1. eating while walking dating at "Asakusa" date

Asakusa is called "Kaminarimon"! ! Let's take a picture absolutely here. It is mandatory. Anyway, because Asakusa is "Kaminarimon" What! ! Lol

Asakusa · Bairubudo. It is a shop on the left after entering Asakusa Nakamise Street. Chopsticks made of freshly made dolls are eaten at 60 yen each! Pretty cheap! ! It seems there are many kinds, so I'm looking forward to it ♡ I can share this if I like such people with fun ♪
In winter it is decided by hot dolls baking!

【business hours】
Closed holiday
7 days a week
【eating log】

Asakusa kubi dango · Azuma. It costs 300 yen for 5 bottles. eating while walking is prohibited, let 's eat at the next stand immediately. It seems that there are also Matcha, and in the winter, a sweet alcohol.

【business hours】
Closed holiday
7 days a week
【eating log】

Asakusa's raised manju "Kokoro". There are other shops, but here is the most ☆ hot crisp, crispy, sweet and delicious. It is a shop like this. It is 120 yen yen, pumpkin-raised manju (pumpkin sauce) 170 yen, matcha raised manju (green tea sauce) 170 yen, sesame buns (tsubuan) 140 yen.

Location: 2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:都営浅草線浅草駅下車 徒歩8分TX浅草駅下車 徒歩5分 浅草駅(東武・都営・メトロ)から304m
営業時間:9:00〜19:00 日曜営業

The sightseeing in Tokyo is perfect ...!

2. eating while walking dating at Tokyo's longest shopping street "Togoshi Ginza shopping area"

Tomboyaki Honpo in Okinawa. purchase matchaan 180 yen. It is sweet, warm and ugly ♪ It is necessary to have water (lol) Ogura Ann.
I want to eat especially in autumn baked! It is also recommended for souvenirs ♡

Tomboyaki Honpo Togoshi Ginza store
Location: 2-13-8 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:東急池上線戸越銀座駅より徒歩4〜5分 戸越銀座駅から227m
営業時間:11:00〜19:00 日曜営業

US soul. It is interesting because there is some face bread \ (^ o ^) / Unlike ordinary bread, rice flour bread is dusty. Why do not you try different breads than usual? Because I can take it home, I can enjoy it at home ♡

Book a shop that is perfect for girls party lunch ♡

"US soul Beicon"
【business hours】
Closed holiday
【eating log】

Baked basketbag & Tori porridge Ryuhi. Baked little cod roe packed here. When the meat juice is serious, it is really juice! ! Let the girls tie the hair. Please be careful as plenty of meat juice is overflowing! It costs 360 yen for 4 pieces and 540 yen for 6 pieces, which is reasonably reasonable price.
Let's get a little bit of a small basketbag in winter (lol)

"Baked basketball & Tori porcelain brilliant"
【business hours】
Closed holiday
No rest
【eating log】

Goto Kamaboko store. It seems that a lot of entertainers are coming on TV and so on! ! It is quite a popular shop ♪

Among them, the most popular oden croquette. It is a cheap price which is 70 yen per piece. I am listening to Oden's soup. Sometimes the ingredients of oden will come out? !

"Goto Kamaboku store"
【business hours】
Closed holiday
【Home page】

Salt specialty store "solco". There are 39 kinds of salt. I will try on various flavors of salt by putting on rice balls and putting on ice cream.

Gelato want to eat even in the cold autumn winter!
purchase vanilla gelato (280 yen). I can challenge various flavors by putting various salt on this! ! Even if you eat gelato as it is, it is delicious (laugh)

Sweet tooth party must-see! Book a shop with dessert buffet ♡

【business hours】
Closed holiday
【eating log】

Would you like to eat delicious meat ...?

3. eating while walking "Yanaka Ginza shopping street" full of old feelings

Suzuki of the meat. Quite large even on TV, such as popular is The shop. eating while walking a men's cutlet (200 yen) ♪ Clothes are crispy, juicy, not to bear the stomach, so it is also recommended for women.

Suzuki of meat
Place: Asakusa 4-11-8, Taito-ku, Tokyo
アクセス:浅草駅から馬道通りを北に進む。馬道交差点から言問通りを西へ入り、雷5656会館の角を北へ200メートル。けんばん通り(柳通り)と言えば ご近所の人にはすぐに分かります(けんばん(見番)=芸者さんの派遣所の様なところです)けんばんを過ぎて100Mぐらいかなと思います 浅草駅(つくばEXP)から621m
営業時間:平日・土曜日 18:00〜23:00 日曜・祝日 17:00〜23:00 夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

The troubles of Nezu. It is a tree shop who can do a matrix. As soon as there are no more anko, we recommended that you go as soon as possible. One roasted piece is 140 yen, the surface is thin, and inside is tightly jammed up to the tip of the tail! ! ◎ It is delicious to eat hot and eat hot ♡

Nezu's Talent
Location: Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 1-23-9-104
アクセス:東京メトロ千代田線「根津駅」1番出口から徒歩5分都バス「根津神社入口」バス停から徒歩1分 根津駅から424m
営業時間:10:30〜あんが売り切れるまで (12:30〜14:00頃) 日曜営業

Asakusa lunch will be the dominant player ♡

4. In the "Harajuku" of Japan's NEW Culture cutting-edge eating while walking Dating

COCO-agepan. It seems that coconut oil is used, girls like this ♡ Plain 180 yen, coconut 200 yen, cocoa 220 yen. The ape is fluffy. The donut is crisp ♪

【business hours】
Closed holiday
Monday (business days on holidays, closed next Tuesday)
【eating log】

Guru Churro (GURU CHURRO). It is on the basement level 1 of the building next to the American Eagles on the street opposite Laforet Harajuku! Gurugurururururu made of cloth of umamochi ☆ It is somewhat new sensation. Because there are various tastes, there are also things to enjoy with friends and boyfriend / girlfriend half

【business hours】
11: 00 ~ 20: 00 (according to facility)
【home page】

What is the recommended eating while walking spot in the Kanto region?