How many times will I confess? ♡

This is a questionnaire that I asked 1000 boys and girls, "What if the confession (if it is) (if it is confirmed) date is good" questionnaire! ^ ^ ♪
According to this, the overwhelming majority are those who want the date of the third time for both men and women! I would like to introduce recommended courses on a daily basis by reference to this!

The first date

First of all, movies! I chose Shibuya where I can go place smoothly! Let's investigate what kind of movies love you like ♪ If your favorite movie genre is the same ♪ I will raise the tension ♪

Location: 2-6-17 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibata CINE TOWER B1F, 2F, 4F, 7F
アクセス:渋谷駅から徒歩5分 渋谷駅から323m
Opening Hours: Unspecified Sunday Open

After the movie, ^^ Shibuya Shenzhen to the rice station in the direction hot spot Italian shop is "Italian bar Jurio" ♪ Shibuya station from the by walk is about 10 minutes.

First of all, toast with red wine! ♪ If you make a reservation it will be 2000 yen / person for 6 items half price! Let's chose your favorite menu ☆

Here is the main! ^ ^ ♪ We received a Yamagata pig sliver loin from Yamagata Prefecture with grilled mustard. It goes well with red wine! If you know delicious shops up the likability!

Desserts are also very delicious! ^^ The first date is Italian from the movie! It is determined by the royal road course ♪

Italian bar Jurio
Place: 15-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Urban Court Shibuya 1F
アクセス:JR渋谷駅ハチ公口より徒歩9分京王井の頭線神泉駅北口より徒歩2分 神泉駅から70m
営業時間:【Lunch】 月〜金 11:30〜15:00(L.O.14:30) 【Dinner】 月〜土 18:00〜24:30(L.O.23:30) ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可

Let's have lunch after seeing the movies!

The second date

Choice a little changed shop for the second date! ^ ^ It will be BER with cute penguins on by walk from Ikebukuro station for 10 minutes! I would like to go here! It may be easy to invite you to say! * Aquarium is a bit cold image, but we can meet penguins interior even in autumn / winter!

When you enter the shop, cute penguins welcome you! ^ ^ Penguin's lovely move will heal your heart ♪

The biggest attraction of "BAR with Penguin" is to be able to taste extraordinary entertainment weaving like this penguin! ♪

The shape of the penguin also towel! ! so cute! Drinks are also delicious! ^^ morning also attractive terms that are open until 4 o'clock!

BAR with penguins
Location: 2-38-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo COSMY 1 Building 1F
アクセス:JR、私鉄、東京メトロ各線、「池袋」駅C6出口より、徒歩3分。(トキワ通り沿い) 池袋駅から454m
営業時間:18:00〜翌4:00 夜10時以降入店可、夜12時以降入店可、始発まで営業、日曜営業

luxurious lunch at the hotel ...!

The third date

The third date is the number of times I want to be confessed No. 1! ! So, a little wonderful I tried choosing a shop again! There are lots of my series, but here is my restaurant ^ ^


Even though there are many dishes using high-grade ingredients, such as truffles and foie gras, it is reasonably priced and very delicious! ♪

And at a certain time, JAZZ 's live performance starts in the place I went! This time it was a performance by piano, cello, drum ^ ^ ♪ The whole shop is wrapped in a wonderful atmosphere *
Please confess yourself on this way with this nice atmosphere .. ♡! !

俺のフレンチ・イタリアン AOYAMAは下の赤いボタンからReservationI can do it.
My French Italian AOYAMA
Place: 3-11-7 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Ao Building 1F
アクセス:地下鉄東京メトロ 表参道駅 B2出口から徒歩1分。 表参道駅から225m
営業時間:【営業時間】 12:00〜23:30(L.O.22:45) 座席テーブルをご予約の方は、来店希望時間を下記からお選びください。 112:00 214:00 316:00 418:15 520:30 ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

Directed the extraordinary dinner ...!