Choose carefully selected shops in Shinjuku Miroad

I introduce Shinjuku Miroad of Shinjuku station south exit first.
The word "MYLORD" is a classic English that can often be read in Shakespeare's plays, and it is a title used to respect and appreciate the distinguished people with respect.
This naming including the gentle sound in the dignity seems to have spoken to customers beautifully from the whole building and hoped that many people will be loved forever.

There are also Southern Terrace and Mosaic Street nearby and you can enjoy the illumination during the Christmas season!

Shinjuku Millord

1. Tomato noodles of the sun Next

The first thing to introduce in Shinjuku Milord is the sun's tomato noodles in 7F.
This is a tomato noodle (780 yen) at the store tastes a very rich tomato ♪
Noodles are also fine noodles, which contains body-friendly nutrients.
Meat is chicken and it is easy to eat.
It is irresistible for tomato lovers!
Taste it once!

I would like to introduce you as an unusual menu of chicken pie soup and Genovese (880 yen).
First of all, I am surprised at this color.
It is a strange feeling because it is Genovese usually coming out with pasta.
Tomatoes are taken in raw, chicken is soft, juicy and delicious!

Tomato noodle of the sun Next Shinjuku Miroddo store
Place: 1-1-3 Nishi Mishinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Milord 7F
アクセス:JR線(南口)・小田急線・京王線 新宿駅 徒歩1分 新宿駅から102m
営業時間:11:00〜23:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

2. Chelsea Cafe

This shop is located in Mosaic Street, where you would like to introduce another one at Shinjuku Milord.
ベーグル専門店『BAGEL&BAGEL』がプロデュースするカフェHas become.
The interior of the shop is cold-woven, the street side is glass-free and has a sense of freedom.

recommended drink is smoothie (780 yen).
Bring it to the girls' sitting chat with a refreshing taste!

Also a hamburger (980 yen) that you want to take pictures intentionally is also attractive.
Let's bite with big mouth!

 【アクセス】新宿南口直結 新宿ミロードモザイク通り

Choose carefully selected shops in Shinjuku Lumineest

Lumineeest is a commercial facility directly linked to Shinjuku station East.
The origin of that name is still directly connected to the east exit (EAST)!
It is a very crowded shop because it is accessible at the near station and many shops are open for most talked .

Crocan Shoe Zakuaku Luminee Shinjuku Store
Location: 3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Luminee Shinjuku B1F
Access: 142 m from Shinjuku station
営業時間:[月〜金] 11:00〜22:00 [土・日・祝] 10:30〜22:00 日曜営業