Character cafes are too many to get lost ...

There are lots of popular character cafes and I'm lost to where I should go.
Moreover, as long as you go, the period ends at exclusive Open ... crowded ... Is not there some?

But this time, not exclusive time,Always openBy the way, everyoneUnexpected unexpected hot spot spotAlso put together and tried it!

thatanime characterThere are cafés,Mascot photographsRestaurant etc appearing ...
I introduce it together with the menu!

Because there are many places where open hours are open till late, there are also times to go back to work and heal tiredness ◎

1. Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall

Everyone's hero appeared in the cafe!

Located in YokohamaAnpanman Museum​ ​
Because it is near Minato Mirai, you can feel free to drop in.
Admission fee is 1,500 yenSo, it is said that there is an Anpanman cafe nearby ....

thisUncle Jam's Bread Factoryis. entrance fee does not cost.
Charpan breads familiar with Anpanman are lining up.
On the second floor there is space to relax, so let's have a break while eating bread there!

How a Why!
Apart from Anpanman, Dokin, Melonpanna, Food Pan Man ... and so many kinds are abundant!
How bread also a big popular in, there is also of the kind they sold out.
You can also takeoutSo, I think that it is okay to take it as a souvenir ◎

アクセス:電車:新高島駅[1]から徒歩約6分 バス:横浜市営バスアンパンマンミュージアム入口下車

2. Lian de Sazae

popular when that soya family is in a Japanese cafe!

A cafe with a motif of a young Sazae,Rian De Sazae​ ​
The appearance is beautiful and eye-catching, the silhouette of Sazae is drawn.
Atmosphere that the inside of the store was calm wood was calm, very stylish !

In the main menuGrilled mushroomsthere is. otherMr. Hitorihei and Tama-yakiThere is it! The character tastes different by how a ♪
Both are roughlyBelow 300 yenIs it easy to buy?

The clamshell cake with fresh cream on the fabric like a fluffy pancake is popular girls!
Everything tastes delicious, please try to eat according to the mood of the day!

Rian De Sazae
場所:東京都世田谷区桜新町1-8-9 Sakura House 1F
営業時間:[火〜日] 11:00〜19:00 日曜営業

3. Sanrio Puroland

It is too cute with fairy tales ... after all Sanrio is a god!

The third to introduce is in Sanrio PurolandCharacter food court​ ​
Large from children to adults popular Sanrio Puroland of the entrance fee in adults3,300 yenIt takes, but you can also get on the attraction, you can take pictures with Kitty, so you can enjoy it all day!

This is a motif of Kikirara,Kikirara Curry(It is now discontinued). The star is cute and it is a waste to eat!

Kitty and me MeloLatte art(Now sales ended) will be healed!
It might be nice for a cold winter.

Curry plate of Mirouzukiroppi (1,200 yen)Although the color is a bit unpleasant, please rest assured that the taste is ordinary curry!
After that, a large popularSalad curry from Pompompuri's glutton (1,300 yen)Even if you like Pompompurin, it is a remarkable menu as it will heal unbearably ♪
Sanrio unique dream Yume cute food court should go!
Do not forget to take pictures as well!

Sanrio Puroland
アクセス:小田急多摩センター駅[東口2]から徒歩約5分 羽田空港からサンリオピューロランド号で約75分~120分。運賃:1,540円(小人半額
営業時間:平日:10:00〜17:00/土日祝日:10:00〜20:00 時期によって変更の場合あり。詳しくはゲストセンターまで。