Let's make the extraordinary memories at USJ (Univa)! !

Well this time I would like to introduce a lot of the charm of Osaka which is also my home! First of all, I would like to introduce from USJ, which is becoming a most talked now. By the way, there is no one in Osaka who has USJ. Everyone is "Univa" so I will introduce it in "Univa" this time. I tried to summarize the charm of such Univa to three greatly!

First of all it's a memorial photo with a standard spot! There are photography spots everywhere in the park! As expected, there is just as I came from Hollywood and the world of the "movie" that I was watching on TV has been reproduced in real life!

The charm of Univa The first one is a meal course! The shop also welcomes us with interior decoration that admirably reproduces the building and age perfect for the atmosphere of the city by area. There are also menus from classical ones to exclusive menus, and for adults there are also shops set with bars, so you should definitely have fun going out to dine main ♪

This is a part of the area! A foreigner feeling while staying in Osaka! Also in Jaws etc. the port city as like a movie is being reproduced, and in the Jurassic Park area that research institute is reproduced exactly and the tension rises steadily! ! ! That's right. Univa is another charm to "just walk" but still be able to trip through the world of movies!

Well done. It is the attraction which is the biggest charm and fun at last! ! ! In recent years the number has also increased, and every time I go, the fun has increased. Also, although it is also an attraction, you can enjoy "show" done in each area and road, so please enjoy watching while walking there ♪

Let's return to the attraction version! There are a lot of people who have drunk pictures, but it is butter beer!

This is Olivander's shop in the Harry Potter area. You can purchase canes of various characters! (A gift will not be given (lol))
In Halloween event, Christmas event such as Halloween event and the world's best Christmas tree is also recommended in Univera ♡

Universal Studios Japan
Place: Osaka prefecture Osaka city Konohana ku Sakurajima 2-1-33
アクセス:ユニバーサルシティ駅[出口]から徒歩約1分 https://www.usj.co.jp/access/
Opening hours: Please check with the official website as it will vary depending on the day.







Osaka is not just Jiba! Turning around still so much! 【Osaka sightseeing area edition】

Speaking of Osaka, many people associate here! This place is often introduce as Dotonbori, but the official name is different. Anyway, I feel like I came to Osaka if I go here!

Let's get excited with such feeling! !

Well I can not miss this sightseeing spot! A world championship of motocross sponsored by the movie "Princess Toyotomi" and RED BULL (Red Bull), as well as the most talked "Projection Mapping" was done here Osaka Castle! ! It is good to have access!

Calm down. If you enjoy it as a park, a person who has been stuck in the waves of the Kansai dialect a bit in the city is also ◎ to slow down here!

The view is also pretty wonderful ! Let's go for sightseeing in the city once again after a break! !

The next is this! It is Japan's largest tower boasting a height of 300 m! It is very beautiful as it just opened in March last year!

It seems that clouds can be seen under the eyes under some weather!

By the way, I will show you the night view only a bit ♬ The night view Osaka has not lost!

This is Osaka exclusive shop (haha)
In the immediate vicinity of Guriko is very close to the huge signboard of "Kani Higurashi"!
There are so many different people in this street itself so I think that you can taste "Osaka" for only 10 minutes even ♪

Let's go a little and go to Osaka station (Hankyu Umeda station )! ! Here [Granfront Osaka] inside debuted as a symbol tower as the gateway to Osaka "Kita", and it is a commercial facility symbolizing Osaka, the city of water with 266 stores in it! !

There are also terrace seats, and those who are tired of shopping relax on the terrace! Of course on a hot day please cool slowly inside! (Lol)

This wonderful scenery at sunset ♪

And at the end it is here [Tsutenkaku]. Actually it is a popular spot despite being in a location that access is bad unexpectedly! Even Mr. Nakagawa's comic is also well-talked about! I wonder if I can meet that "Osaka no Otachan"! What?

Let's enjoy gourmet Osaka!

Well the top batter of "food" is a cheap lunch plan in the new place I also loved Kajin!

There are many high-class restaurants and there are images that only some people can go on the night [Kitashinchi] But this plan introduce extraordinary lunch plan of cost performance so please add it to the plan of Osaka sightseeing How about you ♪

Well there are lots more! There are many "kushikatsuya san" in the prefecture too! Please do it at the timing when your stomach goes down so you can enjoy it by keeping the rule of prohibition twice and ♪

If a kushikashi comes, "octopus grill" can not be taken off too! As for the octopus burning already, since there are famous shops in various places, if you are in the middle of sightseeing around, please try to eat it!

By all means because there are things that made takoyaki shop rankings of Osaka in the following site reference please try to!

By the way my recommendation is octopus grill of "Wagaku ryokan (Warajiya) Celsi shop" located in the end point "Senri Chuo" of the North Osaka express express Namboku Line.
Transfer to the monorail if if Guests staying in the Expo Memorial Park is Irasshare station please come here so!

If octopus ceremony came, the last one is "Okonomiyaki"! Even if I go to any shop, I'm pleasantly delicious mostly! Umeda, Namba, whatever you are tasty, why not try looking for a perfect place to rely on olfaction and taste? What?

Other specialties are full
I should not forget 【551 noodles】. It is also recommended for souvenirs!
The other things I can not remove are "Aso Maru's Dorayaki", "Okonomiya", "Dojima Roll", [Madam Sink 's Baumkuchen] as a souvenir I will bring it back to the hotel and eat it All righteous items are good!
Please over plan to reference Please do extraordinary Osaka sightseeing ♪