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Not only Tottori Sand Dunes

"Tottori Prefecture is only Tottori sand dunes if you are going to sightseeing ?"
You are lucky to think so, I will be aware of the unknown charm of Tottori Prefecture from now on!

Towards this time do not know well the Tottori Prefecture, "in Tottori Prefecture sightseeing also go to Ali's it!", Such As you can think, standard from the hot spot of the recommended of the popular sightseeing Dodon and 35 you a spot introduce to !

If you look at this, you will not think that Tottori is nothing.
Please also reference to the schedule of the trip to Tottori.

Preparation of belongings is OK?

Let's check in advance useful items on the road.

Check your domestic travel inventory! If there convenient Safe at recommended 20 goods selected
It's a domestic trip so that you don't say "I'm sorry if I brought it with you ..."convenient Have your belongings introduce To do. From the required items, summer ・ What I need for each winter season, and I personally recommended Things to do. Let's check it by all means so that you can prepare well in advance and feel relieved early!

Let's sightseeing area surrounding Tottori

Tottori City, the prefectural office's location.
But not only buildings, but also magnificent nature!
If you can not decide where to go, check here!

1. Tottori Sand Dunes / Tottori City

Beauty produced by sand

First of all, the standard spot, Tottori PrefectureTottori sand dunes are not you
It is the most famous sand dune among the three largest sand dunes in Japan.
recommended is to go to a time when no one is there.
Footprints are not attached to sand, you can see beautiful scenery.

Sand dune yoga is also performed regularly!
The smoothness of the sand of Tottori Sand Dunes

And if the conditions are good, you can see the “wind pattern”!
It is a pattern that is said to be the natural art of wind and sand, as its name suggests.
If it is a sunny day, you can see it with a high probability, so let's get up early and go look for it.

night if you go during thestarry skiesYou can see.
Winter is the best season as the number of stars that the air is clear and visible are large.
Please do a solid measure against the cold.

Tottori sand dunes
Location: Yotsuyama Fukabe-cho, Tottori-shi, Tottori-ken
Access: About 20 minutes from Tottori station bus and get off at Tottori Sand Dunes

2. Camel and Tottori City

In Tottori Sand DunescamelYou can also get on!
Ride experience (one passenger) 1,300 yen, riding a photo 500 yen, side viewing 100 yen.
※ It is common for adults and children.

There is no such thing as riding a camel, so both children and adults are excited.
Please try by all means.

In addition, slide on the sand of the Tottori Sand Dunes like a snowboardSandboardAndParaglidingActivities unique to the dynamic Tottori Sand Dunes are held.

Camel and
Place: Tottori prefecture Tottori city Fukubo cho Yuyama 2164 - 806
Business hours: March - November 9: 30 - 16: 30 / December - February 10: 00 - 16: 00

3. Sand Museum / Tottori City

This is made of sandSculpture worksWe are mainly exhibiting.
Please think that you were deceived and go.
I am overwhelmed by the power of the sand statue.
Please visit this sightseeing spot on a rain day.

Quality of works that can not be thought of as sand.
Because it can be enjoyed from various angles, it takes time to turn around than I expected.
Please have plenty of time.

It is fun to watch how many times the facility is exhibited differently depending on the period.

Museum of Tottori sand dunes sand
Place: 2083-17 Yuyama, Fukube Town, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
Access: 20 minutes by bus from Tottori station
Opening hours: usually 9:00 to 20:00

4. Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport / Tottori City

There are three airports in Tottori Prefecture: Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport, Yonago Kitaro Airport, and Watermelon Airport.
The nearest airport in Tottori City is Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport, and there are many objects that must-see for Detective Conan Fans!
Because the background music is unbearable for fans, such as BGM is an anime soundtrack, the airport itself is no longer a sightseeing attraction ♪

This is a booth that reproduces a coffee shop that appears in the story of Detective Conan.
Don't miss the Conan Goods Store, named Conan Detective Company!

Tottori Sand Dune Conan Airport
Place: Toyama, Tottori, Toyama Prefecture 4-110-5
Access: About 19 minutes on by walk from Tottori University Mae station [Exit]

5. Shiroto Shrine / Tottori City

Hakutojinja, a 10-minute drive from Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport, is the setting for the Japanese myth “Inaba no Shira Usagi”.
Shirakaba is famous as the god of love fulfillment and marriage, because Shirakaba took over the marriage of Grand Prix and Princess Yagami ♡

There are many cute amulets and ema in the shrine!
The force of the marriage of the white rabbit of Inaba Ayaka Let Tchai ♡

Hakuto Shrine
Location: Tottori Pref.
アクセス:末恒駅[出口]から徒歩約32分 JR鳥取駅から路線バス約40分 中国自動車道「佐用JCT」ー鳥取自動車道「鳥取IC」、鳥取ICから車で約20分、佐用JCTから車で約1時間30分。

6. Uratomi Beach / Iwami-gun

The terrain created by the waves of the Sea of ​​Japan is a very beautiful sightseeing spot.
From its beautyMatsuyama in the SaninIt is also called.

There is a sidewalk on the coast, so you can enjoy a walk while looking at the scenery.

