slowly? At once! What? A variety of kinds of river down story!

First of all, it is a plan that brings down the river slowly brought by the ship's head. Because it is Chichibu it will not take two hours by car from inside of Tokyo. There are courses that you can enjoy even without reservation!

Each course is introduce in this plan about 20 minutes, depending on the course there are courses that go through somewhat wet areas!

No, I do not want to get wet at all. Anyway if you want to spend your time watching the waterfront, there are plan like these! This is a 1 hour plan that will take you "Dori" in the old city of Fukuoka prefecture by Donko boat. Yanagawa called Japan's Venice is famous for such river descents and it goes round a narrow spot where one ship finally passes, and the way of enjoying will change completely depending on the season! This summer definitely the point I want to suppress!

I will proceed under the willow suddenly. Since we are going down the city area, we also enjoy the atmosphere that we can not taste in the mountains. For those far away to Fukuoka, we recommended "Katozu Juji Bridge Tour" in Ibaraki Prefecture! See the link below!

Also walk down the river! It is a plan that you can enjoy both mountain climbing and river descent that can be reached by train from Tokyo!

Walk along the mountain stream in the natural cooler on the rocky place! Anyway cool! Since it is a mountain for beginners , I think that I can relax with confidence even if I go with a child!

From here we become a little active river descent plan ! This is a stand up paddle that you can enjoy in Chiba Prefecture.

It's like an amazing surfboard and it's going down the river river! Because it is a maximum of 2 passengers, it is a playing spot I would like to recommend for family as well as couple !

Sorry I made you wait! The fastest plan river descent "Rafting"! This plan is Saitama Prefecture Chichibu area within 2 hours from Tokyo. You can join this tour from the age of 13

There are quite a lot of rafting spots that can be reached within 2 hours by car from Tokyo! Let's enjoy nature with all your strength at the spot that matched your age with reference to the link below ♬

Link Collection
【Katozu Yuji Bridge Tour】
There are other "Kayak · Slow Raft · Ya-ya boat · etc" etc on the river descent, so why not add it to the plan of the destination!








Playing in a river is a thing that uses physical strength more than usual. True summer rice and hydration If you go out in the season outdoors from this that the greater the date full to eat regardless forget the physical strength recovery! !

plan that enjoy sports such as rafting have plenty of plan with barbecue at extra fee! It can be used cheaper than usual, and food materials and equipment are also prepared so baggage is less and it's easier ♪

This is the main barbecue plan ! Nice relationship family outing with each other is also fun!

This is also a barbecue plan at Niko Tamagawa! ! I have rental equipment so I can go by empty-handed ! ! It is fun to have good access from downtown and relatives all together! !

A synonymous existence of river play, "river fishing". Those who remember fishing kitchen sanpei also go inside. . It talked a little, but river fishing is also fun! The picture is a piece in Edogawa.

This is a shrimp fishing plan in the Tama River! Since the fish if you go to the mountains to the other is catch there is also such as spot there is also by all means reference to!

Speaking of summer , fireworks can not be removed anymore!

If you play a lot, eat a lot and notice it, the area is dark. . But I have to do this at the end!

Let's fireworks handheld size and process it properly! ! Let's get it without forgetting at convenience stores and major discount stores! !

Of course you should not forget "fireworks" here! Please by all means to check not forget this year's fireworks display family with everyone wonderful a summer please spend the rest!

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