zoo for kinky cups! (Lol)

Figure standing a large popular cute red pandas and became,

A beautiful peacock walks in the park! ! ♪ I'm happy to be able to touch near you ^ ^

Near the zoo there is an observatory called "Nogeyama Park Observatory", you can see Minato Mirai's Landmark Tower! Because it is a hot spot being, if you have time, please try it by all means ♪

Nogeyama zoo
【Street address】
63-10 Oimatsu-cho Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi 220-2002
★ "Sakuragicho" station Get off at by walk 15 minutes
★ Municipal bus 89 lines "Ipponmatsu elementary school" To get off "Nogeyama zoo front" get off soon
entrance fee
【business hours】
9: 30 am - 4: 30 pm (entrance is until 4 pm)
【Closed day】
every Monday


This is the so-called "Noah"! A little strange zoo called "Look, touch, buy zoo"! ♪

There is in Yokohama Bayside marina ^ ^
entrance fee is 500 yen! It seems like the zoo and the pet shop fused together? ! ♪

There are various animals such as capi para and parake, besides chinchillas, owls, kangaroos!

People of celebrities are often on TV, etc. and they are in touch with animals at this place ^ ^ Come and visit us ♪

Inner City Zunoa
【Street address】
Yokohama City Kanazawa Ward Shiho 4-3 (in Yokohama Bayside Marina)
【business hours】
(Weekday) AM 12: 00 ~ PM 20: 00
(Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) AM 11: 00 ~ PM 20: 00
【entrance fee】
(Medium student or more) 500 yen
(Small student or less) 300 yen