Because the transparency of the sea is also high,SnorkelingIt is also popular as a spot where you can experience. summer park is crowded as beaches.
Please enjoy the beauty of the sea on the site.

Place: Iwami-cho, Iwami-gun, Tottori-ken, Uchimura Urabomi
Access: Approximately 30 minutes on by walk from Iwami station [exit]

7. rain waterfall / Tottori

100 waterfalls in JapanLarge waterfall from a high place of of the selected Tottori Prefecture, one to rain waterfall.
The falling 40 m waterfall, the falling water volume falls is a powerful full mark.

negative ionIt is a mysterious sightseeing spot where you can feel plenty.
There are 48 large and small waterfalls around,Waterfall tourYou can enjoy.
It might be a good idea to join the tour.

rain Falls
Place: Tottori ken Tottori city Kokufamachi

8. Koyama Pond / Tottori City

Koyama Pond is a brackish lake in the north of Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture.Japan's largest area
In the middle island鳥居It is a sight where you can take a mysterious picture on a sunny day.
Beautiful photos can be taken even at dusk, so please go there.

Lake pond
Place: Tottori prefecture Tottori city lodging
Access: Approximately 34 minutes on by walk from Tottori College station [exit]

9. Tottori Castle Ruins / Tottori City

Tottori castle famous for Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacked. There are castle towers and Nino Maru ruins at the moment.
Sengoku ~ If you want to feel the culture of Edo here.

springCherry BlossomsIt bloomed,A combination with castle is wonderful​ ​

Tottori Castle Ruins
Place: Tottori ken Tottori city east town
Access: About 8 minutes by bus from JR Tottori station

Nakaumi Yonago surrounding the area sightseeing trying to

Nakaumi in the west of Tottori prefecture.
This neighborhood is also close to Shimane prefecture, so it is recommended for those who want to sightseeing both!

10. Yonago Airport Airport Lounge / Sakaiminato

Here, Yonago Airport Airport LoungeKitaroAnd, that fellow'sApparitionIt is everywhere.

KitaroThere is also a unique place where the plane is on board!

In addition,ぬりかべI think that it can not be boring for Gegege no Kitaro or Mizuki Shigeru fans.

Yonago airport lounge
Location: Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato City Saijin-cho 1634 Yonago Airport Building 2F
Access: 296 m from Yonago Airport station (JR)
Opening hours: 8: 30-19: 30

11. Shigeru Mizuki Road & Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Hall / Sakaiminato

Sakaiminato City famous for having Mizuki Shigeru Road here is a cartoonist ·The hometown of Mizuki Shigeru
Sakaiminato station from the previous Hon ArcadeApproximately 800 m(About 15 minutes on by walk ) between all153 YoukaiThere is a slightly strange spot that is lining up.

There are youkai everywhere!
It does not collect for Gegege's Kitaro fan.
nightlight upIt is somewhat creepy.

Mizuki Shigeru Road
Place: Tottori Prefecture Sakaiminato City Matsuke Shun-cho, Taisho-cho, Honmachi
Access: Approximately 5 minutes on by walk from Sakaiminato station [exit]

12. Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Hall / Sakaiminato

It is this memorial hall that you walk from Mizuki Shigeru Road from station.
It is a place full of plenty of charm of Mizuki Shigeru World.

Along with the world of GeGeGe no Kitaro can be tasted,A memorial hall where works that understand Shigeru Mizuki's life are displayedis!

Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall
Place: 5 Toshimachi Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture Honmachi Arcade Street
Access: About 10 minutes on by walk from Sakaiminato station [exit]
Hours: 9:30 to 17:00, summer vacation period / 9:30 to 18:00 (accepted up to 30 minutes before closing any)

13. Nakaumi / Matsue, Yasugi, Sakaiminato, Yonago

A lake that spans Matsue City and Yasugi City in Shimane Prefecture and Sakaiminato City and Yonago City in Tottori Prefecture,Nakaumi (Nakaumi, Nakaumi)
One of the few brackish lakes​ ​
Because it is in the prefectural border, you can see Shimane prefecture over there.

14. Ejima Ohashi / Sakaiminato

It is in the prefectural boundary between Shimane and TottoriEsashima Ohashi
It was used in Daihatsu 's commercial for too steep slope.

It is a sightseeing spot often seen in SNS.
recommended for driving trips!

When you climb up, the superb view spreads in front of you,Sense of accomplishmentYou can feel something like.
Please visit us when you sightseeing by car.

Esashima Ohashi
Location: Sakaiminato city, Tottori prefecture
Access: Approximately 46 minutes on by walk from Shoko station [exit]

15. Yushien Ichibata Bus / Matsue-shi

Yushiro is a Japanese garden on Odoro Island, in springPeony flowersThere are many blooming.
The contrast between red and white is beautiful and overwhelmed by its power.

Produced by garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara, you can see peony all year round!

Enjoy the flowers of the peony spreadCafeThere is also.
Peony dug in the pond and lawn seems to be a carpet.

