most talked CM! Remote islands that can be reached by car from Naha, Koryu Island and Heart rock

I arrived in Naha about an hour and a half if it is not crowded at high speed!

I crossed the bridge and arrived.

In a remote island that can be reached by car, the beauty of the old Kurihashi Ohashi can not be said anything!

There is a famous Heart Rock when you cross the path!

Heart rock that is more popular at CM shooting location where JAL 's Arashi appearance.

I think that it is absolutely beautiful if it can get closer to a sunny day!

Koryi Island
Kurisui Ohashi opened in 2005, requested, Koryu Island is popular a remote island that can be reached by car. There is a beach at the entrance of the island, and you can easily peep at coral reefs. There was a legend that this Koryi island is "island of love" and "island of God" and the couple came from all over the country did not ever end, but recently the heart-rock of Kuri-yori was taken up by CM of Arashi , Its popular is further accelerating.
【Access to the Island】
From Naha, go through the Okinawa Expressway, Route 58, cross the Kuri Bridge across Yakujima.

Besides Koryirijima, such a nice island in Japan ♡

Please check the island feature in Japan, ◎ Please







Welcome to the mysterious cave, Okinawa blue cave

There was no dangerous creatures, and the staff was with me, so I was relieved to enjoy it ♪

I was able to experience feeding sea fish!

【Blue Grotto】
beginners even swim in the blue sea elegantly Swimming with the fish, famous snorkeling & diving spots · Blue caves. The tour which gathers in the parking lot of cape Meiida of Onna village which can go in about one hour from Naha city is mainstream.

I have to go here to get started! The Churaumi Aquarium where you can meet whale sharks

Feel like being in the ocean in a big aquarium!

Panel of the ocean of Kuroshio of the powerful Kuroshio has a height of 8.2 m, a width of 22.5 m, a thickness of 60 cm, and whale sharks and mantas were swimming elegantly ♪

It is the Churaumi Aquarium that is not the only whale shark!

I have just touched the egg of the sea turtle who gave birth! They are getting strong against shocks ~!

It was beautiful and impressive enough to be touched by truth though it was honest.

The trick to go cheaply is to enter the building after 16 o'clock and buy a ticket at a convenience store! Discounted at a convenience store and discounted at 16 o'clock more, 270 yen cashback will be made and the total will be nearly 500 yen profitable!

【Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa】
Okinawa's Churaumi Aquarium where you can meet the world's largest fish whale shark. In addition to the whale sharks, you can experience the mystery of the sea in many ways, such as breeding of Nantou Manta which is said to be the largest of the Aeans and breeding of corals which reproduce the sea of ​​Okinawa.

To soaky soba with goya champloo

Shunuman Onna Sunset Mall Store
【Opening Hours】 17: 00 ~ 24: 00
night possible to enter after 10 p.m., on Sundays
【Access】 Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami-gun Onna Village Nagamori 2199-1 Onna Sunset Mall

Soba Yamabara (Yanbare soba)
【business hours】
11: 00 ~ Closed when the meat disappears. Therefore, I did not do it at night .
Lunch open, Sunday open
Okinawa Expressway Oda IC - Route 58 Route - Route 84 heading for the prefectural road 17 km
【Average budget】
night ~ ¥ 999 daytime ~ ¥ 999
【eating log】

Hateruma International Street Store
ゆいレール県庁前駅 徒歩10分 
ゆいレール美栄橋駅 徒歩10分 
418 m from Misaka-bashi station
【business hours】
Lunch business, night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, business Sunday
【Average budget】
night ¥ 3,000 ~ ¥ 3,999 daytime ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 1,999
【eating log】
Okinawa cuisine which is also popular mainland and dealing with specialty dealers has increased, but the taste you receive in the mainland is exceptional.
Many restaurants are located in the center of Naha city · International street, so many shops are open until late, so it is safe to visit after playing at full daylight.