If you go to Shima Onsen, take a sightseeing "Shanzenkan" which was the stage of "Spirited Away"!

It is about 4 hours by car from the city center, Shima hot spring in Gumma prefecture. Nearby there is the famous "Shikayukan". Shikokan is a masterpiece of director Hayao Miyazaki, an inn that became the most important cultural asset that became the stage of the movie "Spirited Away". In autumn the mountain is colored in red leaves.

The scenery appearing in the movie "Spirited Away" is spreading! It is a strange space, so it seems to forget the flow of time.

Although the shooting can not be done, the bath of the quaint Japanese prefabricated hot spring of Tsukuba, which can be used even on a day trip, is a type in which the source is poured directly from the bottom of the bathtub, and fresh hot water has always been drained .

■ Store information
Akuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 370-0601, Nakanojo-machi, Akira-gun, Okinawa 42 4236
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It is a recommended accommodation "Shima Onsen Ten thousand Tamura". The price is 2,7000 yen per person for 2 people in 1 room · Weekday stay · Hinoki bath · morning evening meals included.

The history of the accommodation of "Shima Onsen Ten thousand Tamura" is deep, and Tamura Jigoro who fought to prevent pursuers from the Masuda in 1563 has been said that Kiyomasa discovered the Shima Onsen in the mountains and opened a hot tub .

Now it is a lodging representative of Shima Onsen, there are 6 baths in addition to open-air baths, and you can enjoy hot spring well enough. The picture is "Umu Yume no Yu" in the inner water, the fragrance of hinoki and mokumoku and the steam generated create a unique space.

■ "Shima Onsen 40,000 Tamura" Information
〒 397 0601 Gunma Prefecture Azuma-gun Nakanojo-machi 4,480
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It is a sightseeing attraction "Ten thousand holes" that can be reached by car from Shima Onsen in about 10 minutes.
Friction occurred in the river flow, and it seems that 8 holes were made. It is a spot designated also as a natural monument of Gumma prefecture.

And sculptures that nature has created, endlessly without flowing forty thousand of the clear stream, we do not get tired continues to look for a long time.

While walking along a cool river, you can enjoy a walk. Gunma can enjoy not only hot springs but also nature is the extraordinary !

Nakanojo town → 353 → about 40 mins hot spring onsen







Let's enjoy the outdoor bath in nature of Gumma's famous hot spring "Kawahara of the west"!

It is "the river in the west" (Saikokoron) located 10 minutes on by walk from the Kusatsu hot water field. It is an outdoor bath in nature. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding sightseeing tourists are also many places.

"West Kawahara outdoor bath" that you can taste bold outdoor bath in the middle of nature is a popular hot spring in Gumma prefecture throughout the year. Almost snow falls in winter. Hot springs and snow scenery It is also good to enjoy.

There are 1,400 liters of hot springs flowing out every minute of the river and flowing as a hot water river. The scenery that changes with the four seasons is a secret that people always gather.

■ "Kawahara of the West" information
Kamitsu Kusatsu 521-3, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1711
Adult: 500 yen Child: 300 yen
【business hours】
4/1 - 11/30 7: 00-20: 00 (Last entry is until 19:30)
12/1 - 3/31 9: 00-20: 00 (last entry is until 19:30)

It is famous "Yuba" located in the center of Asakusa's spa town. A unique scent of hot springs covers the entire city!

A hot spring flows 4000 liters per minute from this hot water field. From here, you are delivering hot springs throughout the city!

The steaming "yuba" which makes steam come true is a very must-see sightseeing spot! When you come to Kusatsu Let's go sightseeing "Yuba" with hot springs!

■ "Yuba" information
Kusatsu-machi, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma prefecture
5 minutes on by walk from Kusatsu Bus Terminal

You can experience the famous "Yu Mimi" at Kusatsu at "Hot Spring Water" near Yuba! The experiences of bathing down the hot water is an experience that can only be experienced at the hot springs name [Kusatsu].

After finishing experiencing Yumomi, it is accepted that "I challenged the tradition of the traditional Kusatsu hot spring" from the Kusatsu Onsen sightseeing Association, and you can receive a certificate. It will be a new souvenir of Kusatsu.

Kusatsu Kusatsu, Kusatsu-cho, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1711, 414
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{http://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/netsunoyu/} (http://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/netsunoyu/)

Highlights are the stone steps of Ikaho Onsen! Let's climb up and join the foot bath!

When you reach Ikaho Onsen, the first thing you can see is "stone steps"! You can climb this stone stairway and see the cityscape.

There is fun to climb the stairs as you read the sentences on the stairs.

After having climbed stone steps, hot springs of footbath are waiting! Everyone can enter for free!

Why do not you drive out to the hot spring in Gumma prefecture in the coming season when trees grow thick?

■ hot spring information
Ikaho, Ikaho-cho, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma Prefecture, 377-0102
[http://www.ikaho-kankou.com/ishidan.cfm] http://www.ikaho-kankou.com/ishidan.cfm)

"Hotel Kogure" is a popular accommodation near Ikaho Onsen. It is said that it possesses a quarter of the total discharge amount of Ikaho's source "golden no yu".

There is also a private bath where you can overlook the scenery in your room! You may take a break and come to Drive Dates on a Petit trip!

Let's have a meal of hotel Kogure at night ! The cow's shabu shabu is very tasty.

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〒 377-0102 Gunma prefecture Gunma prefecture Shibukawa shi Ikaho cho Iokaho 135
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