16. Kaike Onsen Beach / Yonago

It is a rare place where hot springs and beachfront are nearby.
This beach,88 water baths in JapanWater quality is also good enough to be chosen, even small children can relax and experience the water play.

It will be held in the period exclusiveBlack Light ArtThe event is also recommended .
Animation is colored on the road with vivid colors.
daytime and night can enjoy wonderful is a coast.

Onsen Onsen Beach
Place: Yonago Tottori konin Onsen springs
Access: About 44 minutes on by walk from Fujimi cho (Tottori) station [exit]
Business hours: July 9 - August 28, 2016 【Time】 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 * Time when observers are present

17. Kaike Onsen / Yonago

I will read "Kaikei" with everyone.
At the seaside hot-spring resort facing the Sea of ​​Japan,Skin beauty effectIt is a famous hot spring that is excellent for.
Foot bathThere is also so you can drop in easily.

It is convenient for sightseeing because it is close to the prefecture border with Shimane prefecture.
Because it is close to the sea, we can enjoy delicious seafood.

Onsen Onsen
Place: Yonago Tottori konin Onsen springs
Access: About 40 minutes on by walk from Fujimi cho (Tottori) station [exit]

18. Heavenly Manai / Saihaku-gun

This heaven's Shinwa was designated as the Environment Agency100 famous watersOne of the famous waters representing San'in,Heavenly Manai)。

The water of Yonago city with such spring water is very tasty.

Water millThere are also some places to feel something nostalgic.
Since Nearby there is also a soba, your daytime might also good idea to stop by at the time.
You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Tottori.

Place: Oyama Town, Sumi County, Tottori Prefecture

19. Sweets sushi castle / Yonago

hot spot spots and sweets you want to go on a trip壽城(Kotobukijo).
The exterior is a fine castle, there is a castle tower and it is serious.

But actually, inside the castleCandy storeWhat is it!

Many souvenirs, mainly Yonago, are sold.
I'd like you to stop by when you buy souvenirs.

Shoujo of sweets
Location: Tottori ken Yonago city Yodoe cho Sada 1605-1
Access: 1,271 m from Kuna Oyama station
営業時間:9:00〜18:00 2013年1月より変更 ランチ営業、日曜営業

Three morning the town surrounding the area sightseeing trying to

Three morning and wrote in this town that read "Misasa" is history there is Japan's oldest class of the temple town.
There is a spa town so check it out!

20. three morning spa town / Tōhaku District

Three morning strange bath in the town was born.
Kawahara bath, three morning there just the foot of the three-town bridge in the heart of the spa town.
as its name suggestsOutdoor bath in KawaharaIt is almost in a completely visible state.
Too innovative sightseeing is the attractions, but the people who have courage is free you can bathe in.

Kawahara Bath / Sayako Kawahara no yu
Location: Tottori Prefecture Tohaku-gun, three morning town three morning

Three morning hot springs of hot waterWorld's leading radon contentWe are proud of.
When radon enters the body with breathing, metabolism becomes active, and it is said that it has the effect of raising immunity power and natural healing power.

Tamagaru hot water
Location: Tottori Prefecture Tohaku-gun, three morning town three morning 910-7

Yakuzan no yu,Foot bathWhenDrinking fountainSpot that can be.
There are also Jizo and other companies, which is recommended for taking a walk in a hot spring town.

Place: Oota-shi, Shimane Prefecture Hotzotsu-machi Hotseizu
Access: 618 m from Hotsuzu station
営業時間:[月〜金] 8:00〜21:00 [土・日・祝] 6:00〜21:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

National Designated Tangible Cultural PropertyThe inside of the building is like the innKiya Ryokan​ ​
In winter you can enjoy crab dishes using snow crab.

Kiya Ryokan
Location: Tottori Prefecture Tohaku-gun, three morning town three morning 895
Opening Hours: Check In 14:00 Check Out Next 10: 00

21. Hagoromo Ishijo / Yurihama-cho

China Nature Trail A castle at the top of a mountain trail called "Ueishijo Castle".
室町時代It is said to have been built at the beginning of the year and has a history.
Foreign sightseeing is also on the customer popular there are a lot of people visit.

Altitude 372 mFrom Hagoroslaw CastleTogo Lake日本海You can look at, just superb view.
Nature rich scenery with a thought watching people in the Muromachi period is deeply impressed.

Hagorough castle
Place: Yuri Hamacho Omori Hagorama stone in Tottori ken
Opening hours: All year 0: 00 ~ 24: 00

22. Santokusan Sanbutsuji Temple Input Hall / Tohaku-gun

The Sandu Tokuyama Manshutaku Temple entrance hall,706It is said that a year saw an actor (Enji girl) throwing in with legal power and making it.
Existing shrine buildings areJapan's oldest classAnd it is a very historical building.

Mitsutokuzan Manshuto Temple entrance
Location: Tottori Prefecture Tohaku-gun, three morning -cho, Santoku 1010
Access: Approximately 40 minutes by bus from JR Kurayoshi station National Road No. 179 from "China Sengoku IC", 50 minutes by car By car from Yonago Expressway "Yuhara IC" National Route 313 → 482 → 179, approximately 50 minutes by car