To the highest mountain Oyama in Chugoku district.

Oyama is a famous sightseeing destination in San'in area.
Let's go and visit the famous peak in the Chugoku district.




1. Tottori Prefectural Fuller Park Tottori Flower Corridor

To the largest flower park in the country that can see Oyama.

Hanami flower corridor blooms various kinds of flowersThe largest nationwide scaleIt is a flower park.

In particular, it came in immediately to the Flower Clock and flower dome, a spot that can be taken in Oyama 3 Tsugakirei large popular is.

I came to the most prominent flower dome in the garden. It is well compatible with seasonal flowers and there is something in the near future futuristic atmosphere.

In the flower dome, it is a tropical-subtropical botanical garden, such as giant palm and pheasant bashow. Only hereTropical countryIt looks like.

Tottori Prefectural Flower Park Tottori Flower Corridor

2. Oyama Natural History Museum

Learn history at the entrance of Oyama.

At the entrance of Oyama where you definitely come when you go by carOyama Natural History Museumthere is.
Since the exhibition about Oyama's nature etc. has been done, let's drop by and stop by.

3. Oyama climbing

Let's enjoy Oyama climbing.

Oyama isClimbingIt is also known as a mountain where you can do.
There is a climbing shop Mont Bell in the mountaineering street surrounding .

The scenery while climbing is beautiful.
Mountain climbing OhyamaWhy do not you go?